A Wish To Grab Happiness – Volume 14 – Chapter 384

Chapter 384: Those who Kill and Those who Die

The white beam of light that came in a straight line burned everything down. It was a mass of murderous intent, and according to its master’s will, it flew straight at the skull of the magical devilish being named Drigman.

Drigman’s brain and bones scattered around, staining the sky. Parts of his eyeballs were gouged out along with the inner fluids. It was classified as a deadly strike.

However, even with that murderous intent, the white light’s ferocious attack did not end.

Heat rays fell down on Drigman one after another, crushing his limbs, torso, bone marrow, and even his nerves.

It was a tempestuous act that reminded of rough seas. Like a child throwing a tantrum and kicking the ground over and over again. A form of violence that seemed relentless.

Drigman continued to absorb that ferocity. However, while his entire body was almost carbonized, he managed to speak with his tongue and throat, which had begun to regenerate. His floating cornea caught the silhouette of the white-haired girl.

Then, he looked around and realized that the human who had swallowed his treasure earlier had disappeared. Did he get caught up in this ferocious attack, or did he escape into an underground passage? Drigman wondered for a moment, but his mind switched to a different kind of opponent.

「You, huh. That’s a nice greeting, Jewel Bar Agathos. It looks like the barbaric princess is still alive and well…」

Drigman intuitively understood it. The girl standing in front of him was no longer the somewhat timid girl he saw before. That girl had now disappeared somewhere.

Only one remained. This girl was now the infamous demonic being known as Jewel. His brethren.

Otherwise, she wouldn’t be able to use this level of power. Besides, Drigman remembered her traits. Her attacks reminded him of a huge, raging wave.

He didn’t know if she had truly awakened or if her eyes had just opened temporarily. Nonetheless, it was a fact that she stood here now, baring her fangs at Drigman himself.

Her eyes, which continued to look at Drigman with coldness, became even more ferocious. The color of the surrounding miasma got darker.

Agathos, the Jewel, answered with smooth lips.

「…That’s what I should be saying, Controller Drigman. Your face is as gloomy as ever. That alone is depressing. You’re just like the troublesome original. I wish you’d just sleep forever. That way, you and I will be a million years old. There’s nothing better than that. Will you please sleep now? I mean, forever.」

She spoke with the same loathed tongue as before. However, this nostalgic feeling made Drigman smile with his half-fleshed cheeks, which had begun to regenerate. His sharp teeth was exposed and visible.

When he looked around after the black mist cleared away, he noticed that several demonic beings and human corpses were piled on top of each other. It was probably Agathos’ doing. Everyone got caught up in her tantrum.

He moved his eyes and looked at Velg, who seemed to be safe. It seemed that some humans had also escaped. However, their escape was not relevant right now.

More than anything else, Agathos was the one whom he must deal with right now. If he did something wrong, the royal capital could become a desolate place.

Agathos opened her mouth and continued her words, as if she couldn’t endure them anymore.

「You…You tried to kill me, you bastard. You tried to crush me with your power. Am I wrong? Hey, answer me. I’ll take your silence as an affirmation. Answer me. Now! 」

Agathos couldn’t hide her frustration. She tilted her head slightly. She didn’t show any flexibility, nor did she act intelligently. It was all an emotional act.

Drigman suddenly remembered something. He hadn’t seen her for a long time, but nothing had changed from her former self. He saw her eyebrows furrowing.

He sighed. It was obvious why he exercised his power over her.

The girl who was in charge of Agathos’ physical body was clearly on the side of humans. That girl was using Jewel’s powers for her own benefit. And she didn’t act impulsively, she acted strategically.

In that case, Drigman just acted to protect his kin. Even if he didn’t die, there was a possibility that the worst outcome could occur if he let her roam free. Therefore, the best thing he could do was crush her body. That was the natural choice as a demonic person.

Drigman asked Agathos what she would do if he tried to kill her. She simply said.

「Ah, is that your answer? You’re wrong about me, Drigman. All I’m looking for is an acceptance of your actions, not an excuse. You’re a prisoner of mine now. I’m the accuser, I’m the witness, I’m the judge, and I’m the executioner. So…just say your last words.」

The questioning was over the moment Agathos finished talking. Various sharp gems danced around Agathos. They set their sights on Drigman while emitting a brilliant light.

With just one signal, those heat rays would immediately fall on Drigman like a torrential rain. A white light that could kill demonic beings ten times over when invoked.

In the face of a clear murderous intent, Drigman made sure that his subordinates had left the barracks before wielding his skills. Then, he spoke to Agathos.

He exposed his emotions like never before, even showcasing a violent manner.

「…I remember now. You’ve always been an idiot. 」

His palms opened and his hostility was seeping through his skin. Both of them were in a fighting stance like never seen before. As if following Drigman’s will, the earth undulated and blew up sand.

The air was so tense that it seemed as if it would break at any moment. An abundance of evil willpower was distorting the space.

The magical devilish beings. A nightmarish fight between those who were called that name. The sight of a monster trying to pierce its fangs against another monster.

On the verge of this frightening battle, crimson lights of large flames could be seen from the edge of the nearly collapsed barracks. It was a magical hellfire that tried to swallow everything in its path.

「I wonder if it’s going to work…」

Filaret couldn’t help but mutter in her mouth as she looked at the barracks engulfed in heavy fire. That sight seen from the roof of a private house was beyond gruesome.

Those flames advanced their legs without exception and engulfed everything in the barracks. Corpses, magical beasts, weapons, supplies, everything. Everything that stood in its path. Nothing was spared.

Lugis called her name when they escaped from that deadly zone. Not a command to do something, but just her name. This meant that his original plan had failed. At that time, Filaret decided to burn down the barracks and retreat.

But to be honest, Filaret had some concerns about this. She wondered if Lugis really meant for this to happen as a second resource. Sweat dripped down from Filaret’s forehead, and her throat made a loud noise.

Although Lugis shouted her name, was he really ensuring his own safety? Did Eldith also safely evacuate those humans? Filaret, who was only looking at the demonic beings, couldn’t grasp the real answers.

Caria was going to be fine, though.

That’s why Filaret was hesitant at first. She wondered if she was really good. Perhaps Lugis had shouted her name at his own risk. For a moment, her fingertips stopped.

Still, Filaret unleashed her magic after a moment of hesitation. It wasn’t because she trusted Lugis’ words or because of some other beautiful reason. The answer was uglier.

“I am scared. I am afraid of being abandoned by him.”

For example, what would Lugis do if she couldn’t use magic?

There’s nothing she could do about her qualities. However, deep within his heart, deep within his psyche, she may no longer be a trusted ally. She would be left behind at an important time.

“I don’t like that.”

She could endure being abandoned by the world and by her talent, but if Lugis abandoned her, she would probably not be able to bear it. Filaret could feel it clearly. Something cold caressed the area behind her ears.

Filaret’s rationality was balanced in a precarious place. That balance was at such a place that if she took even one step, she’d fall to the bottom of the cliff. If something were to go wrong, she would surely fall all the way down. She understood that as a fact.

That’s why she must complete what was assigned to her. Her dark eyes were wide open. Her eyes clearly reflected the swirl of flames that enveloped in those barracks.

Those flames had already transcended the realm of formal magic. It was Battlefield Magic. The great fire that was once invoked by Altia, the progenitor of magic.

However, as long as it was Filaret, it didn’t matter what or how she used it, whether it was a big fire or a flood. Her innate talent, if not suppressed by common sense, could trample on the principles of this world. She was different from ordinary people who were tied to their unique attributes.

Among those attributes, she chose fire because she liked it. It was not like she was originally good at it.

Because when she saw burning flames, she…remembered that day.

That day in the underground temple. The day Lugis engulfed his body in hellfire. And also the day Filaret cast magic on him for the first time. Every time Filaret saw something ablaze, she was immediately reminded of it. That’s why she liked fire.

Even though Filaret was surrounded by a lot of tension, she could let out a sigh of comfort.

「I wasn’t able to burn a single rope that day. But I hope that I’m able to meet your request this time.」

She couldn’t help but whisper those words in her mouth.

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