This Hero is invincible but too cautious – Volume 1 – Chapter 22

Chapter 22: Merciful

A day later. I ventured to the Temple’s courtyard and I saw Mash practicing with Celseus using wooden swords.

Mash was training hard and sweating a lot, while Celseus keep pushing him forward. Celseus plucked Mash’s wooden sword. I could see that Mash was struggling to fight back.

…Who knew that Celseus could be a reliable mentor! He’s not an idiot after all!

Celseus noticed my arrival. He talked to Mash as he redrew back his sword.

「Okay. Let’s take a break. 」

「No, I can go on for a bit longer. If you want to take a break, then do it yourself.」

「I see. But don’t overdo it. 」

Celseus left Mash swinging his sword alone, and came on my direction.

「Lista. Mash is a very strong fella. He has willpower; therefore, I believe he’ll get much stronger from now on. 」

Celseus was smiling while he kept wiping his sweat with a hand towel. It’s been a while since he spoke with a very confident expression.

「And…I’m still strong. Because of that mad hero, I was convinced that I was a weakling. But when I went face to face with Mash, I realized that I was not useless after all. I found out that I am stronger than the standard strength levels. 」

「I see. That’s good for you. 」

There he goes again. Well, but I guess it doesn’t matter that much…At least, these two seem to be doing much better than I thought they would.

I also wanted to talk with Mash, but he was so focused with his training that I didn’t want to bother him. Afterwards I ended up leaving the courtyard.

Elle was practicing with Hestica, but I was not worried at all. In reality, the one I was the most concerned about, was Seiya. However, Seiya never liked when people go inside the summoning chamber while he practices. I wanted to take a peek to see how it’s going, but I don’t think I can.

Yet, in the end I made a bento lunch meal for Seiya. As I walked to the summoning chamber, I saw Adenela sitting in a dark place between the walls of the chamber’s doors. She was sharpening her sword carefully.

「Huh? Lady Adenela? What about practice? 」

「I’m…I’m taking a break right now. Seiya is still practicing…practicing alone. 」

…Well, with her as a master, maybe Seiya will become a pupil for once. As for practicing, Seiya never liked to take breaks in the first place, so that was not surprising.

「So, how’s it going with Seiya? 」

「He is…he is very strange. He is totally different from all the heroes I met before. I was…I was a little bit surprised. Moreover… 」

「Moreover? 」

「Moreover…*laughs weirdly and crazily without stopping* 」

「Oh my, that freaked me out!! What happened!? Why did you start laughing like crazy so suddenly!? 」

「No, it’s…it’s nothing. When…when I remembered my practice with Seiya, I…I became extremely excited… 」

She remembered something and laughed crazily!? So abruptly like that!? Is this goddess really okay!?

I was worried about Seiya and on that moment, the summoning chamber’s doors unexpectedly opened. Seiya looked like his usual self as he got out of that place.

「Hey, Adenela. Stop your break. I want to continue practice as soon as possible.」

「I’m…I’m coming… 」

Adenela seemed to be having fun; she jumped over and went straight away to the room. As soon as Adenela entered the summoning chamber, the doors closed.

「…Ah. 」

I realized that I didn’t give the bento lunch meal to Seiya. As usual, I ended up putting the bento through the gap at the bottom of the door.

…Just now, Seiya didn’t seem unusual. I wonder if I worried for nothing…

The second day. At noon.

I was feeling hungry, so I went to the dining hall. When I arrived, I was perplexed to find two familiar faces sitting side by side.

I saw Mash and Seiya sitting on the same table in the dining hall. Mash was eating a slice of bread and Seiya was drinking water from a cup.

「What!? That’s rare!! Seiya, who would have thought you would be in a place like this!! 」

Seiya looked at me and spoke as if it was troublesome.

「Earlier, this brat came to the summoning chamber to speak with me. He said “I want to meet you during lunchtime”. That’s why I didn’t have another choice but to come here. 」

「Mash, Is that so? 」

「Well, I wanted to spend some time with my Master… 」

Mash, you really are obsessed with Seiya. Well, he ended up being saved by Seiya, so I sort of understand his gratitude feeling.

「Master has been teaching me how to have the proper attitude during a battle.」

「Eh! And what kind of attitude is that? 」

The moment I sat down, Seiya stood up.

「It’s time for me to go. Adenela is waiting. 」

What’s wrong with him. That’s unfair. I just wanted to chat with him for a little bit…

Mash thanked Seiya while I tried to speak with him before he went away.

「Listen, Seiya! How about we return to Geabrande tomorrow! 」

If we include tomorrow as well, it has been only three days since we’ve returned here. I don’t think he can learn Adenela’s skills in such short period of time. However, if we stay too long in the God’s realm, Isister will summon me again to discuss this issue. I keep getting worried about my decision to let everyone stay here and practice.

「I’m sorry. But I’m worried about Geabrande. We could go to the Dragon’s Cave, get the strongest weapon and return here for you to practice with it.」

However, Seiya replied to me without turning back.

「Well, if I have tomorrow’s day, then it might be enough. 」

「Enough you say? 」

Seiya continued to walk and left the dining hall.

If he completes his training tomorrow, then that means that it will be possible to go to Geabrande immediately.

Mash and I were the ones left behind. I sat right next to Mash and asked him.

「Hey, about the story we were talking before. What kind of attitude for battle did Seiya taught you? 」

Then, Mash’s eyes started shining brightly.

「Master’s ideas are really something else! Pay attention, Lista! For example, how to walk in the field he said, “Always be careful while walking in a field because there might be monsters around. Look at your right, then look at your left, look up and look down, then watch your back, and start to look at your right again. Keep walking while looking at all sides endlessly.”」

「Excuse me…but walking like that without stopping…? If you turn your eyes and head constantly, won’t you feel nauseous…? 」

「Is that so? It might take time, but it would mean that I’m safe, right? But I was most impressed by Master’s second advice, “Doubt everything you see. Even your parents and siblings might be enemies as well”…Ah, I feel so enlighten! 」

Eh. What? These were only paranoid advices.

Still, Mash was laughing satisfied.

「But, Lista! The best part about all of this came afterwards!! Master said to me the following words, “Keep it in mind Mash. I also doubt you too”!! It was so cool, right? 」

「No, why didn’t you get angry with him!? 」

「Angry? Why? 」

「Well…Mash, if you’re okay with that, then it’s fine… 」

I took a small sigh as I saw Mash eating his bread so enjoyably.

…Ah…one follower of the delusional hero has increased…

During the night. While I was bringing dinner to Seiya, I saw Adenela stepping out of the summoning chamber. I thought it was the perfect timing.

「Ah! Lady…Adenela…? 」

I was going to ask about the practice, but I stopped midways. It was because I became astonished by Adenela’s new appearance. Her tattered clothes changed to a pure white dress, while her unkempt hair was beautifully styled.

「What happened! Why are you looking so fashionable? 」

Adenela’s cheeks became red.

「Because…Because it was embarrassing to be badly dressed in…in front of Seiya… 」

Oh no!! Don’t tell me that she fell in love with Seiya!? When Aria speaks with Seiya, her way of talking is strange as well…that man is a goddess’ womanizer!! Does he have a special skill called “Goddess Charm”?

Nevertheless, as soon as I was reminded of Seiya’s true personality, I touched a timid Adenela’s shoulder.

「Lady Adenela!? Please, get a grip of yourself!! 」

「Yes…yes… 」

「Okay, don’t forget to teach your “gunshot sword” properly to Seiya. Anyways, I’ll return here tomorrow, so see you until then. 」

「“Gunshot sword”?  To Seiya…Seiya, I finally remembered. 」

「*looks extremely stunned* What!? No way!! I just said that as a reminder, but you truly forgot about that important task!? Seiya has to learn the technique that exceeds the range of human senses, right!? 」

「Yes. But, Seiya…Seiya already learnt that technique. Ah, he is a genius. He “listens to one and learns more than ten”. I’m…I’m the only one who…who got the privilege to witness that. Besides that… 」

Adenela turned her eyes up to the ceiling as if she was admiring something. Suddenly, she opened her mouth and she was drooling with excitement.

「*laughs weirdly* Really…really…it was really the…the best…! *continues to laugh weirdly*」

This is bad!! I have a horrible feeling about this!!

When I saw Adenela crazily state of mind, I was determined to return to Geabrande tomorrow.

The third day.

It was morning in the God’s realm but I had decided to leave early in the afternoon to Geabrande.

I informed the three of them about my decision in advance. When I arrived in the courtyard, I saw Mash thanking Celseus.

「Thanks, Mister! Thanks to you, I feel like I’ve become much more stronger! 」

「No, it’s me who needs to thank! Because thanks to you, I was able to escape from that nightmarish mad hero ! 」

Both of them exchanged a heartfelt handshake.

What’s going on with this scene in front of my eyes. It seemed as if they had lots of fun practicing with each other.

I looked at Mash and I activated my clairvoyance skill to see his renewed ability status…


Level – 16

HP – 1381

MP – 0

Attack – 921

Defense – 877

Agility – 790

Magic – 0

Potential rate – 47

Resistance – Fire, Ice, Poison, Paralysis

Special skills – Attack power increase (Lv 5)

Skills – Dragon Thrust, Dragon Slash

Personality – Brave

…What!? He greatly leveled up!! His HP also exceeds 1000!? His current level will allow him to defeat monsters with ease!! Is Mash a good pupil? Or is Celseus who’s great at teaching?

After lowering my head to Celseus, I took Mash with me and we headed to the water-mirror pond, where Elle was with Hestica.

When we arrived at the pond, we saw Elle standing alone at one side of the pond. This was the first day I saw Elle since she started practicing with Hestica. I also informed Elle that we would be returning to Geabrande today.

Mash cheerfully called her name.

「Hey! Elle! 」

「Ah…Mash. 」

「Good morning, Elle! Are you ready? 」

「Ye…Yes! 」

She looked at Mash and I, and smiled. However, I felt that her smile was a bit awkward.

I secretly used clairvoyance to see Elle’s status…


Level – 8

HP – 384

MP – 220

Attack – 101

Defense – 172

Agility – 88

Magic – 196

Potential rate – 38

Resistance – Fire, Water, Lightening

Special skills – Fire Magic (Lv 4)

Skills – Fire Arrow

Personality – Bright

…What’s going on? Her status didn’t change that much, am I wrong?

On that moment, someone touched my shoulder while I was using clairvoyance. I looked back and it was Hestica. She whispered on my ear.

「Lista. Can I talk to you for a second? 」

「Su…Sure. 」

We left the two behind and we went slightly further away from the pond. Hestica was sighing continually.

「About Elle, you know…I will say it openly. That girl doesn’t have a clear sense how to use fire magic. 」

「Eh!! Is that true!? 」

「When you used clairvoyance, you understood, right? Her level is not going up at all. 」

Hestica told me the hard truth with a troubled look.

「At first, I thought my teaching method was bad. But three days later, I was convinced otherwise. That girl is not suitable for fire magic. There’s no doubt about it. 」

The painful truth made my heart ache. Hestica was also struggling to speak the harsh reality.

「Elle is a very good child. She has been practicing really hard since then. But Lista, as you know, magic has a lot to do with innate talents. One has to be born with it. It’s hard for me to say, but that girl doesn’t have it. She needs to give up on fire magic as soon as possible. I just want her well being… 」

When I headed to the pond alone, Elle came to me with an apologetic face.

「Lisutan…I’m so sorry. 」

「Eh? What’s wrong, Elle? 」

「I didn’t improve my abilities that much. I know that. So, were you and Lady Hestica talking about me, right? 」

Elle was about to cry, so I didn’t have the courage to tell her the truth. On the contrary…

「That’s not true! It is certain that your speed growth is slow, but it’s going to be okay! You will get better eventually! That’s what Lady Hestica told me just now!」

I had to encourage her with white lies. Elle was able to smile like she usually does.

「Is that so! Then, I’ll do my best! I tried various magic powers, but I could only perform fire magic properly! So I will work harder from now on! 」

「Yes! You’re right! That’s the spirit, Elle! 」

…Ah…I failed to tell her the truth…I am a useless goddess…

I really hated myself after saying those words. But at the same time, I couldn’t tell her the cruel truth. I wanted to tell her about it in the right timing. However, it was not a good time as well…

Even so, I always thought that Hestica and Elle were a good combination based on their red looks and the fire magic. Who would have thought that the result was ominous…Things went wrong…

Nevertheless, I took Mash and Elle with me and we headed together for the summoning chamber.

When we arrived, Seiya was leaning against the wall near the chamber’s doors.

「Seiya. Are you ready to leave? 」

「Yes. But it seems that Adenela has something she wants to give me. 」

Something to give? I wonder what that is?

「I have an obligation to her because of what she taught me, that’s why I’m waiting for her here, but she is taking a long time. I’ll wait one more minute, if she doesn’t show up, we’ll leave. 」

However, as soon as Seiya finished talking, Adenela was coming in our direction. She looked beautiful today as well, I also noticed that she was wearing make-up too.

Suddenly, Adenela started running and jumped into Seiya’s arms.

「What!? Lady Adenela!? What are you going!? 」

I was so astonished when Adenela hugged Seiya. She looked up at him and made an overly sweet voice.

「Seiya…Take me…Take me with you on…on your adventure… 」

「Sorry, Lady Adenela!? I am the goddess in charge of Seiya, you know!? 」

「In…In that case, I…I want to be the hero’s companion… 」

「Adenela, did you forget you’re a goddess!? You know you aren’t allowed to do that!! 」

「I…I want to stop being…being a goddess…! I want to be…to be with Seiya…Seiya forever…!」

I felt uncomfortable by her sudden confession of love. Somehow, I managed to keep a sane mind and then I gazed immediately at Seiya. However, Seiya remained silent and had his usual bored face. Then, Adenela presented a pastry box to Seiya.

「I…I want to give you my feelings! I made you a cake…cake! It…It took me five…five hours to bake! Please…receive it, Seiya…! 」

A homemade cake!! Receive…does she mean to receive her love for him!? You mustn’t accept Seiya…Ah, wait a minute!! Speaking of cakes…!!

I remembered an occasion about, let’s say, three days ago, when Celseus made a cake and presented it to Seiya, but he cruelly rejected it.

It can’t be!! Don’t tell me he has the courage to say those awful words to a girl in love!? He isn’t obliged to accept the cake but…he just needs to be careful with his words; please Seiya, be a gentleman!!

However, Seiya answered immediately.

「Inedible. I reject it. 」

He…he said it!! He doesn’t want the cake, I get it, but saying “inedible” is extremely rude!!

As expected, Adenela looked like she was “burning white” like ashes.

Seiya spoke coldly to Adenela without hesitation.

「I am grateful for the overall training. But that’s the only thing we have in common. I don’t know what it means to stay together forever. Besides, I don’t want to eat any cake. That’s all. Farewell. 」

Seiya turned around and walked through the marble corridor without even looking back at Adenela. Mash and Elle chased after Seiya in a hurry.

「*sobs weirdly* So…so that’s what he means…After all the trouble I took into making that cake, he…he doesn’t want it…*continues to sob even more weirdly*」

「Ah, Lady Adenela, please…Whoa!? 」

The moment I saw Adenela’s painful expression, I cried involuntarily as well.

It was because I saw tears of blood overflowing from Adenela’s unhappy face…

I came running over and I caught up with Seiya. I scolded him profusely.

「Wait! Don’t you feel sad for Lady Adenela!? 」

「Sad? I borrowed the help of Adenela’s power to save Geabrande. What’s wrong with that? 」

「I’m not talking about that! Why did you say terrible things to her!? You need to think of a woman’s heart for a moment! Lady Adenela was crying, you know! She was shedding tears of blood! 」

「I don’t care. It has nothing to do with me. More importantly, Lista. Open the portal. And you guys be ready to carry my luggage. 」

Seiya gave Mash and Elle backpacks full of tools.

Ah…He is so cold-hearted…I could not say anything anymore since I’m at fault too…Because, if Elle finds out that she doesn’t have any magical talent then…Ah, just thinking about that gives me horrifying goosebumps…

When we were crossing the portal for the earthly world, I heard the screams of gods from outside the temple.

「*horrified voice* Lady Adenela is striking furiously the sculpture of the courtyard with her sword!! 」

「Please, Lady Adenela, stop it!! 」

「She is disturbed! Lady Adenela totally lost her mind! Please, somebody stop her!! 」

「Even if we tried to stop her, with that insanely strength, we would be…we can’t, it’s impossible!! 」

There was a big hassle outside. However, Seiya touched his glossy black hair as if nothing serious had happened and spoke with his usual tone.

「Perfectly Ready. 」

No, that’s not what you should be saying!! How old are you to be saying childish remarks!? Ah…I don’t care anymore!! It was not my fault!!

…Seiya entered the portal dashingly while I quickly followed him , so that I could escape from the confusion in the God’s realm.

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Seiya… you shouldn’t reject a maidens heart like that… tsk, tsk our little Seiya has yet to grow into a fine man.


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