A Wish To Grab Happiness – Volume 14 – Chapter 379

Chapter 379: Theirs and His Thoughts

There was something that worried Eldith. After choosing her words carefully, she opened her mouth and asked.

「…That child, you said her name is Leu. What is Lugis going to do with that child, Filaret?」

Eldith whispered while hiding behind the corners of the back alley. Her voice, which slightly raised the edge of her tone, hit Filaret’s earlobes.

In order to follow Lugis and Caria, who were leading the way, Filaret opened her mouth after taking a hurried step forward. Her black eyes tilted slightly.

「There’s nothing we can do but protect her. At least, that’s what Lugis implied, right?」

Filaret moved her lips as she set her chin high while moving her black hair. There was a hint of sadness hidden in her voice. Undoubtedly, she felt grief for Lugis.

Filaret had no intention to abandon the girl who called herself Leu. Filaret had not abandoned her common sense to the extent that she would turn a blind eye to the girl who miraculously survived in this royal capital where demonic nature reigned.

However, her action was still within the bounds of common sense. Filaret knew it would’ve been different if it exceeded those bounds.

For example, if asked if she’d give up everything to save herself, she would surely hesitate to answer. There was a high probability she’d ultimately choose her life.

But Lugis was different. Lugis pretended to be cold-hearted, especially when he said that it was natural for people to abandon other people. Filaret was certain that he wouldn’t be able to do it when the time came.

Lugis was pathologically afraid of losing something. Even if it was a stranger. He wouldn’t be able to bear losing someone before his eyes.

Such thoughts swirled in Filaret’s heart as an absolute worry. Her heavy breath escaped from her lips. Her black hair was floating in the air in unison with her inner thoughts.

Eldith nodded, as if she could see right through Filaret’s heart. Then she spoke almost immediately in a voice that only Filaret could hear. However, it was cruel everywhere.

「Filaret, that girl is definitely strange. She’s a thorn on a flower. She could hurt him…so why don’t you cast her aside before she pierces him deeply?」

Eldith’s voice was so cold that the air itself seemed to turn to ice. The voices that the elven race directed at humans were voices that sounded originally like this.

The tone of her voice showed that she didn’t feel the value of human life as much as that of garbage. Unbeknownst to this, Filaret felt her heart grow hard and heavy.

Filaret didn’t know if Eldith actually mean those words, but she was sure that kind of feeling was alive at the foundation of Eldith’s thoughts.

But that’s how elves were supposed to be. For the first time in a long time, Filaret realized that Eldith was of a different race. She looked like a different person when she was with Lugis.

Filaret responded to Eldith’s words while clearing her throat for a moment.

「Yes, you’re right, and I’m sure Lugis understands that too. But why would you tell me to be the one to cast her aside?」

There was no mistake in Eldith’s remarks. Leu. There was something suspicious about the girl who called herself that name. Filaret could see many of those suspicions while she protected that girl.

With the corpses of magical beasts and humans lying in the alley, why was only one person alive? How did she manage to get into the royal capital in the first place? How come she didn’t have a single wound on her skin even though her body was covered in blood?

Of course, one could say it was the result of a series of coincidences that overlapped each other. Filaret could swallow that explanation if she made herself believe.

However, there was one thing that couldn’t be swallowed by a mere coincidence.

Inside that girl named Leu was an immense amount of magical power.

Filaret’s whole body was covered with magic just by touching the girl’s skin. While Filaret was caring for that girl, she felt that a ferocious beast was sleeping and breathing inside Leu.

That’s probably what Eldith was worried about. An unusual demonic being. Filaret thought it was a miracle if that girl had been living with such power since she was born and been able to live an honest life until now.

Normally, the magical power would erupt and shatter the body. A huge amount of magical power could not be bound without a proper formula. As far as Filaret could see from Leu’s body, there was no trace of such formula. And yet she acted like she was fine.

For Filaret, the Sorceress, and for Eldith, it was a feeling of discomfort that could not be described in words.

Filaret continued, saying it would be the best to choose the right words and say them directly to Lugis. In response, Eldith enlarged her blue eyes and replied.

「…I don’t want to bother him with trivial things. You understand, too. Even if I tell him this, I’m sure it will only end up bothering him.」

That was certainly true. Even Filaret could clearly see that situation.

If they said something like this, Lugis’ expression would distort as if he was troubled, and he’d try his hardest to solve everything on his own. Filaret had forgotten how many times his bones had shattered because of that resolve.

Should she call it a foolish resolve? Yes, she should.

Ah, even so. The way Lugis stretched out his hands with all his might was also something that made Filaret’s heart burn in lust. Unfortunately, he couldn’t save himself by doing so.

Filaret’s black eyes narrowed unconsciously.

「…Okay. I understand. If it’s for Lugis’ sake, then let’s cooperate. You and I are in this together and we won’t say anything about it.」

Filaret nodded and said with a sigh. Had she ever been like this? She couldn’t remember it now, but she felt like she was going deeper and deeper into a path with no return.

It seemed like it had gotten worse since that day when they drank together.

Eldith had a smile on her cheeks, and yet she opened her mouth with a little satisfaction.

「Oh, c’mon. Who are you taking to? I fully understand the implications.」

Filaret thought the way Eldith shrugged her shoulders seemed to be imitating her mannerisms. Her blue eyes loosened for a moment, then regained their sharpness. Eldith said without looking back.

「Well then, let’s do it well. Even better than the sorcerers in the city. 」

Filaret nodded and for a moment her line of sight wandered behind the alley. Beyond that, she felt like she could see only a faint strand of white hair.

The color that should be lying in its hiding place soon melted into the darkness.

「…Yes. You’re right. To the extent that no one notices. 」

Because Lugis will be distressed if he finds out. Filaret added those words.

The magical devilish being Drigman bore the title “Controller”. His nature was never that of a King, but that of a commander.

He used soldiers as his hands and feet to steer the ship while crushing humanity. He showed no compassion or pity and acted in a cruel manner that suppressed everything else.

He used to be singular entity. He was a magical devilish being, a mighty species that was allowed to exist alone, yet he liked the power of the army even if he didn’t believe in it. I didn’t think he ever moved alone.

That’s why I didn’t know much about his individual traits. I could only use my knowledge.

Even if I didn’t know much, I knew there was once a person who could kill this enemy. It would be fine as long as I knew how to kill him.

But it couldn’t work this time around.

Indeed, I wasn’t the human being that behaved leisurely as before, but the existence of a powerful demonic being made me skeptical about my murdering skills.

Demonic beings were undoubtedly humanity’s natural enemies.

If that’s the case, there was no chance of winning unless I saw at least one of the enemy’s moves. It would be the easiest if I could kill him while he was sleeping.

「…They’re really coming this way, those awful demons. Let’s see if he comes our way too. 」

I said those words while Caria got closer to my shoulder. A strangely sweet smell stroked my nose.

She looked tired, though we didn’t do anything so far. We were just waiting. Given Caria’s nature, waiting may be her greatest pain.

After pressing the blade to the magical beasts’ necks on our way here and after receiving some information, it seemed that Drigman occasionally showed his face to the soldiers to demonstrate his authority as commander.

What a splendid thing. Should I call it a role model as a great commander?

Therefore, in order to see where they were going, we hid ourselves into the eaves of the barracks where the magical beasts were encamped. Eldith’s spirited arts were really useful when hiding like this.

Of course, I didn’t know if this position would give us what we wanted, but it could be a good opportunity if a fragment of Drigman showed up.

…Perhaps, at that time, we could catch a glimpse of a part of his original text. Of course, that meant a lot of sacrifices on the spot.

At the same time, several emotions were breathing out in my chest. If someone was to be sacrificed, who should it be? There was a feeling that I mustn’t die and a thought that I would have to die if necessary.

My breath was hot. It was as if irreconcilable emotions were raging in my chest, meshing together without mercy.

I snapped my fingers lightly and put them in my pocket. Then, without realizing it, my fingers searched for chewing tobacco. I wrinkled my eyebrows reflexively.

No, not now. The smell of chewing tobacco pierced the nose. Even though we were well hidden, the magical beasts would detect us because of the smell. I couldn’t do such a silly thing.

I held my breath while biting my teeth to suppress my slight irritation. Meanwhile, a conflict of useless thoughts was roaming around my brain.

Ah, the sooner he came, the better. Worry was a luxury that only those who had the time could afford. When the time and place were right, then all worries would disappear, no matter what form they took.

During this time, I heard the magical beasts raise their voices in unison. Not warning voices. Though I felt a little tense.

My throat rang. Expectations hit me hard. After a moment, my ears picked up the words “magical devilish being”. My gaze went towards that voice.

Then, my eyes caught it. Among the crowd of magical beasts, there was a demonic being that I recognized.

Unmistakable. An enemy once killed by the hero. Now that the hero had passed away, I had to be the one to kill it.

The Controller Drigman was in sight. Just that alone sent a chill down my spine. My teeth even made a small creaking noise.

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I knew there was something wrong with that girl Leu…Her behavior is strange, yet she is human.


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