It Is a Different World and Yet I Am Cultivating Monsters – Volume 1 – Chapter 13

Chapter 13: Did I think it was slow life? Shame on me! It’s time for the event!

Monster cultivation was going really well.

Recently, I started to raise a mushroom-type of monster called Mush Bamboo. This mushroom monster naturally grows in the carcass of other beings. But this one seemed to have a lot of variety in his forms. Even if they were the same species, a completely different mushroom will appear depending on the place and on the carcass.

The most popular Mush Bamboo in this region was the one who grew on rotten trees. Well, maybe his name originated from this particular type. The size of a baby mushroom was about the size of a human child. Another popular type was the one who grew on Killer Wolfs called Egg Bamboo. Those who grew in caves and other particularly wet places were called Cichla Bamboo. The color, shape, size and taste changed between the varieties. Personally, the Egg Bamboo that grew on monsters was quite delicious. The mushroom looked like an egg itself. It had about the size of a human’s head. But it was so delicious when I baked it.

I was currently studying what kind of mushrooms grew in specific environments. I thought that these mushrooms would adapt fairly well to the Earth’s climate.

It looked as if I had a mushroom festival going on around the cottage. The Mush Bamboo grew too much. Suddenly, a rare guest appeared.

「Excuse me Mister Kyou; is it okay for me to visit you now? 」

「Ah, it’s you Mina. Why did you come all the way here? 」

Mina was our business partner. She was the owner of a small and cozy dining restaurant in town. She took our ingredients for her establishment almost every day.

「Actually, I have a favor to ask you. 」

「Hmm? I will gladly help you if it’s something I can do. 」

「Yes. Well…Would you…like to…go with me…next month… 」

 Oh, Oh my!? Don’t…Don’t tell me that this was a date flag!?

「Please, come with me to the cooking contest! 」

 I guess I was wrong.

「Cooking contest? 」

「Yes. Actually, it’s a contest to decide which restaurant is the best on this town. It’s held once a year. In addition, the winner of the contest will be able to compete in a tournament with the top of the food industry in Agastra, the central continent. 」

Ah, I see. I understood what she just said. Quite simple, wasn’t it? Local competitors will have a chance to compete in the national food contest. The local contest of our town will be held in the next month. In other words, she wanted my assistance to help her win the contest.

「I don’t mind. But do you know that cooking is not my best strength? Are you sure, you want my help? 」

「Yes. No problem. It’s my responsibility to cook. Besides, Mister Kyou will have another role in the contest. 」

「What do you mean? 」

「The ingredients! 」

She spoke with a cute pose.

I understood everything now. So, that was the reason why she asked for my help.

「The end result of the cooking dishes will be different depending on the chef’s skill. But more importantly, I think that the crucial part of cooking is the ingredients and not the skills. I don’t know anyone that grows such wonderful ingredients like you do! 」

Mina became all red when she talked about cooking.

「In addition to freshness, your ingredients have a unique flavor that stands out from the other regular ingredients! As far as I know, you were the only person to succeed in cultivating monsters! 」

Oh, this was the first time that my efforts played a big part in someone else’s life since coming to this world. It was a bit embarrassing, but honestly, I felt happy about it! It was all because I raised monsters! They were a great help!

「Okay, leave it to me! Mina! I will grow the best ingredients for you! 」

「Really!? Thank you so much, Mister Kyou! 」

She was a very innocent girl. She shyly smiled at me. So cute.

「Are all the restaurants in this town going to participate in the contest? 」

「That’s right. Everyone wants to go to the tournament in the central continent. Even just going to the tournament itself is an honor. There are even customers from other continents that come to the tournament by themselves. It is the highest contest for a chef. 」

「Whoa. Which restaurant of our town came to the tournament last year? 」

「Well. The one who went was the owner of the John F. Restaurant on the main street. 」

Ah, the first restaurant I came when I arrived on this town. Well, yes, the one that kicked me out. But it was a high dining after all.

「The owner, Mister John F., is a Top Chef. Thanks to his achievements in the past year, his finances accumulated a lot. He is now purchasing many high-quality ingredients that high-level adventurers have acquired. He is the number one favorite to win this year’s contest. 」

「Well. Then that means that it will be difficult to win. But I’m sure that the contest will be quite interesting. 」

Nowadays, I had a slow life, but a serious one. It was stable and I didn’t complain. However, I must confess that the stimulation was insufficient. It would be normal to have some kind or stimulus and adventure once one came to a different world. Of course, an adventure without putting one’s life at risk. Therefore, I didn’t have a reason not to attend this event.

「Leave it to me, Mina! I’ll give you excellent ingredients that won’t be inferior to anyone’s high-grade ingredients! No. Better speaking, I’ll grow homemade high-grade ingredients until next month! I’ll grow them without fail! 」

I had confidence. I just started to raise Mush Bamboo. I’ve been trying to figure out what kind of crops these guys really grow into, and now I was finally starting to grow them. If I succeed, it won’t be a dream to grow high-quality ingredients.

*laughs* That man John. F. I didn’t have a grudge against him. But I made a way of living through my hard work. I will show my opponent that once rejected me how accomplished I became. In a sense, I could feel the fate on my hands.

I will show him my true power!

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