This Hero is invincible but too cautious – Volume 1 – Chapter 4

Chapter 4: The First Monster

We got good equipment such as weapons and armors, as well as great quality items; we ventured out of town and started exploring the surrounding areas, and of course, for Seiya to start fighting monsters.

「Nothing wrong…」 Even though he seemed annoyed and reluctant, he let go of his pride to help Nina. After that, he didn’t complain at all and just followed me.

Finally, we spotted something.

Right in front of us there was this little light-blue creature, trembling repeatedly in the middle of the grass area.

「Seiya, look! That’s a monster! 」

「Oh, that’s a strange creature. I wonder if it got genetically manipulated?」

「It’s a monster called Slime! Have you not seen this monster on games? 」

I was a bit surprised to see Seiya shook his head as if he never seen one before.

He doesn’t know what a Slime is…even though he is Japanese.

「That’s okay, Seiya. Slime is a monster that will immediately attack if he sees a human. If he touches a human skin, it will be troublesome because he contains a toxic mucus that melts the skin, but if you shake it off right away, there should be no problem. Besides, he is not very strong so even an inexperience human can defeat this…monster, what…? 」

My eyes became wide open. Seiya pulled his sword out of the scabbard and slowly breathed out the following “Kohhh”. The sword responded to Seiya voice and started gleaming furiously with power. The surrounding area was vibrating, even the air felt heavy.

「Come…! Atomic Split Slash…! 」

As he said those words, Seiya aimed at the Slime and slashed.

A huge shock wave and roar came from that explosion. The Slime standing on that spot was immediately torn to pieces.

「What!? 」

My hair became a mess after that massive wind blowing; and I shouted at Seiya.

「What are you doing! You are overdoing it; it’s just a Slime. 」

However, Seiya observed the spot where he stroke the Slime and started looking seriously at his left hand, the one without the sword.

「Not enough…! He might be still alive…! 」

On his left hand, he summoned the crimson flames.

「Hell’s Fire…! 」

He fired the magical flame to the area where Slime was standing still, but the slime was long gone, there weren’t even traces of it. The grass area became a scorched wasteland without traces of life.

「That Slime was gone already!! 」

Nonetheless, Seiya didn’t hear anything I shouted.

「No…not yet…! I’m not sure yet… 」

He held his sword once again.

What? He certainly used two special skills right now!! Just what is he trying to do next!?

He slowly breathed the “Kohhh” sound again. The sword started to glow and the air to vibrate.

「Atomic Split Slash!! 」

「That is a huge Atomic Split Slash!? 」

Again, a rumbling roar spread the surrounding areas. Emitted a gigantic explosion and the earth trembled. There was soil cracks everywhere. My blonde hair was blown away yet again by the strong wind.

…after a while, I was looking at a big crater on the ground; it looked like a meteorite fell down there.

I shouted at this silly hero, who seemed like nothing happened at all.

「Just one simple attack would finish the Slime, you know!? The first atomic spell was enough to make that Slime to dust, did you not see it!? 」

「I can’t let my guard down. 」

「Seiya!! There is a limit to everything!! Did you know you have the ability to see your opponent’s skills!? Have you seen that Slime’s status!? 」

「I saw it for a brief moment. Both his attack and defense skills were single digits. 」

「Then, you don’t have to go that far just to defeat a weak monster like that!」

「I think there is more information that we can’t see. 」

「No, you have to be more confident of yourself!! 」

I took a deep breath as I fixed my hair.

「Anyways…now, you can be a little more confident, okay? See? You are very strong. Now, let’s head to the next town. From what the Great Goddess said, there is someone waiting us there.」

I gave a pat on Seiya’s shoulder, and shrugged my shoulders. Suddenly, my body started to shiver from head to toe by an evil aura that appeared so suddenly.

「Wha…What’s this? 」

Far away, we saw a woman slowly walking towards us. A black-haired woman approached us, resembling features of a raven, wearing a revealing two-piece black outfit and carrying a large heavy sword on one hand. She looked like a female warrior at first glance. But, the evil aura surrounding her proved that she was not a human being.

The woman showed a bewitching smile at Seiya.

「That was a tremendous sword power. It’s a very strong power you have there. 」

「Who…are you? 」

I answered instead of Seiya and this woman looked both at us and said.

「You could say I’m a “Goddess” from another kind of dimension. Nice to meet you. I’m one of the four Generals of the Demon Lord’s army , my name is Chaos Makina.」

My body was trembling by what this woman declared.

No way! It’s impossible! No one told me that this town had a demon from the devil army!! The Great Goddess Isister said to me that this was a good safe place to start with; just what happened!?

However, what this devil woman said was true; no denying it after sensing that evil aura.

I felt frustration and apprehension to meet this Chaos Makina, a dark being from the Great Demon Kingdom, who was smiling continuously.

「Are you surprised? Our Demon Lord was sensing the arrival of a hero to this specific place. But I couldn’t foresee your exact location. I had to think about it…if you first summoned a hero here, you’ll start fighting with weak monsters, right? Therefore, I was visiting the surrounding villages and towns, and thus ended up on this particular town. 」

This Chaos Makina was looking quite amused. Instead, I shivered in fear.

So, this is what they meant as Geabrande S-rank salvation difficulty! I had no idea this kind of difficulty was lurking around this world.

「My Lord has been quite wary of this kind of hero. Even so, I thought I did not have to worry that much. But…but, I sensed this strong force. You are a very skillful Hero with many hidden abilities. Sorry about this, but you must finish your opponents promptly. 」

When Chaos Makina showed her red tongue as if having a great amusement, she drew her sword right at us.

This is bad!! It looks like there will be a battle here!!

I beckoned the “skill clairvoyance” with Seiya, so that we could be able to see the opponent ability status…and…I felt despair.

Chaos Makina

Level – 66

HP – 3877

MP – 108

Attack – 887

Defense – 845

Agility – 951

Magic – 444

Potential – 653

Resistance – Water, Wind

Special skills – Devil Sword (Lv 15)

Skills – Demonic Curse

Personality – Cruelty

Wha…what is this!! You’re not supposed to meet a strong opponent status so early on!!

「Se…Seiya…! 」

At the sight of this frightening enemy, I sought for Seiya’s help.

However…Seiya was suddenly missing.

「What!? 」

I said that with a shaking voice. I looked around and I saw Seiya running like a rabbit way further ahead.

「Wa…wait!? Don’t run away and leave me behind, ah!! 」

I screamed as I started to run after Seiya. I heard Chaos Makina’s sinister laugh behind my back.

「Oh my, oh my! You are a brave hero, but instead you run away and leave your Goddess behind? But, that was quite a wise decision! Ordinary humans would have not been able to handle this well. Interesting, very interesting this Hero! 」

It seems that Chaos Makina is not following us yet. I need to run will all my power; I shouted at Seiya.

「Wait, wait for me!! 」

Suddenly, Seiya stopped running and looked back at me…something came furiously behind me to strike my back.

*Sound of a furiously wind*

「What!? 」

Smoke suddenly bursts below my feet and the smoke is scattered all over the area.

「Just what happened!! 」

In a rushing moment, I heard the sound of wielding sword behind me.

I thought she was not following us yet. Before I knew it, Chaos Makina was right behind me and aimed at my head with that large sword.

「Ah! What a disappointment! Nevertheless, it was a nice call from you! 」

Chaos Makina was standing right in the middle of the smoking area. Someone took my arm. When I noticed, it was Seiya who pulled my arm. Even though I have mixed feelings about his continuously changing behavior, I thought it was rather cool.

「Listen let us retreat for now. Go get the portal open to connect with the heavenly world.」

「You are right! I understand! 」

I hastily ran with my full strength and casted the spell. The portal appeared just a few meters ahead.

 The distance from where we are to the portal is just a few steps ahead. However, the demonic voice roars from behind our backs.

「I will not let you escape!! 」

I looked back and I saw Chaos Makina jumping out of the white smoke to strike us with that sword.

「Ah! 」I screamed as I stood behind Seiya. Then, Seiya got face to face with Chaos Makina and fought back with the crimson flames.

The power emitted from the Hell’s Fire was to create a large amount of flames, which was used to distract the opponents’ attack rather than fight back.

We disappeared among the flames.

「Damn. 」

Said Chaos Makina biting her tongue.

In the meantime, we managed to open the portal and escape from that place.

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