This Hero is invincible but too cautious – Volume 1 – Chapter 19

Chapter 19: Something More Frightening

Death Magra was shaking all over his body when he heard Seiya’s words.

「”Trivial things”…you say? Then, you were expecting this predicament? 」

「I assumed that there are more enemies out there than just the undead. Furthermore, it was obvious that an enemy who could use fire magic would appear sooner or later. So, I got prepared in advance. 」

「Eh…I see…so you prepared yourself in advance…」

Soon, Death Magra’s three eyes became wide open.

「You’re an idiot!! You didn’t listen to anything I said!! There’s nothing you can do because you won’t be able to defeat Dark Fires!! 」

Death Magra confidence didn’t shock Seiya while Mash was without any hope.

「Tha…that’s right…we can’t win…! Our attacks will be pointless…! That thing is…Dark Fires is unbeatable…! 」

When Mash was about to be beheaded by Death Magra, he didn’t beg for his life, instead he showed a remarkable attitude as he spoke to Seiya. But as soon as Dark Fires appeared, Mash’s vanity disappeared. He probably knows the horrors of Dark Fires.

I frustratingly bit my lips.

Even if it takes time, I will make sure to restore Mash’s fingers and eye using my healing magic. However, the wounds on his soul will not disappear for the rest of his life.

…This boy… won’t be able to be a warrior anymore…

As I held Mash’s shoulder, I felt his constant shivering.

Death Magra laughed wickedly when he heard Mash’s frightened voice.

「That’s right!! It’s impossible to defeat Dark Fires!! Even if you prepared in advance, you won’t be able to win this fight!! 」

The enemy’s devilish loud voice echoed throughout the dim room. Nevertheless, Seiya’s unchanging voice interrupted that crazy laugh.

「I’m not somewhat prepared. 」

He gazed at Death Magra to provoke him.

「I’m Perfectly Ready. 」

When I heard Seiya’s usual confident voice…I thought of a solution.

…One…Just one…I hope there is at least one-way to heal Mash’s soul wounds…!

I strongly embraced Mash. He was shivering continuously as I whispered on his ear.

「Listen carefully Mash. There are more frightening things in the world than just Death Magra and Dark Fires… 」

…I felt worried. Because, when we thought about the reality of this situation, we could only feel despair. If we have any common sense, then it’s pretty obvious that we cannot defeat such monster. However, Seiya is… this overly cautious hero is looking like his usual bored self.

He said “Perfectly Ready”! If so then…I will believe in him! This is the hero I chose after all!

「Eh!! I will make you bleed from that irritable cheeky face now!! 」

Death Magra was screaming fearlessly. Meanwhile, Dark Fires had a change in his appearance.

Dark Fires had a human silhouette without eyes and nose, but the lower half of its face – the place where it’s supposed to have a mouth – suddenly became wide open. His “mouth” was filled with the same black flames.

Death Magra smiled as he looked past Seiya at Mash and I.

「Once the “Deadly Flame” is ignited from his mouth, it won’t disappear until the opponent is burnt to death!! Listen well, hero!! If you avoid the blasting flame, those behind you will get caught by the fire!! Even if your goddess won’t die, that brat will become completely scorched!! 」

…This is bad!! How dare he!! He put Seiya in a tough spot!!

Even so, Seiya didn’t seem to be angry at me for staying behind his back and he didn’t show any signs of panicking.

「Ignite you say. However, that technique will never see the daylight, because I will attack you before that happens. 」

Seiya lowered his waist as he put his sword in the sheath.

「*looking unimpressed* You’re attacking, huh? Then, Dark Fires… 」

Before Death Magra ordered Dark Fires to throw the Deadly Flame, Seiya quickly pulled his right hand.

「So, so fast!? What is that speed!? 」

Death Magra started to groan. Seiya moved at an insane speed and before I knew it, he was standing right next to the Dark Fires with his right hand on its abdomen!

It was a hand-palm attack…! But it was not just a regular attack! The moment he hit his palm on Dark Fires’ abdomen, all of its body and the surrounding environment started to vibrate!

…that was…”vibration wave”…!!

A technique like “vibration wave” is used to temporarily halt the enemy’s movements. However, there seems to be no change in the movements of Dark Fires. Yet, there was another effect. The molecular structure of Dark Fires was disturbed, therefore, the black flames surrounding that monster gradually became like regular red flames.

Death Magra started yelling.

「You used “vibration wave” just now!? That’s impossible!! You’re a swordsman, right!? How can you use a skill that’s impossible for you to use!? 」

「…if my sword was sealed, then what I have left are my own fists. Well, it should be no problem for me to use that skill since I’ve mastered it before.」

「Swordsmen usually don’t go lengths to achieve that skill!! 」

「I don’t see myself as a swordsman. Therefore, don’t judge me by looking only to my sword. It would be meaningless just to use a sword, since there are enemies like you that swords won’t be effective, besides that, a sword is a tool that can break during battles. Moreover, if you think carefully about it, there were cases where the enemy stole the swords and other cases where the swords melted, oxidized or had insects eat them. 」

Death Magra and I were both speechless at Seiya’s words.

His reasoning is a bit irrational as always!! I don’t think that insects could eat swords…whatever, he is doing nice so far!!

Even so, Death Magra looked astonished when he saw that Seiya could use “vibration wave”. At that, I thought that “maybe”…

Maybe it was because Seiya hit horse-Celseus continually during his training in the God’s realm! That means he was not bullying him, instead he was training his fists! I’m glad! I’m truly relieved! So, that training was useful in many ways!

「You must be excessively cautious, I see!! But now is the moment to fight back!! You won’t have another chance!! There is no way that fire magic users could activate ice magic as well!! …Let’s go!! Let’s destroy them!! Dark Fires!! 」

*looking surprised* I was startled. I thought that Dark Fires would attack using flames with his mouth; instead, he attacked Seiya with both fists!

「I’ve just been wary of “Deadly Flame”!! Who knew that Dark Fires’ fists were a strong weapon with a very high-temperature!! If it touches me, I will get burnt!!」

「Se…Seiya!? 」

Seiya nearly dodged the fists attacks from Dark Fires! But on that moment, Seiya turned his left fist against that monster!

「You idiot!! You want to prevent Dark Fires’ fists with your own human fists!? *laughs* Your arms will evaporate immediately!! 」

Seiya’s left fist collided with Dark Fires’ temporarily materialized fist.  On that moment, a huge collision sound echoed in the whole area and I closed my eyes for a moment due to the massive aftermath shock wave.

…after that…I slowly opened my eyes and…I saw both fists still clashing.

Seiya’s fist did not change. On the other hand, Dark Fires’ fist and arm…made a weird loud sound and gradually became blue and transparent!

Dark Fires is…being frozen!?

That physical change went from the arm to the chest, abdomen and eventually, it spread throughout the whole body. Dark Fires body color went from red to blue in an instant.

「Ice magic!? That’s impossible, literally impossible!! It can’t be!! Fire magic and ice magic are polar opposites!! There is no way you can handle these two types of magic at the same time!! 」

I don’t even know how to explain this. What Death Magra was saying is correct. Different magic power attributes cannot be used at the same time. The magical theory proved before that this practice can’t be overturned.

…then, why!?

I looked at Seiya’s arm and I noticed something.

Seiya was using a bracelet that I never seen before on his arm! Death Magra seemed to notice the bracelet too and started shouting.

「It can’t be, that is…that is a tool who specializes in ice attributes!? 」

A bracelet with ice attributes!! I understand it now!! It can reproduce the same effects used in magic enchantment!! Still, that’s a very rare item, I’m sure that it’s not found in regular weaponry and item shops!! Where did he found it…!? Ah…

「Synthesis!! You made it by using synthesis, right Seiya!? 」

When he heard my voice, Seiya nodded positively.

「That’s amazing!! But that’s a very rare item, what kind of synthetization did you use!?」

「I joined “ice” on a “regular bracelet”…after that, I used a “goddess’ curly hair” to finish the process. And so, I made it. 」

「…What. 」

I was so shocked that my face became petrified.

How dare he!! This is so embarrassing!! But it’s okay for now!! If my curly hair can be useful on times like this, then I’ll just have to ignore his rude actions!!

「By the way, there are more. 」

「What…? 」

Like a magician, Seiya took from his pocket a large number of bracelets.

「I made bracelets with thunder attributes, light attributes and with dark magic attributes…Of course, I made some extras as well. I used all of your curly hair in these and it worked. 」

When will he stop talking!? Besides, just how much of my hair was laying down in my room!? I feel so embarrassed right now that makes me want to die!?

Nonetheless, let’s leave this unfortunate talk for later. We need to concentrate on Dark Fires.

It looks like it is frozen due to the bracelet’s effect, but it should not take long to get rid of the ice. The whole body solidified and materialized. In other words…

「You can do it Seiya!! You can use your physical attacks now!! 」

I rejoiced at the second miracle, and Death Magra, on the contrary, was looking horrified.

「No way, it’s impossible!! Don’t tell me that you also have an attack power that exceeds the defense power of Dark Fires!? 」

However, unexpected words came out of Seiya’s mouth.

「Unfortunately, I don’t have that attack power. Average attacks wouldn’t even hurt Dark Fires. 」

「*looking shocked* What!? 」

I felt like I’ve been plunged from heaven to hell while Death Magra showed signs of relief.

Yet, Seiya spoke indifferently as if nothing happened.

「But that’s no problem. Usually, it would be customary to use fire attacks on enemies who were materialized with ice. However, even with Phoenix Drive, it would be hard to break that thing’s defense power. If that’s the case, then…」

Seiya stepped back and took some distance from the Dark Fires.

Death Magra sensed the predicament and started yelling.

「This is bad!! He is trying to do something!! Dark Fires!! Start moving now!! We need to stop the upcoming attack!! 」

Nevertheless, Seiya had already taken out his sword from the sheath. When I looked closely at it, I saw crimson flames engulfed in the platinum sword, becoming a platinum blade with high offensive power.

Dark Fires was trying to move away from Seiya just as Death Magra instructed…

「…It’s too late. 」

In a second, Seiya drew his fire sword and rushed to attack Dark Fires.

As soon as both collided, a tremendous aftershock shook the entire room. Dark Fires tried to grab Seiya…But both arms stopped moving before it even touched Seiya. That’s because Seiya’s sword pierced through the chest of Dark Fires.

「A burning straightforward strike…”Phoenix Thrust”…! 」

On that moment, we heard a cracking sound! As the sword pierced through the chest of Dark Fires it made a sound similar to ice smashing! That cracking sound soon spread throughout Dark Fires’ entire body!

When Seiya placed his sword in the sheath, the body of Dark Fires exploded with fire and was shattered into pieces.

「He did it…!! He won…!! 」

While I was overjoyed, I noticed that Mash was holding my arms tight.

「What was that…! What’s going on here…! I thought it was 0% chances of winning…! How…how…how could he beat a monster like that…! 」

Mash was still trembling. Yet, it was different from the constant shivers he had when he was frightened before. His face was reddish and one eye was firmly opened so that he could see the hero who killed the monster who made him so terrified.

I was extremely excited that I showed to an incredulous Death Magra my middle finger. (EN: Nice)

「See that!? That hero’s talent is one in a hundred million people!! Serves you right!! 」

「It can’t be…It can’t be…!! 」

Death Magra was shaking incessantly.

「You said that I was an idiot!? But the idiot is you!! You didn’t manage to foresee this strategy beforehand!! 」

Seiya mumbled while I fixed my hair.

「Well, I immediately arrived at the correct answer without any help. 」

「Yes!! That’s right!! Seiya is the perfect and strongest hero!! 」

I was in a good mood that I kept smiling happily. Yet, Seiya was looking at Death Magra with an emotionless expression.

「Okay…I’ll eradicate the remaining fragments. I need to make sure I’ll clean this room properly enough so that Dark Fires won’t be revived again… 」

「Alright, alright! But wait a bit please! 」

…Mash and I ran out of the torture room while Death Magra’s screams of despair echoed in my ears.

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