It Is a Different World and Yet I Am Cultivating Monsters – Volume 1 – Chapter 15

Chapter 15: The Cooking Contest! It’s Starting!

「Gourmet Hero? 」

Why the hell were those names put together? Was that the Hero’s name perhaps?

「It’s a hero that hunts monsters that are said to be high-class ingredients from across the world. All the monsters that hero hunts end up in super delicious dishes. Some of those monsters were really rare, but the hero found them and hunted them. 」

「I see. Then, he will come to this year’s contest? 」

「Well, to be precise, that hero is just the ingredients supplier. The hero is on the same position as you are.」

「…Then, what is the restaurant that he provides with the ingredients? 」

「John F. Restaurant. 」

I was not aware of that hero’s skills as I never seen him before. But considering their worried faces, then he will be certainly troublesome. No matter how much Ent Mushroom compares to a high-grade ingredient. In the end, what mattered was a full dish and not just one ingredient. Besides, the opponent usually acquired a number of high-class monsters to cook with. John F- Restaurant also had an amazing reputation for their cooking abilities.

Mina looked a bit depressed. She probably knew how strong they were during the previous contests. I felt sorry to Mina. But, she believed in me and my monster ingredients. There was no way that I would retreat now.

「It will be okay, Mina. There are a few more days left. I will make much better ingredients than the high-grade food prepared by that Gourmet hero!」

「Mister Kyou… 」

Mina raised her expectations after she heard my declaration. There was no time to waste here. I’ll do my best. It will be a great dish. I’ll produce an ingredient far greater than the Ent Mushroom!

I thought carefully about it at home. However, the reality was much harsher. I mean, it took a month to grow the Ent Mushroom in the first place. But the contest would be held in just a couple of days. I won’t have much time to find high-grade ingredients and start growing them. Then, that meant I’ll have to improvise an idea? But how can I improvise a monster that will be a much higher-class ingredient than the ones that the hero provides?

I tried to think and think, but nothing came to my mind. I laid on my bed to rest my mind a little bit but I couldn’t sleep. I rolled in the bed for countless of times, but my eyes didn’t close. I was too worried about this situation.

I thought about Mandragora. Maybe I would win the contest if I cooked it. But that was not possible. How could I cook this child? Dora was the only one that I cultivated successfully. Even if I cultivated other Mandragora, I was sure that I won’t have any desire to use them as food.

「Hey, brother. I heard about the contest. You are in a pinch about that cooking contest. Then, the time has come for you to cook me? 」

Jack O’ Lantern. How about this guy? If I improved the quality, maybe there was a possibility that it will become more delicious. But I didn’t have any intention of cooking him anyways.

I tried to recall the taste from the monsters I cultivated so far. I tried to figure a way out.

Cockatrice. The taste resembled exactly like a chicken. Besides, the eggs they produced were more delicious than the ones on planet Earth.

Killer Plant. It will give a red fruit when it matures. At first glance, it looked like a peach, but in fact, it had the taste of a tomato. However, when the fruit matured, the Killer Plant will also go wild and attack everything in the surrounding area. It will attack indiscriminately, so I tied the dangerous mouth with a rope before it became insanely wild.

Devil Carrot. When pulled out the carrot-type monster from the soil, it grew small limbs that moved adorably. If I grew it too much, it will get out from the ground without permission. That would be truly troublesome because it grew feet so it will run far away. The best time to harvest was when the limbs were extremely tiny. Even so, this carrot monster was about twice the size from the carrots on planet Earth.

Mash Mushroom. I already explained about this one.

I already tried to improve this type of monster before, and actually I managed to improve the quality. Therefore, if I did it once already, probably there isn’t a way to improve it again…I tried to recall that food program I saw on tv when I was living on Earth.

「…Hmm. 」

Wait. I felt some oddness not too long ago. I felt some difference between some monsters and their quality. A few monsters did some things, while other monsters did not.

「Perhaps…it was the other way around? 」

There was only one possibility. If I succeed, then we will have a chance. However, the contest is just in a few days. Repeating the same experiment that I did with Mash Mushroom will be impossible. It would be too late. Given the number of days left, there was only one choice for a cultivation method. Yes! It was more of an action than an idea! I’ll put my full effort into it! So, it was time to look for a suitable place to grow.

「It finally starts! The Cooking Contest! All the restaurants in our town are participating! I am the MC of the contest! My name is Sally from the Guild office! The judges are the leader of our town, Lord Ecclesel, and the famous renowned critics from the food industry! 」

Spectators cheered loudly after they heard the introduction of the contest by the receptionist turned-announcer. The number of contestants exceeded fifty because every restaurant and cafeteria were participating in this famous contest. However, only one of them was our enemy.

I saw the owner of the John F. Restaurant and next to him was a very pretty girl whose expression reminded me of Yamato Nadeshiko.* Perhaps, she was that Gourmet hero. Actually, I imagined a muscular man based on that name alone. But it turned out to be completely different than what I imagined. The hero was a beautiful girl that looked like a model. She had a long black hair, exotic clothes, beautiful eyes and portrayed a quiet demeanor. She had all the perfect traits to capture the heart of a Japanese boy. Still, in terms of chest area, she was rather modest since she had a slender style!

Lily’s eyes were gazing at me with a cold expression. It was as if she was reading my mind.

Anyways, I did everything I could. I didn’t know how we will fare on this competition. I had no idea what to expect of the results. But we did our best. So, let’s prove to everyone that Mina’s dishes are not to be underestimated.

「The cooking contest starts now!! 」

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*The Yamato Nadeshiko trope is used in popular culture. It signifies a kind of ideal woman with feminine and beautiful traits. The origin of Yamato Nadeshiko image said that a woman should be gentle and delicate but also be able to endure all the pain and poverty of life for her husband (a soldier) and the country, to win the war, and should always be ready to fight and to die any time for her country, or to keep her chastity.

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