This Hero is invincible but too cautious – Volume 1 – Chapter 28

Chapter 28: Gonna be Okay

I saw a dim flame from a torch approaching us as we went down the Valley. When I looked closely, the one I saw was the dragon man Lagos, the one who had brought us initially to the Dragon Village.

「Please hurry up to the summoning zone. I will return you back into the Dragon Cave. 」

Lagos seemed impatient. He explained himself as we kept walking.

「Even though you have Egzation, I heard many say that “Elle survived without becoming a sword”…I saw many dragon men who were not satisfied with this outcome. So, before a riot starts, it would be better for you to return to the other continent as soon as possible. 」

「Ri…Riot!? 」

I was startled. However, Seiya looked at me as if everything was normal.

「That’s not surprising. Of course, there’s a high possibility for that to happen. After all, the head of this village has just been killed. 」

「How can you say that!? You said to them that it was a win-win situation!! 」

「There’s no way that her death would convince them. So, I just professed some words that hypnotized them for the time being. 」

「You went that far just to hypnotize those people…? 」

While I was wary of Seiya’s abilities, Lagos had an apologetic face as he looked at both Mash and Elle.

「Please forgive me for deceiving you. The Dragon Mother told me to tell you that your parents died of an illness. 」

「Ah, we’re okay about that now. 」

Lagos bowed his head after Mash spoke.

「I know it’s a bit contradictory, but I’m glad that Lady Elle didn’t become a sword. That’s what I really feel from the bottom of my heart… 」

There were almost no dragons around as we kept walking further away from the Dragon Village. I could see a small white house in the distance. It was definitely through that house with the magical chart inside it that had transported us from the Dragon Cave into this place.

Lagos closed the door when we entered inside. He finally smiled as he guided us to the magical chart in the center of the house.

「Lord Mash and Lady Elle. I will probably never see you again, but I’ll pray that you find peace and glory in the path ahead of you. 」

Both of them returned a smile to Lagos.

「Yeah, thanks! 」

「Thank you, Mister Lagos! 」

「…One last thing. Hero and goddess, please save the world with the Egzation. I beg of you.」

I thanked Lagos on behalf of a silent Seiya.

…I met several dragons in this village and all of them gave me an impression that they lacked emotions. However, the village seemed to have a decent dragon like Lagos. Maybe, Elle and Mash’s parents were kind-hearted like him.

Afterwards Lagos tried to cast the transportation spell.

「…Wait. 」

Seiya opened his mouth. For some odd reason, he had on his hand a very tiny dragon man…well no…he had a lizard on his hand.

「I picked this thing along the way. Transfer this one first. 」

Lagos distorted his face.

「That…again… 」

「Just because the first time was safe, it doesn’t mean that the second time will be necessarily safe. Besides, you might be a guy who is resentful that Elle survived in the end. 」

 「Se…Seiya!? That’s rude!! You need to start believing in people!! 」

Lagos shook his head with a serious look while I was furious at Seiya.

「No, it’s okay. Surely, that cautiousness will be an advantageous trait for the hero. Just as it saved Elle, it may eventually save this world too. 」

「Ah…”cautiousness will save this world”…you say…? 」

Even so, Lagos had his right to be angry with Seiya, and yet he was not offended by Seiya’s continued rude behavior. He looked mature but I couldn’t guess his age based on his appearance alone.

「I’m truly sorry. Well, let’s start with this lizard… 」

Once the lizard was sent and returned back…and doing this meaningless process twice…We finally got transferred to the Dragon Cave…

When we arrived in center of the magical chart, I noticed that the area was quite dark. It was a narrow space surrounded by rock walls.

「*looking relieved* We’re finally came back. 」

When I looked at the rest of them…

「Mister Seiya!! 」

Suddenly, Elle embraced Seiya and began to cry.

「Thank you! Thank you! *continually repeats* I was scared!! I was really scared back then!!」

It seemed as if she was enduring her feelings all this time in the Dragon Village. Once we arrived here, her emotions exploded right away.

「I didn’t want to be a sword! I didn’t want to die!! Because, if I died back then, I would no longer be able talk with everyone!! 」

Elle cried helplessly on Seiya’s abdomen. I was so moved by this scene that I was about to cry.

「*cries* Sorry, I’m truly sorry, Elle!! I should have stopped it right away!! 」

「It’s okay!! Lisutan, you didn’t do anything wrong!! It’s natural for a goddess to think about saving her designated world first!! 」

Seiya looked with cold eyes as we cried with each other.

「Stop. Shup up. It’s annoying. 」

He grabbed my head and Elle’s head and moved us apart. A crying-faced Elle embraced Mash’s chest afterwards.

Unlike Seiya, Mash gently hugged Elle silently. Eventually, Elle murmured shyly.

「You know… If I became a sword, the most painful thing for me would be to never speak with Mash again…」

「Yeah, I thought that I could never see you again…My heart was breaking apart…」

The boy and the girl from the Dragon Tribe had rosy cheeks and looked at each other with lavish and moistened eyes.

Eh!! Wait!! What’s going on with these two!? Don’t tell me that their relationship has gone up to another level!?

Love is a natural emotion that could happen in an adventure between fellow comrades. I usually have forbidden romantic affairs on my imagination; however, I don’t see much of problem if it’s with these two.

Rather than a jealously adult woman, as a goddess I do care about them.

「Mash. Elle. Can you go ahead and wait for us at the entrance of the cave? 」

「What? Why? 」

「You want to talk for a bit longer, right? Besides, I need to have a small talk with Seiya… 」

「I see. I understand. 」

「Then, we’ll be waiting at the cave’s entrance! See you later, Lisutan! 」

Mash and Elle held their hands together and went further ahead. As I watched them go, I smiled at Seiya.

「Oh my! There’s something going on between them! 」

「That’s the reason why you told them to go alone? That’s ridiculous. 」

「Didn’t you hear me say that I wanted to talk with you? 」

「I don’t have anything particular to talk with you about. 」

I changed my smile 180 degrees inside the cave. I altered my posture as I spoke seriously with Seiya.

「About your Dragon Killers synthesis…You said that you picked up my hair, didn’t you?」

「I did pick it up. Then, what about it? 」

「Don’t you dare say “what about it” to me!! You haven’t realized what you did to me back then!? Did you know that your actions could be considered as a sexual crime!? 」

「I would not be able to synthesize the Dragon Killers if I didn’t had your curly hair. I didn’t do anything wrong. 」

As usual, his theory was correct. But that’s not what I wanted to discuss in the first place.

「…Did you see? 」

「See what? 」

「About “that” you know…If you saw “my”…while you took my curly hair!! 」

「Just what are you trying to say? If you don’t say it clearly, I won’t know what it is.」

「I’m not saying it clearly because I thought you would “know what it is”!! I’m talking about…what’s “under” my curly hair!! 」

「Hair roots? 」

「It’s not the hair roots!! The hair roots are certainly the lower part of the hair, but I was not talking about the hair roots!! 」

「I just took some of your curly hair. I didn’t do anything else. 」

Is…he really telling the truth…!? This Japanese is strange!! Who would say “I just took some of your curly hair” in the first place…!? His actions would be enough for his arrest…!!

Seiya started to walk as if nothing had happened…

「Wait right there, Seiya!! I have something else to talk with you about!! 」

「What a bother. I wonder what’s next. 」

I pointed to Seiya’s sheath with a serious face.

「That sword is not Egzation, am I right? 」

In a second…

「…What did you say? 」

Seiya looked at me with scary piercing eyes. His fearful force took my breath away.

「I…I am a goddess you know! That sword is certainly a powerful weapon! But I don’t feel any godly power from the sword who is supposed to defeat the Demon King!」

After staring at me with a scary face, Seiya returned to his normal bored expression.

「Apparently, I underestimated you. It seems that you’re not just a medicinal herb woman.」

「It was not hard to guess when I looked directly at it… 」

「You’re correct. That sword is not the Egzation. It’s just a “platinum sword” I made with synthesis.」

「I knew it. In order to save Elle, you used a fake to trick the dragon people, didn’t you?」

「I told you before. She has to carry my luggage. I don’t like when people suddenly overturn my decisions…that’s all. 」

Seiya kept speaking as he walked away.

「Listen. It will be pointless to share with them the truth. That girl won’t stop crying if she finds out about this.」

「Ye…Yes. You’re right. I understand. 」

I talked with Seiya while he walked ahead of me.

「Hey, Seiya. The Dragon Mother told us that the Egzation was the only weapon capable of defeating the Demon King…What are you going to do? 」

「I’ll have to find a different option. Didn’t you say the same thing to the Dragon Mother?」

「Ah, I said that on the spur of the moment…I wonder if we really have an alternative way…」

After being silent for a while, Seiya muttered confidently like a superior.

「Gonna be Okay. 」

「Eh? 」

I felt a strong sense of absurdity in Seiya’s words. He said those words out of the blue. It sounded very non-Seiya and seemed very unholy.

「…What’s wrong, Lista? 」

I noticed that Seiya was looking at me on a very suspicious way.

「There’s nothing wrong with me! My head became a little bit distracted after you said that strange words! 」

「If you get distracted this often, then soon enough you will reach a hospitalization level. You’re losing your mind. 」

「Who’s losing its mind!! I’m gonna hit you!! 」

「Let’s go faster. They’re waiting for us. 」

Seiya looked at the exit of the cave and narrowed his eyes. There was a dazzling light coming from the exit of the cave.

We walked towards the light.

…The inability to obtain the Egzation might pose as a disadvantage to overcome the S-rank difficulty of Geabrande. Nonetheless…If it’s Seiya…then, I’m sure that he’ll be able to do something about this. I believe he will.

As I moved forward towards the exit, I suddenly felt extremely tired. Many things happened in the Dragon Village almost instantaneously. Mash, Elle and Seiya didn’t say anything so far, but I’m sure they are very tired as well.

When we get out of the cave, maybe we should go to Izale Village and rest for a whole day at a nearby inn? …Yes! Let’s do that! We need to forget about saving the world once in a while! Okay, everyone! We need to relax! I won’t forgive Seiya for cutting my curly hair while I was asleep, still, I do remember some happy lines he said to me a while ago! He said “I only eat the things that this woman makes”! I’ll go shopping some ingredients to cook when we arrive in the village! Of course, I’ll make something for Mash and Elle as well…

However, a disappointing situation was waiting for me as I passed through the cave in good spirits.

Mash and Elle were surrounded by a dozen of soldiers in armor in the rocky terrain near the exit.

「Ma…Master! 」

「Lisutan! 」

Two of the soldiers ran over to Seiya and I, and kneeled on the ground.

I noticed that everyone was full of bruises and wounds. Their armors were visibly damaged and murky. It looked as if they were in a battlefield not too long ago.

One of the soldiers had a hard time speaking to us. He was clearly exhausted.

「We are the Knights from Rosgard Empire! We heard a report that the brave hero came to a cave in this particular area! Therefore, we hurried here from the Olga Fortress!」

「I see. So, what does the Knights from the Empire want from us? 」

I could grasp a little bit of the situation based on their torn appearance alone. But when I asked what they really wanted from us, the soldier showed me a very painful expression.

「At present, the Imperial Knights under the command of Lady Rosalie are battling with the Devil Army in the Olga Fortress located northeast from here! The situation is not good! Hero, please come and help us! 」

I wanted to say, “we will take a break for a while”…But I couldn’t say considering their hardships.

「Then…For the time being…we’ll accompany you… 」

I answered the soldier in a very loose manner.

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