It Is a Different World and Yet I Am Cultivating Monsters – Volume 1 – Chapter 22

Chapter 22: Let’s grow a Bahanero

Okay. It has been a long time since I cultivated new monsters. I decide to grow some of them, they were of several varieties. One of these varieties was a monster of the mushroom type. For some reason, this type was stuffed with cacao. I heard there were potato-shaped monsters that resembled sweet potatoes, so I got one of those as well. But, the inside was packed with a dangerous substance that became a source for magical tools… And by the way, it would explode if I dropped it into the ground. I also thought about catching a monster like Cockatrice, and raise it here. Whoa, it seemed that my land became completely full of monsters.

There was a huge demon when I went outside the door.

…Wha…What was this thing. Don’t tell me that I encountered an evil foe. This kind of demon was probably the foe that heroes faced on the second half of the story. The skin was red and, it looked huge and scary. Why was this demon in front of my house!?

「An Ogre! Why are you here? Lord Kyou! Please, step back! 」

Fitis shouted and ran in my direction. But, before she pushed me back, the huge demon, standing in front of me, grabbed my hand.

「Hello. Nice to meet you. Are you the famous Monster Cultivator Master? Actually, I have a favor I want to ask you.」

He was more of a gentleman than I expected.

「In fact, I have no other people to ask for help but you. There has been some trouble recently. The monster cultivation in my village is not going well. I heard about your story. That’s why I came here because I thought you could do something about it. 」

Well, summing up. These people (?) lived in a village called Ogre. They were self-sufficient because they cultivated monsters. But, recently, for some reason, the monsters suddenly stopped growing. Because of those unfortunate events, he came to ask for my help, as I was a fellow monster farmer. By the way, he said Monster Cultivator Master. Since when did I get that title?

「I see. I understand your situation. 」

But, I wondered if it would be alright to accept this. After all, I would be helping demons, right? The human side could persecute me if I helped the demon side.

「It’s unusual for Ogres to be self-sufficient. Aren’t you supposed to steal food and goods from humans?」

「Of course, there are Ogres who behave like that. But, our villagers don’t like useless fights. We hunt and cultivate monsters to eat.」

Well, if that was true, then I thought it would be all right. I felt happy that someone wanted to rely on me.

「Okay, understood. First, I should see the situation for myself. 」

「Are you really helping us? Thank you very much. As expected of the Monster Cultivator Master. I’m sure you’ll have a good understanding of our monsters. 」

Where this rumor of the Monster Cultivator Master came from?

「He sure will. Eventually, my brother will bring a revolution to the world of monsters.」

I heard the words coming from Jack’s mouth standing on my head. Oh please, stop it.

「It was really an Ogre Village. 」

So, those were the first words I spoke when I arrived in the Ogre Village. My first impression was quite astonishing. I spotted an artisan Ogre who was trying to capture the basilisk of a chicken. There was also a housewife Ogre who was hanging her laundry. In the park, I saw an Ogre child playing around while an old Ogre watched over him.

「So, where are your agricultural fields? 」

Fitis was worried about the Ogre fields where monsters stopped growing. She was here with us because she offered to accompany us to solve this problem. She immediately asked for guidance to the fields. The Ogre took us there.

「This is, perhaps…the Habanero?* 」

There were some trees in the field. They had lots of Habanero with evil faces. However, I could see from their side eyes that the Habanero didn’t have any energy left. I mean, they were obviously haggard as I only heard 「Ze~Zeee 」 from their mouths. Were they okay? I wondered if they were actually edible with such weird symptoms.

「It’s called Bahanero. It’s a monster seen in this region, but suddenly they became so weak.」

Bahanero? The name was very similar to the one used in the human world. Well, it didn’t matter that much to be honest.

「So, how do you grow these things? 」

「When you cut the fruit, you can see that Bahanero has many seeds inside. And, if we take some of these seeds to the prepared soil, one of them will grow into a tree. 」

He cut a Bahanero in half to show me. The Bahanero was supposed to scream 「Gya! 」, but I didn’t hear anything.

「I see. The cultivation method is simple. 」

But, when I looked closely at the fruits, they were all tired. Maybe they didn’t like the soil? However, as far as I could see, their soil was part of a very good and fertile land. It had no apparent problem.

「What are you growing anything here besides the Bahanero? 」

「No, nothing. We only cultivate these. 」


「So…do you mean that you cultivate only this type of monster? 」

「Yes. 」

「You don’t eat anything else? 」

「We don’t. That’s because we like spicy food. 」

「…Don’t tell me that you never grew anything else on this field before? 」

「Yes. What’s wrong with that? 」

Ah, this was probably the cause of the problem. It was easy to figure it out. I had no doubts about this one.

「Sir Ogre. 」

I put my hand on his arm.

「Let’s also grow other vegetable monsters. 」

We had a series of continuous work to fix the root of the problem. If they grew the same kind of vegetables in the same area for a long period of time, the soil would become worn-out and the monsters that grew on it would be born with a series of cropping disorders. That’s why I taught them to cultivate the Killer Plant, the Devil Carrots, the Monkey Bananas, and so forth on. I instructed them to change areas of planting. Meaning that, they had to stop cultivating the same monster in the same place over and over. They needed to start the rotation process of their planting zones with different types of monsters. The Bahanero were raised in a different crop. After a month, it was reported that they became energetic as before.

By the way, as a token of their gratitude, I received the seeds of Bahanero and I raised them on my field. It was extremely spicy as it was made from the Bahanero Fire Attributes!!

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*The habanero is a hot variety of chili pepper. Unripe habaneros are green, and they color as they mature. The most common color variants are orange and red.

1/4 – More coming up.

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