This Hero is invincible but too cautious – Volume 1 – Chapter 24

Chapter 24: The Dragon’s Cave

Just like the dwarf shop owner told us, we left the village and headed further east. The landscape gradually changed. We had walked through grasslands earlier today, but right now, we were stepping into a rocky terrain full of small and large rocks beneath our feet.

Even so, this place was a fairly wide rocky area. I should have listened properly about the exact location of the cave from the shop owner. Suddenly, Elle grabbed my hand.

「Lisutan, look at this. 」

The dragon crest in Elle’s hand started to shine brightly. The similar emblem also sparkled on Mash’s hand.

「We are here for the first time. But, I understand what I’m feeling right now. I’m sure the cave is nearby… 」

Mash and Elle went through the rocky terrain guided by the dragon crest. Seiya and I followed them closely behind.

Soon, both of them stopped walking, and when I looked up, there was a huge rock wall in front of us. At the bottom, there seemed to be a large cavity leading to the inside of the cave.

「It looks like we finally arrived. 」

Seiya took out a torch and ignited the fire. We entered the cave, headed by Seiya.

Seiya was walking slowly and carefully through the cave; however, after going fifty steps further inside, we reached a dead end.

「Ah, look! It’s already the dead end! I knew it! We didn’t need a torch after all!」

Seiya was not paying attention to me.

「More importantly, look at this. 」

Seiya pointed to the rock wall in front of me.

He kept reminding me of my surroundings as if I was dumb…!! He surely has an annoying personality but enviable traits…!!

Nonetheless, just as Seiya said, the crest of the Dragon Tribe was painted like a mural on the rock wall. Under the emblem, I saw two insignia, and it was clear that the seal could be dissolved if Mash and Elle’s hands were placed in there.

「Okay, Elle! It’s our turn! 」

「Yes! 」

When both of them were trying to break the seal, I heard some noise. A metallic sound came from Seiya’s direction. When I looked at him, I saw that he grabbed his platinum sword and he was aiming directly at the rock wall.

「Se…Seiya!? 」

Using the Phoenix Drive skill, Seiya began to strike the robust rock wall continuously with his sword at an astonishing speed! The aggressive sounds from his sword attacks echoed so loudly that I had to put my hands on my ears!

「Stop!! What are you doing… 」

I tried to stop him. However…Seiya was extremely focused. Seiya’s sword-wielding arm had a strong grip, striking the rock’s surface with a circle motion and a strong flurry. I never seen he use his sword like that before. Seiya kept slashing brilliantly and powerfully, without even taking a breath.

「…he is making use of both his arms and wrists flexibility, just by performing a sword technique based on consecutive slashing. It looks like it’s mainly a single attack, but repeated countless times. Still, it seems that nothing happened yet. 」

The moment I said that, cracks formed on the rock wall! The barrier that was standing in front of us collapsed to the ground!

「This was…“Eternal Sword”… 」

The two from the Dragon Tribe were more stunned than I was when we saw Seiya using Adenela’s abilities.

「The seal was forcibly broken…!! 」

「He didn’t need us, after all…!! 」

Seiya ignored the two of them and proceeded beyond the collapsed wall.

Both Mash and Elle were petrified by the shocking event, but I urged them to go after Seiya to the other side of the rock wall. I thought that the special sword was inside a big treasure box; however, once I came inside, there was nothing but a small and dime space.

「What? The strongest weapon is not inside here? 」

I looked around but saw nothing. I could only spot a magic enchantment chart drawn on the floor. In an instant, I had a shivering feeling on my shoulders and, suddenly, a light started to shine from that magical chart. At the same time, a solemn voice echoed around.

「Our compatriots who inherited the blood of the Dragon…You finally came here…」

「What’s going on!? 」

I thought that it was a man speaking at first, but the voice seemed to come from the magical chart below us.

「Hero and everyone else…Please get on the top on the magical chart. Let’s open the “door” to the Dragon Village where our Dragon Tribe lives. In there, let’s us bestow you the strongest weapon Egzation. 」

Egzation…!! That’s the name of the strongest weapon that can defeat the Demon King…!!

「Listen, everyone! I think that this magical chart must be a portal! If we cross this over, we’ll be able to arrive in the Dragon Village! 」

「The Dragon Village! That’s the real hometown of Elle and I? 」

「I hope so! I’m so thrilled right now! 」

「Yes! Let’s go immediately! 」

We were excited and walked right into the top of the magical chart; however, Seiya stretched out one arm and stopped us from going further.

「Wait. It’s too dangerous. It might be a trap. 」

「Huh…What do you mean by “trap”…Seiya? 」

Seiya captured a lizard crawling on a rock wall and he put it on the magical chart.

「Okay. We are all on the magical chart. 」

He just lied to the solemn voice.

What!? We’re not the ones on the magical chart!! It’s the lizard that’s on it!!

「I will transfer you to the Dragon Village. 」

Just as the solemn voice professed, the lizard was wrapped in light and it disappeared into the magical chart.

Not before long, the solemn voice was heard from below and it seemed upset.

「Excuse me…Why did you sent a lizard instead…? 」

「Okay. Now send that lizard back to us. 」

「Why on earth do you want that…? 」

「Just do it. Don’t tell me that you can’t? 」

「I…I understand… 」

After a while, the lizard was sent back. Seiya observed the lizard closely as if he was going to devour it.

「I see. The lizard doesn’t have any external abnormality. Maybe it will be a trap to send us all into different dimensions. 」

「…I won’t do that…kind of thing to you… 」

Before I knew it, the solemn voice stopped coming from the magical chart.

…After discussing the situation with Seiya for while, we finally managed to be on the top of the chart. We were wrapped in light and we were transferred from that place.

「Welcome to the Dragon Village. 」

That voice was the same as the one we heard back in the cave. As soon as I turned around to see who it was…

「What!? 」

I raised my voice unexpectedly.

I saw a being standing on two feet like a human and it was wearing hemp clothes. Nevertheless, that being resembled a big lizard. It had short fangs coming out from its mouth and it spoke the human language.

「There is no reason to be surprised. We, the “Dragon Man”, have a very different appearance compared to human beings. 」

The dragon man distorted his eyes and mouth while squinting like a reptile. Apparently, he seemed to be smiling at us.

「However, I was really startled a moment ago. I thought you were coming from the magical chart and I said “Welcome to the Dragon Village”, but what came through was only a small lizard. 」

「We’re sorry for doing that… 」

When I apologized, the dragon man giggled.

「Well, it is safer to entrust the fate of the world to someone who is cautious of its surroundings…Anyways, I’m sorry for my late introduction. My name is Lagos and I am the keeper of the Dragon’s Cave. 」

Lagos walked ahead and he opened a door for us.

「Okay, let’s go. The Dragon Mother is waiting at the temple. I will take you there… 」

When I crossed the door, I saw a place that resembled a town. However, everything looked different from the towns and villages in Geabrande. I imagined that the “Dragon Village” would have an idyllic atmosphere, but in reality, it looked so much like the God’s realm. The houses and buildings had a similar vibe and artistically they seemed to have the baroque style.

Lagos talked to us as I kept looking closely at my surroundings.

「The Dragon Village is located in the far-west continent of Eurea. This continent is separated from the place you were before by a vast sea. Eurea is an unexplored continent by humanity, shrouded in deep fog. There is no other way for a human to enter this place than to be transferred from that magic enchantment chart. 」

…I see. To the worlds I’ve been before, a dragon is treated like a god. So, they have been living closely to humans but in secrecy; except when something important happens in the world and they need to come forward.

As we walked with Lagos across the town, the dragon people who passed by us, saw Mash and Elle and started speaking loudly.

「They are Lord Mash and Lady Elle! 」

「Lord Mash! How handsome you became! 」

「Ah, Lady Elle is a beauty! 」

Mash spoke closely to Lagos to hide his embarrassment and envy from the dragon people.

「Hey. Why are Elle and I completely different from these guys? 」

「Originally, we, the “Dragon Man”, are an existence between dragon and human. However, most of them have more intensity of dragon blood overflowing on their body, so their appearance becomes more prominent. In the end, they will look more like a dragon. 」

After listening to it, Seiya opened his mouth.

「In other words, if they have less blood of the dragon, it means that they are defective. 」

「Is that right…!? 」

「That’s true…!? 」

Mash and Elle looked gloomy after hearing those harsh words. When I tried to scold Seiya, Lagos laughed cheerfully.

「Oh no! On the contrary, hero! Mash and Elle are the chosen ones! The Dragon Tribe carries the fate to accomplish great feats, and we, normal dragons, cannot achieve those feats! 」

「What does that mean? 」

Mash asked that question but Lagos shook his head.

「It is better for you to listen directly to what the Dragon Mother has to say. 」

After Lagos spoke, Elle asked the following.

「Excuse me, Mister Lagos. Could it be that Mash and I still have family in here? For example, my father or mother… 」

Lagos was quiet for a while before answering.

「It’s a hard story to tell, in fact…Lord Mash and Lady Elle’s parents passed away around ten years ago because of a serious plague that spread throughout our village. I heard that all of your relatives and friends also caught up with the disease during that time… 」

「I…I see. 」

「Elle…Are you okay? 」

「Sure! It’s sad to hear about what happened to them. But I have Mash with me, so I’m fine」

Lagos smiled at a confident Elle.

「All of the dragon people think of you as family. Besides, the Dragon Mother is like a mother to all of us. We were all looking forward to see you again. 」

「Is that so!! I also wanted to meet all of you!! 」

Elle smiled innocently.

The Dragon Mother…The mother of the Dragon Tribe. Maybe she is noble and gentle just like Great Goddess Isister is to me?

Guided by Lagos, we arrived at a magnificent temple no less grand than the God’s realm own large temple.

We walked through a long red carpet. At the end, the Dragon Mother was sitting on a throne surrounded by followers of the Dragon Tribe.

I was curious to see the appearance of the mother of all dragons. Therefore, I slowly raised my head to have a look at her.

「You finally came, Mash and Elle. Also, welcome hero and goddess as well. I am the Dragon Mother who governs over the Dragon Village. 」

When I heard her voice, I felt that this dragon was certainly a noble. She was wearing an expensive-looking necklace on her neck, and a colored dress that she grabbed on its hem. However, when I looked closely, beneath that dress was a reptile with orangey skin, with emotionless cold eyes and protuberant nose and mouth.

The Dragon Mother was also a big lizard just like the rest of the dragon people.

Whoa…She is totally different from the Great Goddess Isister. She’s not pretty and she’s far from being pleasant…

Suddenly, I had a very bad feeling and I turned my eyes away from the Dragon Mother and looked immediately at Seiya. I was right about my ominous feeling because Seiya looked at the Dragon Mother as if he was looking at something dirty.

「It’s grotesque. 」

*screams loudly*

I screamed aloud, and it seemed that the Dragon Mother did not hear Seiya’s rude words.

「Hmm? What did you say? 」

「About that, you see…What the hero said just know was…Yes! He said that you had an atmosphere reminiscent of a “Basilisk”! 」

「*laughs* Basilisk you say. I am far from being a snake. 」

「Yes, that’s right! *laughs nervously* 」

After somehow saving the situation, I angrily glared at Seiya. I hope that he won’t say more unnecessary things. The Dragon Mother rolled her reptile eyes and had a serious look on her face.

「To important matters now…The threatening situation is imminent. The late Dragon Emperor predicted a hundred years ago that the evil forces would swallow this world. The Demon King keeps invading the Alfreis continent and he has started to conquer the north of that region. 」

I spoke without hesitation after hearing the Dragon Mother’s concerned words.

「Alfreis continent…! The castle of the Demon King is in that region…! 」

I was thinking about a plan to destroy the castle for a while now.

「Once we know the exact location of the Demon King’s castle, it will be annihilated if Seiya’s Meteor Strike clashes on that particularly area, am I right!?」

However, the Dragon Mother shook her head negatively.

「It’s useless. A protection barrier surrounds that huge castle. Any attacks coming from outside will be reflected on the opposite direction. It means that if you strike the castle with that meteorite magic, it will be reflected back to its operator. 」

Is that so…Then, it means that it won’t be easy to defeat the evil after all…

「But I feel relieved. That’s why Mash and Elle are here in the first place. 」

After rolling her eyes at both of them, the Dragon Mother summoned Mash.

「Mash. Come closer. 」

「Eh! Me? 」

Mash approached the throne slowly and the Dragon Mother put her hand on his head.

「I’ll show you how a dragon man can change. 」

On that moment, the Dragon Mother’s hand started to shine. At that point…

「Ma…Mash!? 」

I shouted. Mash’s face and skin was changing into an orangey color! At the same time, the outline of his body and expression changed as well…

「Wha…what!! Hey, what’s going on with me!? 」

When Mash shouted uneasily about the unexpected transformation, he had already became a fine lizard man…ah no, well, a dragon man to be precise.

「Oh my…Oh my. Who has a mirror? 」

A follower of the Dragon Mother brought a mirror for Mash and he looked closely at it.

「Whoa… 」

He lamented at his own appearance. Meanwhile, the Dragon Mother laughed.

「*giggles happily* You’re not used at being a dragon man with a true dragon figure. But listen to me, Mash. Your ability has improved considerably now, do you understand? 」

「Is that true? …Lista! Can you look at my status? 」

「Ye…Yes! I got it! 」

I took a deep breath and used my clairvoyance ability.


Level – 16

HP – 13810

MP – 0

Attack – 9210

Defense – 8770

Agility – 7900

Magic – 0

Potential rate – 57

Resistance – Fire, Ice, Poison, Paralysis

Special skills – Attack power increase (Lv 5), Dragoning (Lv 3)

Skills – Dragon Thrust, Dragon Slash

Personality – Brave

…His top level has not changed at all. However…

「Mash, it’s amazing!! You’re ten times more powerful than before!! 」

「Is that so!! But now that you mention it…I really feel an overflowing power throughout my whole body!! I feel like I can do anything now!! 」

Mash was dissatisfied with his own visual at first, but now he professed proudly at Seiya.

「Look at me, Master!! I got so strong!! 」

「Okay. But don’t get too close to me. You look like a monster now, so I might strike and kill you without hesitating. 」

「Master, that’s cruel!! 」

「Well, that sure was a surprise. But you did it well, Mash. 」

It was unusual for Seiya to praise Mash. Even so, Mash looked really pleased.

「It’s about one-thirty of my abilities. 」

I was greatly shocked by Seiya’s sudden words that gave obvious clues about his status.

「What…I’m one-thirty away from Master’s abilities…? Even though I transformed into a dragon man…? It can’t be. Seriously…? 」

Eventually, Mash returned to his human form. Seiya was indifferent to Mash as he touched his shoulder.

「That’s good. Now you can carry more of my luggage. 」

「Yes, sir. 」

He was so pleased to be ten times stronger but Seiya kept downgrading him…!! Poor thing…!! That horrible hero, to say to Mash that he was thirty times stronger than him…just how strong did he became exactly!?

Nonetheless, the Dragon Mother smiled at a dejected Mash.

「Listen, Mash. If you continue to train hard, you’ll be able to transform from “human form” to “dragon man” at ease. If you keep training, your ability value will rise even further. 」

「Re…Really!? 」

「Of course. You are the powerful chosen one from the Dragon Tribe. 」

「Okay!! I’ll do my best!! 」

As Mash was full of hope and confidence, Elle shouted out unbearably.

「Dra…Dragon Mother!! Please…do it for me as well!! 」

「No. Elle, you don’t need that. 」

「What? But…But…!! 」

The Dragon Mother rejected Elle just as Seiya did before. Elle was about to burst into tears.

Still, the Dragon Mother spoke gently to Elle.

「Don’t worry. You have a much more important role to fulfill than Mash. 」

「Is that true!? What is my role!? 」

Elle was excited to find out about her real role as her eyes shined brightly. The Dragon Mother opened her mouth wide, making her torn red and long tongue visibly to all of us, and she said the following words.

「Listen carefully, Elle. You will give up your life to become the strongest holy sword, the Egzation. 」

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