A Wish To Grab Happiness – Volume 13 – Chapter 340

Chapter 340: A Hero’s Contest

The crimson flames burnt the ultramarine magical armor. As if the fire had a will, it raised its fangs to the armor and wrapped up the human inside, burning that human.

Actually, Valerie was someone whose mind was never unfocused. The magical armor she wore was said to have been created by the founder of magic, who ruled the eastern frontier. A magic tool that carried many myths. Valerie grabbed it with her own hand and made it obey her.

However, the authenticity of that many myths surrounding those who wore such magic tool was not important to Valerie.

What was important for her was that this magical armor could withstand attacks from ordinary blades and magic spells. Since it was built in the age of the gods, the degree of magic was quite pure and durable.

But what about now? What were these crimson flames? The magical armor, which was originally supposed to block even the heat of fire, was now undeniably corroded.

Just one name came to Valerie’s mind.

…Battlefield Magic. It was said that it wielded great violence in the Battle of Sanyo. It was a great magic reminiscent of the age of the gods.

Valerie let out a sigh from her mouth for a moment, then forcefully tightened her lips. It was her habit. Her exasperated heart quickly froze, forcing her to regain her sanity.

Originally, human beings who could invoke such great magic were not born frequently. Besides, attacking from behind while aiming for her life was impossible.

However, it was also on the battlefield that the impossible happened. Valerie knew it well.

“I’ve made a mistake.” Valerie thought so as she tilted her short hair in her magical armor.

However, even though she muttered those words in her heart, there was no color of regret floating in her willpower. Valerie believed that everything she did was based on her own decisions, and that it was the right thing to do.

After all, doing things differently while waiting for the same result was quite silly. Valerie had never expressed remorse. To that extent, she believed in herself.

Therefore, it was too early to move on to the next action. The flames that clung to her body were no longer just a type of magic. However, there shouldn’t be any difference in the fact that her enemy is relying on the caster’s magical power. “In that case, I must kill the caster first. Yes, let’s do it.”

The location of the caster was in the nearby forest. In that grove covered with death snow. Valerie already got a rough idea. The moment when she tried to show her fangs towards the prey while swaying the flames that encircled the ultramarine…

…A dark scarlet light tore the white ground, as if ready to chew on the magical armor. A majestic action of a giant.

It came from a different direction. “How foolish I was.”

A few questions and thoughts popped up in Valerie’s head. She took them all aside for a moment in order to drive her hips and turn her legs. A kick that she was good at. A flash that crushed and killed the skulls of the magical beasts. A split in the air as if responding to the dark scarlet.

One shot, two shots, three shots. A dull sound resounded, as if heavy iron joined together with iron. A series of sword fights that looked like a splendid performance happened in the white landscape of death snow. The dark scarlet sword drew a line to cut off Valerie’s legs, but the ultramarine armor on her legs tore the hollow and intercepted the attack.

Valerie sighed involuntarily. That sword flash was beautiful and delicate. And yet, the power and brutality that overwhelmed the enemy coexisted with that charm. A small body that fluttered with silver hair and a physical strength that was beyond imagination.

“There’s no doubt. She’s strong. She’s someone who does not allow herself to compare to anyone, even men.”

Valerie drew in the cold air, straining her consciousness. Her vision had become clearer.

Then, she accepted her death with an astonishing heart.

Whether it was the previous sorcerer or this swordswoman, this enemy was undeniably strong. Valerie didn’t understand why so many people followed the Old Believers, or even the Great Evil. Right now, there was no doubt that these people were her enemy.

A predicament, but an opportunity. Such powerful enemies were now gathered in this place. A good opportunity that seemed foreordained.

“If I let them escape, they will definitely become an obstacle to my ideals. A threat to Richard. A pledge to reclaim our great homeland.” Valerie was convinced that they would reach far in their endeavors.

That’s why she prepared herself for death. Those in front of her were naturally the ones she had to deal with. If she hesitated even for a moment, she would surely have her throat ripped off.

Both swords were placed on top of each other in order to break the gap between them and crush their enemy. Both of Valerie’s enemies understood that nothing would be accomplished unless they took this approach.

Valerie bent her fingers slightly and clenched her fist. Wearing a faint ultramarine light, the armor consumed Valerie’s magical power. The eerie power ran through the magical armor like circulating blood.

This was the essence of the magical armor. If enough magical power was poured into it, then nothing would penetrate it. Nothing, even the strongest spear or shield. It was a unique armor created in the eastern frontier.

Valerie moved her eyebrows only slightly. She had her consciousness split by a sorcerer who was probably hidden in the depths of the forest, but he didn’t seem to recite the same spell again. Could she attack in rapid succession? What about the silver-haired swordswoman involved?

Valerie didn’t care about the outcome. In a short moment, everything would be over. The dark scarlet sword held by the swordswoman in front of her made a noise as if pulsating. She was probably up to something, too. In other words, the next strike would be the last for both of them.

A few seconds passed, and in that moment, both breathes meshed together.

…A number of arrows splitting the sky pierced between the two fighters. At the same time, Valerie could hear the hooves of war horses approaching the area.

The Gharast Kingdom’s militias, and the elite soldiers led by Valerie. Even those who were watching the one-on-one fight from afar could see that the situation had changed to something disturbing. In order to protect their master, they ran their horses with all their might.

Was it because she caught this sight, or was she determined to do so from the beginning? The silver-haired swordswoman wielded the dark scarlet sword and stabbed it straight into the ground.

Originally, there was no reason for the Great Holy Church to fear just because the sword had been bitten into the ground. But it was different this time.

The earth screamed and even roared as it crushed itself and threw large pebbles around. A cloud of dust rose between Valerie and this swordswoman.

Valerie was already moving in the dust. She was not escaping but seeking what was supposed to be in the depths of the smoke. She was running towards her foes to kill them. It was no longer just a blow. Valerie was ready to kill even the body of a magical beast. She no longer searched for a human enemy, but just an enemy, whatever form.

However, should she take this chance as granted, or should she take this chance as no luck? No shadow came to Valerie’s eyes when she split the dust cloud.

Valerie was soon surrounded by her lieutenant and her subordinates. Valerie muttered the words in her mouth so that they wouldn’t hear.

“…Did I miss my chance? Even if I’m a war expert, I can’t face Richard now.”

「…So why are you here? And why are you hiding in the woods? 」

The Queen of the elves and Ruler of Ghazalia. Fin Eldith said in a whisper deep in the forest. Her voice was slightly stiff and seemed to suppress most of her emotions.

Her voice was directed at the soldiers of Ghazalia who kneeled before Eldith and pledged their allegiance to her. They were originally fearless, but they were perplexed by Eldith’s sudden questioning words. For a moment, the words stuck in their throats and made their gazes wander.

Perhaps, because of this tension, Eldith’s personal maid, who was originally just a follower of the army…Valet spoke up before anyone else did.

「Yes, Lady Eldith. We have chosen the forest as per the order given on the parchment you received. If the elves were to move secretly, the forest would be the best cover.」

Valet spoke on behalf of the general. The general nodded in response and took over the words.

「I apologize for being late in joining you. I will listen and obey to any reprimands you might have. However, it’s hard to imagine that the Queen herself is standing on the battlefield unattended by her army. The parchment might be a lame excuse to justify our presence, but our will is not.」

Then, all the soldiers bowed their heads respectfully. Of course, Eldith had no intention of scolding them. Thanks to them, she was able to easily retrieve Lugis in the snow, even though there was a distraction from Caria and Filaret. Besides, if she wanted to move safely from now on, it would be better to have their help.

Yet, apart from that, Eldith thought in her heart.

“Why is my subordinate leading an army without my knowledge?” Eldith thought so while hugging Lugis, who was lying on her lap.

「…Valet. You said parchment. Do you have it now? 」

“Can you show me?” Eldith opened her blue eyes wide while saying those words. “I have a hunch. I have a very, very interesting feeling.” Valet tilted her head slightly but took the rolled parchment from the bag at her waist without much resistance.

Originally, it was something that a soldier should carry, but since Eldith entrusted the management of books and letters to Valet, she was in charge of this parchment as well.

The parchment had a request written in an unfamiliar, elegant style that Eldith had never seen before.

In order to place Prison Beulah under the jurisdiction of the Heraldic Order, the dispatch of troops was a requirement. As an addendum, necessary information was crucial to accomplish this purpose. And so, Matia, the Saint of the Heraldic Order, and the hero Lugis agreed to this plan, and Eldith herself heard about this too.

Eldith raised her eyes while her fingertips trembled.

“I see. It’s a request with this way of writing, but for the elves of Ghazalia, it’s the same as an order.” Eldith stiffened her cheeks and blinked her eyelids several times before speaking.

「When we arrived from Flimslat, I heard that Lugis would not venture outside even after the deadline of seven days, so something must have happened.」

In that regard, Eldith blamed herself for her own fault. She spent more time than she thought dealing with the Flimslat adversity.

“After that, I lost consciousness, so I couldn’t communicate with the spirited arts or explain the situation. A letter like this was sent to Ghazalia when I, its ruler, was not present. It’s easy to imagine there was considerable confusion among the senior vassals.”

“Therefore, it’s impossible to blame the vassals. They fulfilled their duties.”

“But it’s a different matter when it comes to this letter.”

Eldith didn’t know anything about this letter. She didn’t even know what it was about. However, she already knew who created it.

It was signed in unpolished letters, in other words, Lugis’ name. Saint Matia was a possible candidate for the creation of this letter for Lugis, but no matter how much she was Lugis’ ally, there was no way she would cross the perilous bridge that made a letter like this. It would be a big flaw for the leader of the Heraldic religion.

“Ah, that’s what it’s like to be stuck, Lugis.” Eldith made her blue eyes flicker as she felt something hot ringing in her chest.

Eldith slowly stroked Lugis’ cheek, who was breathing heavily in her knees. At the same time, her cheeks rose slightly.

“It doesn’t matter, Lugis. Nothing makes me happier than this. You’ve finally relied on Ghazalia. But if you told me directly, I’m sure I would have obeyed. Even so, I don’t mind.”

“…So, you owe me and Ghazalia a big debt. I will never forget what happened today.”

Eldith narrowed her blue eyes and muttered inside her chest. Then, she carefully put the parchment in her hand into her pocket.

Actually, this was a big loan given to the Heraldic Order. However, Eldith didn’t even think of giving such loan to Saint Matia. “I won’t do such a wasteful thing.”

“This is something that should be used only to bind him alone.”

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