This Hero is invincible but too cautious – Volume 2 – Chapter 52 Part 2

Chapter 52: Reunion and Change (2)

The next day. I made onigiri rice balls for Seiya’s breakfast. While I headed back to the summoning chamber, I saw Celseus and Adenela standing in the hallway.

「Good morning, Celseus! Today, you have a nice muscular physique! Lady Adenela, the dark circles under your eyes are so lovely!」

I greeted them cheerfully. But, Adenela looked a bit surprised at me.

「I…I see a big change on you. Well…Well, they told me that Seiya is alive…I…I understand why you are this happy though…」

In fact, I’ve been feeling a bit of tension lately. To tell the truth, yesterday, I wanted to verify if Seiya did really change his personality. Therefore, I made a stew for his dinner and I took it with me. I got so nervous because it felt like I were feeding a beast. But, I gathered some courage and I gave a spoon from the stew onto Seiya’s mouth.

『Se…Seiya! Say “ah”! Just try saying, “ah”! Okay? Here, “ah”! 』

…It felt a great tension within me as I said that. Seiya could beat me with his fist at any moment. Such negative thoughts made my head spin. However…Seiya put the spoon on his mouth. He quietly chew the food from the stew slowly and slowly.

『Is…Is it delicious? 』

『Yeah. It’s good. 』

…That’s what really happened yesterday. So, I made some onigiri today and I was going to take the food to Seiya. Maybe I’ll try the 「say “ah” 」 from now on. That’s why I was feeling a bit of tension lately. I got anxious every time I met Seiya. But, I also grinned at myself every time I experienced a different change with Seiya.

While I was feeling happy, Celseus shrug his shoulders with opposite feelings.

「Ah…So, that hero returned. Maybe there will be a possibility that I’ll be forced to practice with him…ah…」

「It’s fine, Celseus! Seiya is much gentler than before! 」

「Eh! Is…Is that true!? 」

「That’s right! We went through many ordeals in saving Geabrande! Maybe that’s the reason why Seiya matured so much!」

「I…I see…! Hmm? Wait a second…! If I think carefully about it, he’s probably weaker than me now because his status got reset! That’s right! There’s no need to be frightened anymore! *laughs crazily*」

Behind an eccentrically idiotic Celseus…

「You’re in a good mood, Celseus. 」

Seiya stood right behind him with his crossed arms.


「Hey, Celseus. Just because I’m weaker than you now doesn’t mean I can’t improve. I’ll catch up with you soon. I’ll make sure you won’t ever need to bake cakes again with our practice.」

「What…What are you talking about? Oh please, don’t! There’s no way I’ll let you ride on my back again! Anyways, welcome back, Seiya! Thank you for everything you’ve done to save that world!」

I wondered where his idiotic eccentric mood went to. Celseus gave Seiya a handshake.

「Don’t worry, Celseus. I’ll give you short breaks. You can use that free time to bake your favorite cakes.」

「E…!! Re…Really!? You’ll give me some spare time to bake my own cakes!?」

「Of course. From now on, I shall respect your freedom more than our practice together.」

I whispered on Celseus’ ear.

「See! Seiya is so gentle now! 」

「Ah, yeah! Is that so! I see! 」

However, Seiya spoke to Celseus in a bluntly way.

「It will be one-minute break per five hours. Sleeping time will be three hours once every three days. Okay?」

「Of course it’s not okay!! Isn’t that a deadly schedule!? The conditions are extremely bad!! How can a bake a cake during that time break!? I don’t think I can even beat the eggs in a bowl on one minute!!」

A lamenting Celseus shook my shoulder as if he was weeping.

「He…He didn’t become gentler at all!! He became tyrannical instead!! 」

Wha…What? It was strange. I really thought he became gentler with people…

Adenela pushed Celseus out of her way and spoke with Seiya.

「Se…Se…Seiya. For…Forget about Celseus…Would…you like to…practice with me?」

I became jealous when I looked at Adenela. Her cheeks were rosy. Worse than that! She had the eyes of a girl deeply in love!

Eh!! How could she! She knew of my past life relationship with Seiya, didn’t she!? Do…Don’t tell me that her love obsession with Seiya was reborn after she met Seiya once again!?

My heart felt annoyed with her while I looked attentively at Seiya’s upcoming reaction. But, Seiya was looking at Adenela with bored eyes.

「Hmm. Adenela, you’re still creepy as ever. The more I look at you, the worse it feels.」

「Ye…Yeah…! Lo…Love you…! 」

He told her a terrible thing!! But, Adenela made a face that looked like she didn’t deny what was said about herself!! What…What on earth just happened right now!? Seiya behaved so harshly with Adenela…!!

Then, Seiya looked at me and loosened his cold face a little bit.

「By the way, Lista. I thought of something great. I’ll train with both Celseus and Adenela at the same time. This will save us a lot of time.」

Celseus was startled with that suggestion. Even so, I nodded with a smile.

「You…You’re probably right! That’s a good idea! 」

On that moment, Seiya began to walk away. Before leaving, he looked one more time at me.

「Lista. Call me when you finish preparing my meal. I’ll eat in your room today. Is that all right with you?」

「Of…Of course!! No problem at all!! 」

Seiya dragged an unpleasant Celseus with him and Adenela followed them closely behind. I became alone while they went to the summoning chamber to practice.

I see. Seiya…was only gentle with me…!! *laughs timidly* I could feel a tiny sense of superiority now…!! Well, but…that was obvious, I think!! Because Seiya and I were tied with a red thread from our previous life!! Moreover, we joined forces together to defeat the Demon King from Geabrande…It was natural for us to be this lovey-dovey together!! That’s right!!

A few hours later. Seiya really came to my room.

I gave him the food I made with so much affection.

「Is the onigiri delicious? 」

「Yeah. It’s good. 」

「How about the salad? 」

「Yeah. It’s good. 」

This was bad…!! I felt extremely happy…!! No matter what he ate, Seiya only said 「Yeah. It’s good. 」…But, I felt so happy anyways…!!

I looked carefully at Seiya’s profile while he ate my homemade food. My heart was beating so much faster than usual.

It…It would be too pushy if I tried to kiss him now, right? Sh…Should I try it!? I couldn’t kiss him during that time, maybe I could do it now!? It shouldn’t be a problem with a gentler Seiya, right!? *grins happily*

However, the door opened suddenly. Adenela entered my room without knocking.

「Se…Seiya! Ce…Celseus ran…ran away once…again! 」

「I see. I’m coming. We have to find him and punish him. A lot. 」

Just as I contemplated about a romantic scene with Seiya, he got up and went out with Adenela.

Ah, I couldn’t kiss him again. But…well, it’s all right! There’s no need to rush things now! Once his training is complete…we’ll be alone in Exfolia! There will be plenty of opportunities! Okay! I really wanted to go to Exfolia right now! Be it SS-rank or SSS-rank, I didn’t care! Because I got to be with my favorite Seiya! We shall dive together in love!

…That’s right. I felt that I was on the peak of my happiness when I grasped the reality of my current situation. However, my situation didn’t last that long. On the contrary, my thoughts would be severely torn apart and completely destroyed later on.

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    Good luck, Listarte. I would help you if I could…I’ve been looking into the possibility of assimilating a whole pantheon of deities into myself, transcribe it into raw power and forging a…sword, if you could call it that…out of it. It would wipe clean the surface, and then I could reconstruct the world from the records–the current state of the world would be etched onto the blade where the two meet even as it wipes away all that it touches.

    And when I reconstruct, I leave out the worst parts. If I repeat this process enough times, I should be left with a world where ‘Evil’ does not exist…

    Well, at least that’s the theory.

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