This Hero is invincible but too cautious – Volume 1 – Chapter 37

Chapter 37: To Kill the Hero

Izale Village changed so much that I thought, I had summoned the portal to the wrong place. The village turned into ruins. It was as if a strong natural disaster had wiped out this place.

「What happened here…! 」

Mash was fully surprised and Elle became speechless as she put her hands on her mouth.

…Don’t tell me this was the Devil Army’s doing!? But why would they attack a small village!?

Seiya pointed his finger to the horizon. When I stared closely at the pointed direction, I was able to see a line of smoke that extended to the sky.

「Someone’s here. But it may be a trap. Be careful. 」

Just like Seiya said, there was a possibility that those who destroyed this village were still lurking around. We quietly proceeded to the smoke’s direction.

As we approached, the smoke slowly extinguished. If I recalled correctly, this area resembled the place of the dwarf tool shop that we came to buy torches before.

「Hey…! Look at that…! 」

Elle made a quivering voice. Rather than the burnt houses, our gaze turned to the monster that was standing beside the ruins.

That was a huge turtle monster. The carapace was like a roof. Beneath it, the monster appeared to have earthly-colored skin. The turtle, reminded me of the Dragon Mother when she transformed, and it was about to attack the dwarf shop owner with its sharp fangs.

「This…This is bad! That dwarf old man is going to be killed! 」

「We have to save him! 」

Mash and I instinctively jumped out. We came between the dwarf owner and the giant turtle.

「Sir, are you okay? 」

When Mash looked back, the dwarf owner smiled in a weird way.

「Yeah, I’m okay. Don’t worry. This monster won’t attack me. Because it was me who called it over here. 」

「Ah? 」

「Adamantaim. I summoned this monster from a different world. 」

Before I knew it, Seiya pulled out the platinum sword from his sheath. The tip of the blade was directed not to the nearby turtle monster, but to the dwarf himself.

「…Who are you? 」

The dwarf was smiling weirdly as he told us his name.

「I am one of the Four General Kings of the Devil’s Army…I present myself as Kill Capul. 」

「Four…Four General Kings…! 」

I muttered…

「Oh god…! 」

Elle took a step back. Kill Capul caressed the throat of Adamantaim.

「Mister Hero. Since you left this village, I’ve been following you from a thousand miles away through a crystal ball. My, my. You possess a tremendous power too incredible for a mere human being. You are also smart and meticulous. However, for us, you are nothing but a small threat.」

「And that’s the reason why you summoned that turtle monster!? Just to defeat Seiya!?」

「No, no. I had a different purpose. That’s why I called this creature Adamantaim.」

When Kill Capul pushed Adamantaim’s throat, the monster opened his big mouth revealing his piercing fangs. Inside that thing’s mouth there was something that fell to the ground. It looked like a piece of debris that was stuck on Adamantaim’s oral cavity. It shined brighter than gold.

「The “Legendary Armor” hidden in Mustaf’s shrine is also known as “Adamantite’s Armor” because it was made using Geabrande’s hardest substance, known as “Adamantite”*. It is impossible to crush the armor even with the Demon Lord’s attacks. Except for the summoned Adamantaim though because it has the same body properties… 」

「Don’t…Don’t tell me that you…! 」

I was shocked when I saw a piece of metal that Adamantaim vomited.

「It’s a fragment of the legendary armor that he just ate. Before you people arrived, I broke the shrine’s seal to destroy the armor. 」

It can’t be!! We couldn’t have the strongest weapon Egzation and, now, even the legendary armor was broken!! With this…How could we win…!!

「The Demon Lord must remain the strongest. However, if there is a threat that has the smallest possibility of defeating the Demon Lord, then it must perish at once.」

Adamantaim immediately started to roar.

We were prepared for the attack, but Kill Capul laughed weirdly as he shook his head. He put his hands on Adamantaim’s thick feet.

「I’m done using you. Disappear. 」

Soon, the giant turtle gradually faded and disappeared completely as if it melted away from this world.

「What happened? Weren’t you going to fight against Seiya? 」

I stared confused at the little dwarf. Kill Capul showed me a tiny smile.

「Yeah, of course. But he is not the kind of opponent that I can fight with and win. And of course, neither is Adamantaim. I told you. I followed the hero’s moves and I studied it carefully.」

Kill Capul continued to talk with a smiling face.

「Besides me, the last one remaining from the Four General Kings is Eliza Kaiser. Eliza is the incarnation of more than 200,000 demons. It exceeds the limits of both the attack and defense power. But Eliza won’t be your opponent.」

…Eh? What on earth was this dwarf talking about?

「I can feel a very strong power coming from the hero that goes beyond theory and reason. His power resembles the power of the Demon Lord. I can’t describe that accurately. But let’s say that it’s a “power that holds the fate of the world”. What they have is very different from what the rest of us possess. Here…」

While speaking, Kill Capul had two packages beside him and placed them in front of us.

「Please look at this.」

We looked at the contents of the opened package and…

*horrifying screams*

Elle screamed extremely loud. My body also trembled incessantly. I saw the heads of the elderly woman dwarf and the little boy who we saw in the tool shop before.

「It’s my wife and son’s heads. 」

「You’re…You’re lying!! These heads must be fakes!! 」

I shouted. But Kill Capul stroked the neck of the little boy with love.

「Don’t he resemble me a lot? My wife and son’s heads are real. 」

「Why!? How could you do such a thing!? 」

「I must defeat the hero. The heads of my loved ones and the villagers of Izale are a catalyst. Their lives are an important sacrifice that will summon an evil magic…!」

I felt a glimpse of Kill Capul madness lurking behind his smile. I got goose bumps.

「You’re crazy…!」

「Yes. I cannot win if I’m not crazy. However, I realized that this hero is a prodigy. Even demons have feelings you know. I was sad. It was really painful. But, the Demon Lord said to me, “Kill Capul, you must defeat that hero”. It was an honor. Of course, my wife and son understood the situation and died for me. Look carefully. They have a very peaceful dead face. It’s great, isn’t it? 」

「Just…Just how far are you willing to go only for that honor!? 」

「“To kill the hero”, for that purpose alone. Knowledge, talent, and power will be meaningless. Even the Egzation that you got in the Dragon Village won’t have any effect.」

He even knew about the Egzation!! But I didn’t think he found out that we have a fake instead…!!

「Ma…Master! It will be better if you killed this guy now! 」

「No. It’s probably too late. Even if I killed him, the summoning he speaks off will be activated anyways. That’s why he’s showing up right in front of us. He is not even upset or in fear.」

「It’s just as you say. It’s too late now…The lives of the Izale villagers, the lives of my loved ones, and finally, my own life, Kill Capul’s life, will be exchanged with the dark summoning! It will manifest from another dimension! The ultra-god of death, Cross Tanathus! 」

Ultra…god of death…Cross…Tanathus…!?

Kill Capul pierced his throat with a short sword taken from his sheath.

「Wh…What’s going on!? 」

Black blood kept overflowing from his sliced throat. It spilled so much blood that it formed a pool of blood on the ground. Kill Capul kneeled on the ground after being mortally wounded. Yet, Kill Capul looked to the sky with satisfaction.

「My dear Demon Lord…! Please change this world into a demonic world that we’ve been…longing…for… 」

Kill Capul fell down and stopped moving.

「Is…Is he dead? 」

Seiya whispered to me before I confirmed his death.

「Lista. Open the portal to the heavenly world. 」

「What!? Now!? At this timing!? But nothing happened yet, right!? 」

「Just hurry up. His confidence is not to be underestimated. You have to open the portal just in case we need it. 」

「I…I understand. 」

I heard some noise the moment I tried to open the portal. Suddenly, there was something creeping out from the black blood pool of Kill Capul that spread on the ground. That thing had the same color as Kill Capul’s black blood. A black shadow appeared and instantly formed a humanoid figure.

「Is that…Cross Tanathus!? The ultra-god of death that Kill Capul sacrificed his life for!?」

It was weird. That shadowy figure was small bodied. It was covered in a black robe, a hood covered its head, in place of its face there was only darkness and hollowness. Even though it was called god of death, it held a large iron cross on one of its hands. That appearance was contradictory to what we believed it was a god of death. I thought it was supposed to be a symbol of an ominous event. And yet, it carried a holy cross.

What kind of power did this god of death have?

I activated my clairvoyance ability to see the enemy’s status…

Cro@ss Tanatz8z

Level – umu?g

HP – rkuak

MP – pN.B

Attack – %9rr6%87%

Defense – C6>

Agility – c8o6.>’’ M9C

Resistance – arU`)#@

Special skills – 7s&<БDSOKt

Skills – 8T2e1J-

Personality – L1dreL

「…Ah? 」

I doubted your eyes at first. But when I tried it again, the abilities on Cross Tanathus’ status were indecipherable.

「What…What’s that!? I can’t read the numbers!! Seiya, what’s going on!? 」

「Yes. There are twisted numbers in my eyes as well. 」

「Don’t tell me that this is the camouflage skill that you use too!? 」

「No, I don’t sense any kind of barrier. I’m sure that’s his real status. 」

「Eh!? The twisted numbers are his original status!? What does that mean!?」

「…It means that he omitted the real value in order to cheat us. 」

While we were talking, we heard a roaring sound when Tanathus put the big cross on the ground. As soon as that happened, the ground tore apart!

「Ma…Magic of the Earthly Attribute!! 」

At the same as I shouted, the crack approached Seiya at a tremendous speed. It tried to swallow him into the fracture! But…Seiya was already floating in the air!

A…Amazing! Even though we didn’t know the opponent’s abilities, he started to float as if he predicted the opponent’s attacks! He was always so careful!

I admired Seiya’s careful moves it was as if he really had an ability to look into the future. Suddenly, a strong lightening occurred from the fractured ground! It was unleashed towards a floating Seiya!

The lightening strike reverberated from the cracks on the ground towards Seiya…

「Double Wind Blade! 」

Seiya drew his sword from his sheath as he activated that technique in the sky. He created with the platinum sword a wind pressure extremely strong that it changed the trajectory of the lightning strike. He was able to successfully dodge the attack. In addition, Seiya counterattacked from the sky and slashed aggressively towards Tanathus. That god of death got hit from the attack because his body was cut in half.

Mash and Elle ran in Seiya’s direction.

「Master! Are you okay? 」

「Yeah. No problem. 」

「But…But what was that just now!? Lightening Magic came from the ground!? Isn’t that really strange!? 」

It was a combined magic with earthly and thunder attributes. It generated from the earth after it was activated…Certainly, as Elle said, it was very strange since it was an attack that transcended the providence of magic. However…

「It seems that you defeated it. 」

I felt a little bit relieved. But Seiya was staring at the two-bodied Tanathus with sharp eyes.

「Hey, Lista. What are you doing? Get the portal out. 」

「Eh? But… 」

「Hurry. Summon the portal and leave it open. 」

「O…Okay. 」

I finally made the portal appear and I opened the door. Unexpectedly, the upper body of Tanathus lifted up and floated even though it was cut off in half from the torso. The lower body immediately revived as well. Even more surprisingly, that lower body created a new upper body.

「Gosh! It split in two! 」

「What’s wrong with that thing! 」

One of the Tanathus turned his cross directly at Seiya. In an instant, arrows of light were fired from the cross! They resembled the Shining Arrow! Seiya curved his body in time and avoided a critical hit! Abruptly, the other Tanathus raised the cross as he quickly approached Seiya! That thing made the cross enlarge in size and it tried to hit Seiya with it like a weapon! Seiya stepped back and managed to gain sufficient distance. However! The cross was extended even further while Seiya kept on dodging it! The long cross was going to hit Seiya’s chest but it stopped extending in size. I thought that thing had a limitation but I was wrong. The tip of the cross transformed into an ice pillar-like and attacked Seiya continuously!

Seiya sounded as if he was struggling. There were a lot of light arrows attacking him. It was hard to get rid of them. An ice magic was invoked from the holy cross and hit Seiya’s abdomen. Seiya was repelled and thrown to the ground.

「Se…Seiya!? 」

This was the first time that I saw Seiya struggling on a fight against the enemy. However, Seiya stood up right away and straightened his body.

The two Tanathus, who were coming towards us, put their bodies on the top of each other as they walked. It transformed into one body once again.

Seiya put his sword on the sheath. He turned his hands directly at Tanathus.

「Maximum Inferno… 」

A terrible explosion absorbed Tanathus. It was an intense and extreme fire. Even if it burnt everything in the surroundings, I was sure that, by now, it won’t be able to defeat that thing as long as it activates. Seiya approached Mash in a hurry.

「Eh? Master? 」

He carried a confused Mash and he threw him into the opened portal!

「Uah!! 」

Mash disappeared inside the portal. Next, he grabbed Elle…

「Ah!? 」

He threw her away as quickly as possible. And then, Seiya rushed to me.

Is he…he going to throw me as well!? I got it!! But be gentle!! I wouldn’t mind if he carried me like a princess!! Please treat me well!!

However, Seiya raised his right foot high! Before I knew it, Seiya directed his kick right into my abdomen!

*loud scream*

After the impact from the kick, I screamed in agony as I was blown away to the other side of the portal! Seiya followed behind almost at the same time as I crossed over! I immediately closed the portal’s door when I arrived in the God’s realm!

I rolled over into the God’s realm’s courtyard. Then, I shouted.

「*yells* Why did you kick me!? I was the only one to be treated with cruelty by you!!」

I yelled at Seiya but I noticed that he was different this time. Seiya fell down silently while he held the abdomen with his hand. He was hit by Tanathus’ attack.

「Hey, Seiya!? Are you all right!? 」

「Yeah, somehow. But…I got a severe injury. 」

I was an idiot!! Even though Seiya was deeply hurt by Tanathus’ attack, he did his best for us to escape to the God’s realm!! Not only Mash and Elle!! He didn’t abandon me and brought me here safely!!

「It’s the first time I suffered damage from the enemy. I have to recover. 」

「Show me your wound! I’ll heal you now! 」

「Please do it quickly. 」

Seiya took off his armor and showed me his wound.

「…What? 」

I was astonished. Seiya’s abdomen had just a small red scratching.

「Sorry…But how much damage did your status suffer? Numerically speaking!」

And then, Seiya spoke as if something really bad happened to him.

「I had about 300 000 HP…But, now I only have 299 900… 」

「Didn’t you say that you had a severe injury!? 」

I was perplexed. Yet, Seiya looked serious.

「It will get troublesome if the HP is not at its maximum. Just fix it up. 」

I was amazed by his everlasting cautiousness. But I was also surprised to find out that his HP reached 300 000. I activated my healing magic to heal his tiny scratch.

「Even if it is a little wound, Master got hurt. What the hell was that thing…?」

Elle agreed with Mash.

「It was chaos. The rules of magic and the rules of the living were both ignored…」

I could feel the fear coming from their words. I spoke to encourage them.

「Well, let’s think carefully about a plan! We are safe in the God’s realm because it’s a totally different dimension!」

I thought so. However, on that moment I heard some noise coming from gods and goddesses in the courtyard.

「What is this ominous feeling? 」

「Is it, perhaps…a malicious feeling? What on earth is going on? 」

There were several gods and goddesses staring at each other with a tense expression.

「What…What’s that!? 」

A god pointed to a particular area in the courtyard. I saw a black whirlwind appearing from the courtyard’s fountain.

「…It…It can’t be…!! 」

My bad premonition was right. The first thing that appeared from the black whirlwind was a huge iron cross! After that, the god of death crawled out of there!

「How!? That thing transported itself from Geabrande to the God’s realm!!」

I tried to encourage Mash and Elle not too long ago. However, right now, my face was terrified and my feet kept shivering repeatedly.

Im…Impossible!! It broke through the dimension!! That…That thing must be a demon from a mythological class!!

This time, Mash and Elle raised their voices to encourage themselves.

「But…But! Every fearful enemy has a weakness, am I right? 」

「Ye…Yeah! Elle’s correct! There is no way that that thing is an invincible monster!」

They were right! As a goddess, I mustn’t let fear cloud my mind! We had Seiya! I was sure that Seiya will find a way to defeat that demon! No, maybe he already found a solution…

「Seiya! Do you know Tanathus’ weakness? Maybe you’re already aware of it!」

Nevertheless. The hero had fiery eyes as he mumbled with a low voice.

「…I don’t know. 」

「*everybody screams* What!? 」

「…I have no idea how to win. 」

「Mi…Mister Seiya!? 」

「Master!? 」

Whaaat!? Please tell me it was a lie!! Why was Seiya speaking with a weak voice!? The end!! Don’t tell me that this will be our end!!

…The God’s realm was in an uproar after the sudden appearance of a demon.

…The ultra-god of death slowly crawled out from the fountain. That thing walked towards us with a cross on its hand.

The angels screamed aloud and ran away. Just like them, our faces became pale white.

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* Adamant or Adamantite refers to any especially hard substance, whether composed of diamond or other gemstone, or some type of metal.


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