This Hero is invincible but too cautious – Volume 1 – Chapter 15

Chapter 15: 1 against 10 000

I was flying at a full speed and in an instant, I could see Seiya’s silhouette from the distance. It seems that my flying skill is not that rusty. In fact, when I saw Seiya’s status the last time, his “Flight” ability level was not that high. Currently, my flying ability is at level 14. If I convert to hours, I can fly at 60 to 80 kilometers p/hour.

I caught up with Seiya immediately.

「I got you!! 」

…I tried to catch him from behind but he managed to avoid me.

Darn it! His reaction was so perfect that it seemed that he had an eye attached on his back.

「So, you followed me. I said I didn’t need you… 」

「Huh! What’s up with the “didn’t need you”! Watch your own mouth, okay? I am much better than you in the sky! If you try to get smart on me, I will make you fall to the ground! 」

I’m sure he might be astonished by my feat, yet Seiya murmurs indifferently.

「We are flying at normal speed. I’ll fly seriously now. 」

In that instant, Seiya’s body suddenly disappeared.

「What… 」

When I noticed, he was further ahead of me, maybe around ten meters in the distance.

That’s quick!! When did he…!? Curse you!!

I made my wings get bigger to chase after Seiya. I won’t lose against him in flying. I have beautiful wings while Seiya has no wings and only floats in the air. I can’t be defeated that easily.

However…he truly is fast! I am already at my MAX speed, but it looks like I am getting further and further away from him!

I won’t lose to someone like him!! Here I go!! Full “Megamic Power” initiated!! I’m using all of my power on my wings… *excruciating pain* My back hurts!! I feel like my wings are breaking apart!! Listen to yourself Listarte, endure, endure a bit more!! I’m a fine goddess!!

My back and my wings are aching so much; still Seiya’s appearance totally disappeared from my sight.

I was so exhausted that I stopped in mid-air because I was out of breath.

…I even asked permission to the Special Measures Act… and yet, the power I was granted with couldn’t win against him…

I was feeling depressed and when I looked up; there was Seiya right in front of me.

「That’s why I told you that “I don’t want you”. You’re so annoying. Okay then, let’s go. 」

Seiya grabbed my wrist, he took off and we flew together.

…I was so angry when we left. His serious sickness has been irritating me for quite a while now. It may be sudden, but I was somehow relieved to finally see some kindness because in the end he waited for me; I could feel the warmth that surrounded my wrist and the enthralling sight in front of me that kept flying ahead.

After all, when we see this guy from a close distance, he certainly looks cool!! *laughs timidly* And he keeps holding my hand tight, wait, this seems…like a date!!

Then, Seiya looked back at me.

「Hey, Lista. 」

What is this!? Seiya called me by my name!? All this time he has been calling me “you” or “hey”!!

「Ye…Yes? 」

My heart was pounding.

The air is so dense now!! I mean, we can’t even see the ground anymore!! Don’t tell me that Seiya will try to do naughty things to me up here!? No, we can’t, no!! A love between a goddess and a human being is a forbidden matter!! But…I wonder if only a little bit can be allowed? Well, if it’s only a little kiss, there should be no problem, right? That should be plenty enough? So, he is going to kiss me? Or maybe I should be the one doing it first?

After Seiya spoke to me and I realized my delusion.

「Let’s speed up 」

「…Sorry? 」

Soon, I felt power running through my hand! Seiya flew at a tremendous speed and I felt that power go throughout my body as well!


There’s a lot of air coming inside my mouth. I cannot even breathe properly. I can’t look at myself at the moment, but I have a guess. I’m sure my face looks outrageous.

Yet, I could sense that Seiya was fine while flying at this horrendous speed, while I am the one being dragged behind. To make it easier to understand, for example, Seiya looks like he is sitting comfortably inside a jet’s cockpit, and I feel like I am the one tied with a rope outside the same jet.

I was being attacked by the massive gravitational acceleration, and not before long…I realized my ridiculous appearance. The top of my favorite white dress abruptly opened, and one of my breasts were in plain sight for the whole world to see.

「*shouts panicking* Stop it right now!! I have my breasts out of my clothes!! 」

However, he didn’t stop. I was trying to cover my breasts with my arms as he kept flying ahead.

…ten minutes later, Seiya finally slowed down his speed.

I finally managed to cover myself up and I spoke exhaustingly.

「I…I thought I was going to die…!! 」

「What? But goddesses don’t die, right? 」

Having said that, Seiya started observing my horrible appearance, my unkempt hair, runny nose, my ugly face and my messy clothes.

「You…had this visual before? 」

「Whose fault do you think it is; you made me became like this! Just look at me!! Even my Lista Wings are tattered!? Did you not see that I was getting undressed while flying at that ridiculous speed!? 」

「You can cure yourself with your recovery magic. More importantly, you need to speak quieter. What if they happen to hear us here? 」

I was so angry that I wanted to shout 「Ah!? 」, but on that moment I saw something from the distance and I immediately closed my mouth. It was because I saw the large army of the undead marching through the vast plains of Geabrande.

We were about 200 meters above the ground, so the army looked like small ants marching. But my eyesight is better than ordinary humans, so I could clearly see the whole scenario. The army of the undead consisted mostly of zombies and skeleton knights.  They walked slowly, heading south without ever stopping.

「What are you planning to do? Don’t tell me, you’re thinking in going there right now…? 」

Seiya did not answer and pulled my arm again.

「I am going higher. 」

「What!? You’re flying again!? 」

We started to fly higher and higher into the sky. When I looked down, the large army of the undead became smaller and smaller, and at the same time I started to feel a bit suffocated.

We came to an altitude of hundreds of meters away from the ground. When Seiya finally stopped flying, the large army of the undead was only seen from above as a black mass moving in an inverted triangle.

「I wonder if they are marching that way because of their devil lord. It looks spectacular and stupid at the same time. To avoid taking risks, I will disperse that mass. Even if I started bombing from here, there won’t be any problem since there are one else in the surroundings. 」

「That’s true. However, about the bombing you mention, that’s from your world, right Seiya? There are no fighters who specialize in bombs in this world, right? 」

「That’s why I need to have a similar power to replace it. 」

Then, Seiya held his hands towards the heavens and slowly closed his eyes.

「…be quiet for a while. 」

It only took one minute. Suddenly, my eyesight became surrounded by a large shadow.

What? A shadow in the sky?

I was so astonished about what I was seeing that I forgot to fly and was about to fall. A huge object was floating above my head and it started emitting a bright light.

「What’s that!? 」

「“Meteor Strike”…! 」

On that moment I was almost speechless…that huge object was turning in the direction of the mass in the ground…we are still hundred meters above the sky, but it might be possible to strike.

「That’s a small meteorite with a radius of only ten meters, but the energy that overflows that thing is enormous and if it falls at a high speed it will be catastrophic. Maybe we can annihilate them all at once. 」

Before I knew, the meteorite emitting large amounts of energy collided with the large army of the undead marching in an inverted triangle.

In a second, a loud roar came from the ground!! A massive explosion erupted in huge flames!!

It felt more like a bomb than the collision of a meteorite. That attack had a tremendous amount of firepower, because when it hit the ground, the surrounding green plains transformed in a fiery hell.

「I adjusted the collision of the meteorite in the area where the undead were standing. However, the falling speed increased, making the meteorite disintegrate from the explosion caused by the collision with the earth’s surface. At least a radius of one-kilometer from the collision point became a burning field. 」

「Amazing…!! 」

I was only able to say one word, because the “ocean” of fire that spread in front of my eyes was overwhelming. I can’t believe that only one man annihilated an army of ten thousands! Only a High Wizard would have been able to change the orbit of a meteorite and aim at the ideal location; this accomplishment could only be achieved by powerful sky magic!

「Well, this is a powerful but limited magic. It can only be used when no one else is present, and besides that, it requires time to fully activate it and I need to have enough concentration while I do it. In fact, it’s useless because I can’t use this power that often. 」

「But where did you learn this remarkable magic? 」

「When I was beating Celseus’s mouth with an octopus, a vision came into my mind. And that was the Meteor Strike. 」

It was during that time…! He trained with a swordsman god and instead he learnt a power that doesn’t involve swords at all…!? Well, I guess it doesn’t matter much…!! Even so…

I looked at the scorched grasslands once again and my mind started drifting.

I was sad for Mash and Elle, but it is true that their levels are too different from Seiya’s. To be honest, Geabrande can be saved with just this man alone.

「I think more than ninety percent were annihilated, but I’m still worried…maybe I’ll strike them one more time just to be sure. 」

Without hesitation, I saw Seiya holding his hands together to create another Meteor Strike and I became speechless.

*laughs* Amazing! That’s too great to be true! If the one of the Demon Lord’s generals Death Magra was nearby, I am sure he would be caught in the explosion in no time! His personality is a problem, but his talent is one in a hundred million people! If he could use this Meteor Strike power on the Devil’s Castle, then Geabrande would be saved immediately, right!? Ah! It became an easy victory!!

At that moment, I was so overwhelmed by Seiya’s power that I temporarily forgot about the true situation of this place.

That’s right, Geabrande is a world with an S-rank salvation difficulty.

Soon after, I was reminded of this dire situation…

…through a sad sacrifice

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