A Wish To Grab Happiness – Volume 13 – Chapter 363

Chapter 363: Multiple Tongues

Largud Ann slightly moistened her lips while having several thoughts in her head. How should she take the initiative in this place?

In front of her, Elder Saleino and the other elders were talking about Lugis’ future movements.

If he was going to act alone again, or if he was going to force the Heraldic army to move. The elders were worried about various things.

When Ann heard them, a bitter smile almost appeared on her cheeks. The expressionless mask on her face shook slightly.

She used to have similar thoughts. She had made many assumptions about the Lord Hero. How would he move? What was he thinking?

Watching the exchanges between the elders made Ann think of herself.

As a result of repeating similar thoughts many times in the past, Ann came to an understanding when it came to evaluate Lugis.

It was meaningless to make an effort to read his movements from the outside.

Unknowingly, Ann’s cheeks twitched. Her thoughts were overflowing with things she didn’t want to remember. The same went for the walled city of Garoua Maria. It was the same during Belfein and the joint meeting with Ghazalia.

“Lugis doesn’t try to understand our feelings at all. Sometimes he behaves in a very irrational way that I doubt if he’s the same person. And yet, he always pretends that his actions are natural.”

“…Ah, at that time I felt a terrible humiliation.”

“When I remember them, something hot appears on my mind.” Ann put her elbows on the table while forcibly swallowing her exhaled breath.

“Lugis and I have different ways of thinking. He cannot be considered a rational person.”

That’s why Ann concluded that it was meaningless to guess his future actions. What was necessary was to guide him one step towards his intentions.

Once he placed his schemes in motion, no one would be able to stop him anymore. Therefore, for Ann, the last push should be with her own hands. “This time, I’ll put him where he wants to be.”

It was the manifestation of Ann’s somewhat gloomy personality, who took pride in her coordinating role. One could say she was cunning.

After all, her current self was nothing more than a messenger for Lugis. In addition to that, while taking pride in being a coordinator, all she did was get swayed by his recklessness.

However, Ann came to the conclusion that if she remained in this state until the very end, she would be nothing more than a civilian. Her roots would be stuck by thick weeds.

Ann’s white teeth meshed together and made a small noise. “He has been bothering me until now, but I haven’t done anything to change that. I cannot accept this.”

So, she tried to change that fact, even if she had to use the Heraldic Order. “I’ll change fate with my own hands. I will never be forgotten.”

“I’m not trying to do him any favors. I’m just trying to lead him during his journey in an untracked direction. In that case, both Lord Hero and Saint Matia will be satisfied.”

“I will make myself useful too.”

Ann lifted her face slightly and saw the faces of Saleino and the others, those who were said to be anti-Lugis, with her own eyes. These people were just humans with wrinkles on their faces.

Their thoughts were easily readable. Their purpose was clear, and their thoughts were pure. Moreover, she understood what these people were trying to say. It was much better than dealing with Lugis’ chaotic deeds.

Ann knew that if she gave them freedom to speak and lead them on their way, they would do exactly as she wanted. “This is my field. I have no intention of giving it up to Saint Matia.”

Therefore, Ann led this place. She took the initiative to let their opinions grow and even led them through their possibly right direction. Sometimes, she did things that benefited them.

It would be nice if she grabbed victory by herself in the end. It would be fine if their speculations met their downfall at the very end. Until then, Ann decided to be cordial with them.

“I will see my deserved victory in the end. The end is the crown of all things.”

Ann stroked her lips lightly. The exhaling hot air was spreading slightly into the air.

“…This is a good opportunity. Here, I will definitely recover from the mistake I made in Philos. I will return the shame that was put on me in front of Lord Hero.”

Ann widened her eyes and strengthened her gaze. The disgrace inflicted on her by Roseau was now burning in her heart.

That intolerable mistake. An impossible humiliation. Perhaps, she could be insulted even by Lugis because of that one thing. That thought made her feel as if something dark and heavy weighed down on her viscera.

“If I can, I will make up for it in this very place. If I crush the power that is said to be anti-Lugis, then he will have no choice but to reconsider my expertise.” Ann’s lips were tied tightly.

Ann wondered if her expression was too obvious. Before she knew it, Saleino, the leader of the elders, was directly staring at her face.

He didn’t say a word. He was just looking at Ann with the eyes of an old man who seemed empty inside. For a moment, it made Ann feel as if he were dumbfounded.

She involuntarily opened her mouth.

「What’s wrong, Master Saleino. Is there something that bothers you…? 」

Saleino, after hearing Ann’s words, spoke, tilting his wrinkles. His voice, which felt heavier than before, echoed deeply in Ann’s earlobes.

「…No, it’s nothing. I was just praying for the well-being of the Heraldic Order, Largud Ann. 」

She raised her eyebrows in response. Even Ann could not comprehend what was implied in those words. But it was not like there was nothing at all.

Ann shrugged her shoulders only slightly. After all, Saleino was the one to watch out for. She had to be careful when dealing with him.

Ann had held these gatherings several times before, and after analyzing the participants’ thoughts and words, there were two main attitudes she always intercepted.

Those who expressed trust and those who revealed clear distrust. The former was of course easy to deal. But the later was not that uneasy either. If she could see that feeling beforehand, she could either pluck that rotten bud or crush that person. Neither was too difficult.

But no one had eyes like Saleino’s. He was neither trusting nor wary. His eyes seemed to turn around in his skull without emotions.

Perhaps for him, it didn’t matter whether Ann was hostile to Lugis or not. In conclusion, the only thing that mattered was his own interests.

Saleino continued his words without changing the color of his eyes.

「I hope that you will produce results worthy of the name Largud. And no, there’s nothing else to say.」

In other words, to live up to the name of Largud.

Was it sarcasm? Or was it just encouragement? It was hard for Ann to read the thoughts of this old man. Ann smiled and nodded, exhaling into her chest.

Largud. It was not a family name or a blood name that Ann bore. Nor did it reveal where she was born. It was a title in the Heraldic Order.

In each generation, a child considered suitable for that generation was given the name Largud. The name didn’t mean a position, but an honor. Therefore, those bearing the name Largud adopted it in front of their given names.

Its origin was ancient. Largud was the name of a divine creature that once lived in the west. As the Great Holy Church grew in power, its name was degraded and at some point, the divine creature was treated as an abominable magical beast. However, in the Heraldic religion the divine creature was still an object of respect as a living being that served Offal, the God of the Heraldic Order.

The Beast of Wisdom. The name Largud, which meant wise person, was an honor itself. All the children of the Heraldic Order were raised with the belief that one of their goals was to eventually become a Largud.

Its appearance changed greatly depending on generations and myths, but there were two things that were always told. Whether in the appearance of a human being or in the form of a beast, the divine creature was always portrayed with the image of a child.

And one more thing…A Largud was a living being gifted with multiple tongues.

Ann said while moving her tongue smoothly.

「…Yes, of course. It’s for the sake of the Heraldic Order. I’ll pour all of my soul into it. 」

A deep smile was seen on her face.

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So Ann had a different purpose, huh…double-faced…


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