A Wish To Grab Happiness – Volume 14 – Chapter 382

Chapter 382: A Moment of Death

…A silver knife was tearing through the air, creating a reverberating sound in its path.

The silver knife was thrown with a great force. It tore through the sky to pierce the skull of the magical devilish being named Drigman. One, no, two. The second shot, hidden behind a shadow, was aimed at his nape.

Drigman’s eyes moved extensively.

It was a clever trick. Drigman sighed quietly. There were just a few demonic beings who could perform tricks like this. Besides, some humans could handle weapons but managing them with magic was a totally different story. They couldn’t use them accurately.

Yet, this trick was invoked with great accuracy. Only those with great skills could handle this kind of unstable craftmanship.

As the two knives came close to his skin, Drigman grabbed them quickly with his fingertips. Then he clenched his fists with all his might.

Immediately, the sound of shattered metal echoed out loud, and the pieces of those knives hit the floor. Drigman destroyed the weapons as if he was handling a toy. The captured humans gasped and screamed in panic. There was no scar in Drigman’s skin.

Of course. Iron weapons made by mere humans couldn’t hurt a powerful magical devilish being. Demonic beings and magical beasts were like that, formidable. That’s why humans were often overpowered since their physique and skills were no match. Even in ancient times, Drigman had no memory of being scratched by a single piece of iron.

「Lord Controller! 」

Velg yelled, moving the lower part of his horse body in an agitated manner. There was the sound of hooves hitting the floor, and the wooden boards creaked. His face, which had always been serious, had become even more intimidating. His voice was tinged with agitation and impatience. He was a very emotional demonic being.

But it couldn’t be helped. It was an unusual situation.

Something black emerged from the darkness. A mist consumed the entire surrounding area, covering Drigman and Velg’s vision. They could hear the magical beasts around them changing their regular voices to screams. Their voices sounded as if their necks had been strangled.

…A surprise attack. What’s the enemy’s size? Was it magic? Was it done by their kinfolk? It wasn’t something done by Jewel.

A few words passed through Drigman’s thoughts, but he quickly wiped them away. What he needed was not what was required of him now.

There was only one thing to do as a Controller.

「All of you…」

Drigman’s deep voice, as if conquering the earth, echoed and covered the surroundings. The confused magical beasts regained their sanity, if only a little. His palm opened and aimed at two places.

The area where the knives were thrown, and the white-haired girl.

There was no doubt that Drigman was the target. The girl with white hair was allied with an outsider. If she was acting as a diversion, then her reckless behavior from earlier was understandable. It made sense.

There was no way she would sacrifice her life to save someone else.

However, if that was the case, Jewel’s power was now in the hands of humans. That was unfortunate. If true, then he had no choice but to take whatever action he had to take.

Then, as if everything was in his hands, Drigman cut down the space in front of him with his palm and crushed it. It looked as if he crushed the sky with just his fist.

「…Follow me. Let’s kill them. 」

He just said those two short verdicts.

At the same time, a roar overlapped with the previous screams. Everything in the barracks, including the windows, bricks, and outer walls, burst, and collapsed. Everything in the space beyond Drigman’s grip was crushed as if unable to withstand the force that was poured into it.

Even the sorcery of black mist shuttered at its existence and dispersed. The scene looked like something out of a nightmare. But the collapse was real.

Drigman’s vision cleared slightly. He didn’t kill a human being with his hands. If so, the outsider was still alive. Did it escape?

No, it was still there.

The purple light trajectory was reflected in Drigman’s big eyes. Unfortunately, it was already in motion. A moment where they could extend their blades, pierce each other’s chests, reach out their hands, and break each other’s necks.

Everything was already in motion. Drigman thought he saw a human hand. Then, he saw the human being’s large eyes.

An unmistakable murderous intent. The will to kill. A strong ego. A human came to gouge his eyes. Drigman had seen this once before. A familiar atmosphere that reminded him of something.

Reflexively, Drigman readied his arms. At this pending attack, it wasn’t boiling humiliation or burning anger that was on his mind, but something entirely different.

…I see. Altia, is it you?

How terribly nostalgic. Drigman murmured that hideous name deep within his chest.

A mere moment. A time that seemed like condensed eternity. A moment in the blink of an eye that decided everything. The black mist could only subdue the demonic beings for a short time.

The treasure sword roared and sparkled with purple light as it tried to eat the magical devilish being’s head. The tip of the sword drew a rough semicircle, cutting off the sky. Fast, just fast.

At the same time, the magical devilish being’s palm was visible in front of me. The white of its large eyes stared coldly in this direction.

The presence of death filled my entire body with just that gaze. Something that wasn’t sweat, or tears, crawled out of my pores. After all, in the past, I had never received such gaze.

A deadly place. No, a clear sign of death was right in front of me. I could feel a sense of disconnection between my hopes and reality.

I felt it intuitively. Humans talked about death as if it were something special, but this deadly situation was different. Death was part of the magical devilish being’s core. It was something natural, even common.

I would inevitably die if I didn’t avoid it. I had that intuition.

I reflexively twisted my body as the deadly palm approached me. I pulled my left leg and moved half a turn, changing the aim of my sword from his neck to his arm. That trajectory was already in sight. My breathing stopped as if I was dead.

A flash of light cut through the air. The full blow drove my ankles and sent power to my waist, my shoulders, and then my arms. It definitely caught the magical devilish being’s left arm.

…Blood gushed out, and his left arm was torn to pieces. The evil skin, which had not shown any injury with the knife attack, was now allowing itself to be touched by the treasure sword.

While still in that position, I turned the tip of my blade that had hit the floor and drew a line from his left arm to his right shoulder. His hips rumbled down his spine as he rotated painfully. Then, I aimed towards the sky to swing my treasure sword.

The feeling of flesh and bone being gouged out consumed my senses. It continued to spread in my hands. The red blood stained the glow of the purple light, and half of the magical devilish being’s body was ripped away.

Without breathing or inhaling, I once again raised my treasure sword towards what seemed to be a lump of meat.

At the same time, that lump of meat spoke.

「…I see. That cherished sword of yours…I recognize it. So you’re a follower of Altia. How nostalgic.」

The words that spilled from his torn lips were calm, no different from normal times. The lump of meat was dyed black and red, as if lifeless.

Something approached me before my eyes.

In the next moment, heaven and earth turned upside down. My body itself seemed to have lost its ability to attract itself to the earth, and I was directly slammed into something hard.

There was a sound that sounded like bones and flesh being crushed and mixed together.

「Give it back. My greatest treasure. And I’ll give you happiness. It’s a great deal for me and for you.」

The torn arm emerged from the lump of meat and took on the appearance of the magical devilish being. Blood and flesh created a new form.

What a monster. Those words almost escaped from my lips. There was a limit to this craziness. I felt like I was expressing hatred from the bottom of my heart. No matter what kind of enemy he was, he would die if his body was torn apart.

However, this outcome was half expected. The magical devilish being would never be defeated as long as he remained on earth. The earth itself gave him extensive blessings.

Yes, that’s why…this magical devilish being was killed in the sky twice in the past.

The ceiling was shattered by a dark scarlet color. There was a roaring sound so strong that it seemed like the roof itself would be blown away.

As it fell from the sky, it displayed its long sword with a power that resembled that of a giant. I heard a slight voice in my ears.

…You’ll suffer in agony.

The silver hair was bouncing and the magical devilish being was gritting the palm of his hand.

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