This Hero is invincible but too cautious – Volume 2 – Chapter 60

Chapter 60: New Profession

After the declaration of liberation, Seiya went to see Enzo the Baptist in order to change his profession. I followed the hero timidly.

「Oh. Hi, young man. Do you want to change your profession? 」

The old man Enzo smiled widely with almost no teeth on his mouth.

「Yeah. But, I have some questions first. Can I return to my original profession after I changed it for a new one?」

「Yeah, I can do that for you. It’s all right. 」

「Are you sure? If you’re lying, I’ll tear you apart, okay? 」

Enzo’s smile slowly disappeared.

「That’s scary, young man. What you said just now and the way you said it was extremely scary. But, I’m telling the truth. If you come to me, I’ll always be able to return you to your original profession.」

「Okay, the next question. If I come to you, will I keep the new profession I learnt while getting my original profession back?」

「No, you can’t. You’ll forget the new profession entirely when I return your original profession. Well, but I will remember which profession you got, so it’s possible to get it again…」

Even after that, Seiya asked Enzo about changing professions in detail.

Seiya continued to ask about different professions. But, for me it felt too complicated. I wondered what kind of profession would be able to top the amazingness of a Magic Warrior. In Seiya’s case, if he were to quit being a Magic Warrior, he could choose two different professions in exchange. But, if he did that, he wouldn’t be able to use powerful skills such as Phoenix Drive and Phoenix Thrust…

「…So, these are the professions available. You can choose now. 」

After saying that, Enzo showed Seiya the options…

They were…

『Martial Artist; Spear Wielder; Wizard (Wind, Thunder, Light, Earth); Merchant; Fortune Teller; Pleasant Flute Player.』

He showed Seiya various kinds of aptitudes… Hmm, oh my, professions like Fortune Teller or Pleasant Flute Player were totally “discard jobs”! Ah…please, don’t choose them! He needed to think seriously about this matter changing profession!

In order to beat Bunogeos…maybe “Spear Wielder”? I thought that this profession could allow for a range of possible techniques, such as powerful piercing skills like Phoenix Thrust. But, if he had to choose a different profession, then, the next one could be “Wizard”. I thought it was relatively fine to keep “Fire” as the status quo. But, otherwise, I thought that “Wind” and “Thunder” were great attributes as well.

Nonetheless, Seiya told Enzo the following.

「First, I choose the Wizard. And, the magical attribute will be…”Earth”. 」

「Eh! Earth magic? Isn’t that the same as Eich? 」

That was unexpected. I was so surprised. On that moment, Seiya stared at me.

「What, it’s you. You’re here. 」

「Yes, I’m here!! Are you still angry!? You hit me, kicked me and crushed my chest!! Don’t you think I deserve your forgiveness now!?」

「Anyway, don’t interfere with the profession I choose. 」

「But, why did you chose Earth magic? Is that magic even suitable for offensive attacks? Well, I guess there can some be beneficial techniques, if you find yourself in a location where there’s an abundance of earth on the floor. But, even so, it’s not a good idea to throw away your powerful Fire magic.」

「Shup up. Earth magic is my sub profession. The main one is different. 」

I see! Earth magic was intended to be used as aid! So, the main profession will be the one who will specialize in offensive powers! Yes, if that was the case, then…

Just when I felt relieved, Seiya spoke to Enzo.

「My main profession will be “Pleasant Flute Player”. 」

「No, you’re lying, right!? Flute Player!? You must be kidding, correct!? 」

I was astonished to hear that. The conversation continued regardless of what I felt.

「Okay, young man. Your main profession will be “Pleasant Flute Player” and your sub profession will be “Earth Wizard”, am I right?」

「Yeah. That’s good. 」

「No, no, wait a second!! Having Pleasant Flute Player as your profession won’t do you any good!! It’s impractical!! If you choose that as your main profession, your status will drop significantly, do you know that!?」

Normally, Magic Warriors had formidable ability values, such as attack or defense powers. Because Seiya was a talented hero, his status was even higher than usual. If he chose to forsake his profession as a Magic Warrior, he’ll lose the overall numerical value of his status. That meant that his powers would decline inevitably.

Even so…

「Okay, here I go, young man…“Profession Change”…! 」

Enzo’s hands emitted a radiance. A bright light was generated and wrapped Seiya’s body.

「All right. Your profession has changed. From now on, this young man will be a “Pleasant Flute Player” and an “Earth Wizard”.」

「Wh…Whoa…! You really changed your profession…! Li…Listen, after all, isn’t it better to restore your original profession back? Seiya, perhaps, do you still have a little “confusion” left on your brain?」

I was feeling a bit impatient about this. Then, Seiya turned his eyes to me.

「You’ve been noisy since a while ago. I wished you were sleeping. 」

「I’m not going to sleep! I’m worried, you know! 」

「I don’t need your worries. 」

「What!? It’s natural to worry about fellow comrades!! 」

「Who’s the comrade. Originally, I didn’t intend to bring you with me. 」

「…Ah!? 」

「You’re useless. You can only use your own legs to walk. You’ll stay here quietly.」

「I admit that it was my fault that you can’t train in the God’s realm anymore!! But, it’s because that unfortunate event happened, that I want to be an extra help for you, Seiya!! 」

I was feeling frenetic about all of this. Yet, Seiya looked at me with cold eyes.

「Bunogeos has a Chain Destruction. In other words, that means that all the demons we’ll meet in Exfolia will be able to kill us for real. I’m no longer as confident of protecting you as I was in Geabrande.」

「That’s fine!! I will protect myself!! 」

「Even if you can die? 」

「I’m prepared for that!! 」

After a long silence…

「Do as you please. 」

Seiya murmured through his teeth. I nodded with a stern look, but I smiled in my heart.

*grins discretely* What did he think of me now? I showed him that I had a strong spirit! I was risking my life for this! Maybe he got in a good mood after he heard me, right? After all, we were sharing this risky life with one another! Okay! Let’s save Exfolia with the love of our relationship!

I activated my Appraisal skill because I expected a great change of Seiya’s feelings for me.

★Lista’s Heart-Throbbing Love Appraisal★

◎What is the degree of affection between you and him? 『1 point 』

◎What do you represent for him? 『Less than a weed. Refuses to listen to anything a lesser weed has to say.』

◎Word of Advice! 『Considers your mere existence as annoying. He feels like wanting to grab you and throw you away forever!』

What!? He wanted to grab me and throw me away!! This didn’t get any better, hey!!

While I was extremely sad and disappointed by this turn of events, Seiya started walking somewhere. I noticed that and I followed him quickly. Then, Seiya stopped in front of the tool shop. I whispered on his ear so that the shop owner wouldn’t listen.

「Hey, listen, Seiya. Most of the tools on this shop are agricultural tools. They’re not selling anything useful that will help on our quest, right?」

「Not really. 」

Seiya picked an “Iron Cylinder” that was displayed on the tool shop. He took away the small sachet that I received from the Great Goddess Isister. He took the coins from the sachet and bought it.

「This will become a flute if processed correctly. 」

「You’re really serious about the Pleasant Flute Player… 」

「That’s because I need a flute. But, not just a flute. I still have some more shopping to do…Hey, owner. I’ll take thousand magical stones.」

「Yes, thousand magical stones. Thank you…A thousand!? Why do you want so many!?」

Seiya’s unreasonable requests were a familiar sight to me, but the shop owner was extremely surprised. However, even if I was not that shocked, we didn’t have enough money to buy what he wanted. Besides, there was no way we could carry that many magical stones with us. And just like the shop owner said, I didn’t understand why buying a thousand magical stones would be that necessary. Somehow, I managed to calm Seiya and convinced him to only buying fifty pieces of magical stones.

Seiya bought a large luggage bag and filled it with the magical stones. But, now, he pointed to something that looked like a bottle of pickles from one of the shelves of the tool shop.

「Let’s get emergency food and bottles with drinkable water. This is a priority.」

「About that…if you buy too many, everybody here will lose their share. 」

「We…We’re sorry! We’ll take what you sell for us! 」

Seiya put the emergency food and bottles with water on a newly luggage bag that he just bought. He gave it to me then. It was an elaborate preparation as if we were going to stay in a dungeon for a very long time.

After shopping, Seiya muttered.

「Next is equipment. First, I need an armor. And…just in case, but it would be better to carry a sword with me even if I have Pleasant Flute Player as profession now. However, Bunogeos took the Platinum Sword away from me.」

「I understand what you mean, but did you know that this place doesn’t have any weapon nor armor shops?」

「What are you saying. There are weapons and armors here. 」

「Eh? Where? 」

「There. 」

Seiya was pointing with his fingers on Brut’s direction. When he found out that Seiya was approaching him…

「Ah? What the hell do you want from me! 」

Brut wrinkled his eyebrows…

*beating sound*

Suddenly, Seiya hit him with his fist!

「Ah…Ugh? 」

Brut spilled foam from his mouth and fell down!

「Ehhhhh!? What did you use your fist on him!? 」

Seiya took off the armor from an unconscious Brut, and put it on himself. Moreover, he grabbed the scabbard with a sword and equipped around his waist.

「I got a steel sword and a steel armor now. 」

「You…You’re terrible…!! 」

In addition, Seiya’s eyes were looking fixedly at Brut’s fellow men, who stared at him from the distance.

「That’s right. I’ll take a spare as well. 」

「What!? Somebody, help me!! 」

He chased them, punched them, let them faint, and then he took their belongings…He was far from being a decent human being at this point. However, I couldn’t say anything because we needed supplies in order to save this world.

…It…It couldn’t be helped. There was no other way than doing this atrocious thing…

Somehow, I was trying really hard to convince myself of this! On this moment, I felt a severe pain on my scalp!


I felt that something tore apart! Seiya was pulling out my hair without warning me in advance!

「Wha…Wha…What are you trying to do!? 」

「I need it for the synthesis of a Platinum sword. Don’t move. 」

「If that’s the case, tell me first and then do it!! 」

「…So, we’ve got some tools and some equipment. What are we going to do now?」

I was rubbing my head as I listened to what Seiya had to say.

「We depart in the morning. You should try to find some inn to restore our strengths. As for me, right now, I want to examine my magic and remember some of the characteristics of my new professions.」

「Eh!! We’re leaving tomorrow!? Is it okay to be that fast!? 」

We were talking about the cautious Seiya. So, I thought that he would want to do some self-training here for a long while!

「Don’t worry. I have a plan. 」

「Re…Really? If Seiya says so…But, where are we going to spent the whole night? It looks like there is no inn on this underground settlement.」

「Just find somebody’s house for us to stay. 」

「I wonder if there’s a house we’re allowed to stay? The people who live here don’t like us.」

「Of course, there is. I’ll find one. 」

Seiya started to look around. He found a weak-looking young man passing by and approached him.

「Hey. What’s your name? 」

「Eh? My name is Caron. 」

「Okay then, Caron. Provide us with accommodation. One night it’s fine. 」

「Ehhh!! No way, are you talking about my house!? You…You can’t!! It’s narrow and dirty!!」

「I don’t mind. Where is your house? 」

「But…you…you know, it’s really dirty. It’s a truly bad house… 」

「Caron. If you are that dissatisfied with the house you own now…then, you can get out.」

「It…It can’t be…!! 」

「From now on, I’ll live there. 」

I held the shoulder of Caron who burst into tears.

「That…That’s not it, Caron! One night! We just need one night! 」

「*sobs* Then…Then, I…I won’t have…to leave my own house…? 」

「Of course! You don’t need to leave! It’s your own house after all! 」

「I am glad…! Actually, I am too fond of that house…! I am truly…relieved…!」

And so, we stayed at a house of someone we just met, and we restored our physical strength.

In the morning of the next day, we left Caron’s house with large luggage bags on our backs.

「Okay. Let’s go now. 」

「Ye…Yes… 」

We caused many troubles to the inhabitants and we left the Light of Hope.

…Ah. Of course, no one came to see us off.

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