This Hero is invincible but too cautious – Volume 2 – Chapter 55 Part 1

Chapter 55: Recklessness (1)

When I arrived from the portal, I noticed that I was in a dark room, the walls were made of old wood, and there were cracks everywhere and there was a small window without glass. This could’ve been a spacious place for four or five people to live in. But, everything was worn-out. The floor had cracks and holes, and the furniture, such as a table and chairs, were smashed. It looked like an abandoned house.

I’d like to observe it more closely, but before that, there was something I was worried about.

I asked the hero who stood my side in this dark room.

「Hey, Seiya! You called me “Lady Goddess” a moment ago, am I right? And, instead of “Perfectly Ready”, you said “Gonna be Okay”? Why? 」

That was Seiya’s favorite phrase before he met me. It was something from his past. I remember hearing about it several times on the crystal ball of the Great Goddess Isister. I felt some anxiety swirling up on my heart.

「Well, maybe it’s just me imagining things, but…you remember me, don’t you?」

「You are the Lady Goddess in charge of me. I was summoned as a hero to save this world named Exfolia, correct?」

「I…I suppose so, yes. But…my name! What’s my name? Can you tell me? 」

「I think it was…“Misotarte”, am I wrong? 」

「It’s Listarte!! There’s no way I’m called a miso tart!! Well, then…Do you remember anything about Geabrande!?」

「Geabrande!? I’ve never heard of it. 」

The purpose of a hero’s quest was not forgotten! He recognized me as a goddess as well! Bu…But, what…what about the rest…!

He won’t be able to answer my questions if he remains like this. Therefore, I activated my clairvoyance ability to see Seiya’s current status.

Ryuguuin Seiya

Level – 51

HP – 90854 / 145683 …

…His health points decreased a lot! That means that the werewolf’s attack was successful!

However, I was even more amazed at an unfamiliar sentence that appeared under his health points.

«State: Big Confusion»

What…“Big Confusion”!? I see!!  His consciousness was clouded!! That’s why he had amnesia about his recent life events!!

But, the crucial part was the last information on his status: “Personality”. So far, his personality stated as “Unbelievably Cautious”, and now was…

Personality – Unbelievably Reckless

…it… it changed dramatically…

I was completely puzzled with all this. Of course, the only plausible way that came to my mind was the werewolf’s last message. He said, “I already left a mark”. In other words, the mark was responsible for this bewildering state. He gave an abnormal condition to the hero to and managed to severely reduce his health points…Was this the first time that I saw an abnormal condition such as this one!? Even if I had my healing abilities, I didn’t know if it could be cured!! Ah, what should I do about this!? The Great Goddess Isister left his memory intact and we were so lovey-dovey with each other!! Why did this have to happen now…!!

Suddenly, I became quite concerned about the degree of affection that Seiya had for me. I activated my Appraisal skill of love.

★Lista’s Heart-Throbbing Love Appraisal★

◎What is the degree of affection between you and him? 『40 points 』

◎What do you represent for him? 『Neither good nor bad existence 』

◎Word of Advice! 『Hmm. It seems that he doesn’t think much about you. I wish he could get his memories back…』

「The degree of affection dropped considerably!! My existence is neither good nor bad!!」

Seiya became startled when he heard me scream aloud.

「Hey. What are you talking about? 」

「No…Nothing…I was talking to myself. You don’t have to worry. It’s all right…」

That…That’s okay! All right! It will be all right! He’ll be back if this confusion state is resolved! But, I didn’t know how! Anyways, there should be a way to undo this, so we should retreat for now! We should go back to the God’s realm and ask the Great Goddess Isister for help!

I held Seiya’s hand.

「Seiya!! First, we need to return to the God’s realm!! 」

「Why? We just got here. 」

「Just come with me. C’mon. 」

「I don’t know what you mean. 」

Contrary to everything that happened so far, I became the one who wanted to return to the God’s realm. I pulled Seiya’s hand. I opened the portal once again, and when we stepped inside…

*colliding sound*

I hit my forehead against something solid!!

「It…It hurts!! 」

I shook my head. When I looked up, I saw a white wall made of concrete standing right in front of me.

「Wha…What’s this!? Why is there a wall in the portal!? 」

I thought something was not right. Therefore, I made it disappear. A few seconds later, I invoked the portal once again, but the wall was still there.

「I…I can’t return because of this wall!! Why can’t I go back from where I came from!? This is absolutely ridiculous!!」

What was the meaning of this! Ho…However, it was for moments like this that the Appraisal skill could be very useful!

I stared at the white wall while using my skill. Soon, words appeared slowly inside my mind.

『The Wall that blocks different dimensions…The magic powers of the Demon King were activated. The Wall won’t disappear unless you defeat the invoker who’s responsible for the magic device that’s causing this phenomenon.』

I had customized the Appraisal skill to relay information by speaking to me. After hearing such the facts, I froze.

「It…It can’t be…!! I won’t be able to return to the God’s realm!? This means that I have no choice but to save Exfolia in this hopeless and confusing state!?」

I was petrified by these horrifying events as if my soul left my own body. On the other hand, Seiya went to the broken window to have a glimpse of the outside.

「Hey, Lady Goddess. Come here. Just look at that. 」

I was a bit out of my mind. Even so, I walked towards his direction just as he told me to. I looked at the outside from the broken window.

The sky was purple. There were many collapsed buildings in the vicinity. The air was so dense that it hurt my nasal cavity. Galvano was supposed to be the perfect location for the start of our quest. But, all that I saw was destruction. It was unthinkable that this location was a safe starting zone. And then…I opened my eyes widely, a little ahead in the distance, I noticed two demon beasts walking around through this town! One had a dog’s face, while the other had a cat’s face! They held a couple of chains on their hands! They were taking naked humans that walked on four limbs like animals!

「Wh…Why on earth…That is…! 」

That was the opposite scenario of an ordinary world! The demon beasts seized the humans with chains and took them like pets!

Anyway, these were the first monsters I’ve seen in Exfolia since we’ve arrived here. I tried to activate my clairvoyance ability in a silent way. I had to be extremely careful or those two beastly men could find me.

Beast Man (dog type)

Level – 35

HP – 56274

MP – 0

Attack – 28754

Defense – 27895 …

Beast Man (cat type)

Level – 37

HP – 58887

MP – 0

Attack – 30008

Defense – 29574 …

「…Eh! 」

My heart jumped greatly when I saw their status. It was beyond my imagination.

I…I see!! Perhaps, those two belong to the executive class!? Don’t tell me that I have such bad luck, that I managed to find two sub-bosses so early on!!


「Hey. I’m taking a sloppy little pet today as well. 」

「You’re noisy. Just keep it in your house. At least, it’s better than a dirty pet, meow.」

「By the way, I don’t think they’ve been feed properly… This is not good. They’re going to die at this rate.」

Soon, other demon beasts appeared! One had a bird face and the other looked like a boar! The beasts who understood the human language greeted one another on the street! In addition, I saw another group of beasts talking further away from the previous group! All of them were high-level! Their HP was over 50,000 and the attack power was at least 30,000!

「It…It can’t be…!! All the enemies in this world have a strong status…!! 」

Not only that! Their numbers! I didn’t notice before, but there were dozens of beasts just wandering around! There must be hundreds of beasts living in this town!

「Wha…What a horrible world…!! 」

My body trembled incessantly. Just when I tried to lean on Seiya…there was no hero next to me.

「…Ah!? 」

Seiya held his hand on the door of the abandoned house. I was astonished and terrified just by realizing what he was about to do; and on that moment, I screamed to him.

「Hey, wait!! What are you doing!? 」

Seiya responded in a calm manner.

「Of course, I’m going to fight. There’s no way I’ll stand still after I saw chained human beings being treated like pets. They have miserable lives because of those beasts. 」

「Wait a second, don’t tell me that you are planning to fight them with your bare hands!?」

「What’s wrong with my bare hands? 」

「It’s bad!! This is not a bedtime story, you know!? This place was classified as a SS-rank difficulty world, got it!? Without proper equipment, you won’t be able to fight against hundreds of high-leveled beasts!!」

I pulled Seiya out of the door and pushed him to the center of the room.

「Just calm down!! You are seriously injured too!! Stay still until your confusion subsides!!」

「I’m fine. I’m not confused. 」

「You don’t even remember my name!! 」

「I’ve already memorized it. Your name is “Osutarte”,* right? 」

「It’s Listarte!! You don’t remember it at all!! 」

I had a severe headache when I screamed. I swung my neck while holding my head to one side.

「…Listen, Seiya. You’re not in your perfect condition right now because of that werewolf’s attack. In addition to memory loss, your HP decreased to ninety thousand from your previous one hundred and forty thousand points. I want to cure you, but I won’t be able to use my healing abilities this time. So, do you understand? Let’s rest here for a while, okay?」

「I think my HP is quite enough for this…Oh boy, you are a very cautious goddess.」

Ugh!? It felt weird and revolting to hear such words from Seiya himself!!

However, it seemed that he gave up on leaving from the time being. After that, Seiya looked at the window in a seriously and busy manner.

「He…Hey. It’s okay if you want to know more about what’s happening outside. But, they will find us out if you lean too much on the window… 」

I had to be extremely careful around this type of hero. Eventually, Seiya changed his complexion. It seemed that he noticed something unusual.

「Hmm. A new beast man has appeared. 」

「Eh? 」

I got closer to the window to have a look at the situation.

Just as Seiya described, there was a new demon beast. This beast was quite large and his big arms were crossed in bossy style. He stood in front of a group of beasts who took the naked humans as pets.

He had a robust body. Twice the size of the other beasts. And he had a very ugly pig face. Unlike the other group of beasts, this newly pig beast was equipped with steel armor. When he moved to the side, I could see that he carried an axe weapon on his back.

This beast was clearly different from all the other beasts in the vicinity. He was staring attentively at both the beast man with a dog face and the beast man with a cat face.

「What the hell are you guys doing. I told you we have to cherish our slaves. Just look at them, the poor things. They are so skinny. Are you feeding them properly?」

The dog and cat beasts heard without saying a word to what the large pig beast had to say. Then, they lowered their heads in respect.

「I…I’m sorry, Lord Bunogeos. 」

「How often do you feed them? 」

「I…I only give them one meal a day… 」

「I also only give them one meal at night… 」

「You are idiots. You need to feed them three times a day. You need to bath them occasionally too. It’s our duty to create good slaves for our great Demon King.」

Regardless of his grotesque appearance, he seemed to care more about humans than the other demon beasts. The other beasts showed him a respectful attitude. So, that meant that this large monster pig was higher in rank. At least, among the beast men. I was sure that his status was somewhat larger than the other beast men I have seen…However, I was speechless the moment I activated my clairvoyance ability.

Evil Beast Bunogeos

Level – 67

HP – 338547

MP – 0

Attack – 300019

Defense – 258344

Agility – 77777

Magic – 794

Potential rate – 674

Resistance – Fire, Water, Lightening, Ice, Earth, Light, Darkness, Poison, Paralysis, Instant Death, Sleep, Abnormal Condition

Special skills – Evil God Protection (Lv MAX), All Magical Attributes Reduction (Lv MAX)

Skills – God Chopper, Vacuum Shredder

Personality – Short-tempered

…How…How was that possible!! This beast had a similar status to that of the demon Warlord Emperor that Seiya won through a difficult battle!? In addition, “All Magical Attributes Reduction”!? It means that magical attacks won’t inflict any damage on this demon!! It…It’s impossible!! Geabrande was no match for this type of world!!

…Everything’s crazy!! We’re doomed!!

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*Osu = お酢 (Vinegar), which means he said, Vinegar Tart.


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