A Wish To Grab Happiness – Volume 13 – Chapter 335

Chapter 335: A Battlefield Expert

The darkness of the night faded away, and the snowy fields were seared by the morning sun. Neymar Gloria stood calmly while staring at Prison Beulah.

The appearance of the prison reminded her of something decadent rather than solemn. It was not because of this building’s age, which was built a generation ago.

Prison Beulah was designed by the late King, who was a pioneer of architecture. There was no way the King would’ve shown such clumsiness.

If so, was it because of what was being done inside? A white sigh exhaled from her mouth.

As she stood beside Neymar, her superior Valerie Brightness said with a heavy tone.

「What do you think of this, Adjutant Neymar? 」

She left out all the necessary words, but it still included the necessary sentiment. Neymar had only known her superior for a short time, but she understood what her superior meant to say.

Her superior had no intention to offend or test her.

Neymar searched for words, the words that were needed, waited for a few moments, and then spoke. Inside her skull came the knowledge of architecture she once learned. Neymar’s braids blew in the wind.

「…At the very least, it seems that an emergency situation is occurring inside. Due to the structure of the building, there are no guards where they should be, and even though this many soldiers are approaching the gate, only silence remains.」

Of course, it was possible that the guards in Prison Beulah were poorly trained.

Neymar added those words, and Valerie agreed with a sophisticated move. Then she pulled her reins lightly and turned her horse back, heading down to her soldiers.

Well, Neymar thought that after hearing her opinion, her superior would come up with some kind of action or instructions. But what did her silence mean? Did she want Neymar to see it for herself? Neymar let her thoughts run as her eyebrows frowned.

To be honest, looking at this aspect, the battalion commander that Neymar aided before made her feel more comfortable. Although Richard was someone hateful, he gave clear instructions and guidance when needed. Considering those aspects, Neymar believed that he was a good teacher.

It was a pity he behaved so sarcastically at times.

Neymar opened her lips and spoke to Valerie’s back. Valerie’s short hair was slightly entwined with the snow.

「Should I send a messenger or a scout? General Brightness. 」

If one looked at the outer wall of the prison, one could see the faint shadows. No matter what the situation was, there was no such thing as the walls being unattended by the guards. Therefore, one should get as much information as possible before approaching.

What Neymar said was, in a way, consistent words. Both on the battlefield and in politics, information had more value than anything else.

As a member of the Gloria Family, a provincial aristocratic family who had had many political upheavals, Neymar knew this fact all too well. And she felt the shamelessness of her family, who had not been able to make effective use of it.

Neymar thought the former battalion commander would have no doubt nodded to her words. No, rather, she wouldn’t even need to get that kind of consent, since it was something that had to be done immediately.

That’s what Neymar thought. She didn’t get along with the former battalion commander. Yet, they were in sync. However, she and the current general’s points of view were clearly different.

Valerie said without turning around.

「No need. And I agree. It’s already fallen. It smells of iron and blood. 」

Neymar didn’t expect that answer. She opened her eyes while holding those words in her mouth.

Was this her superior’s trust in Neymar, or was it disregard for information? Or was it a work that could be done easily because of her experience? Neymar knew that sometimes there were generals who valued experience and intuition above all else.

Whether it was a good or bad choice, Neymar didn’t like her superior’s behavior. People who couldn’t see other people’s thoughts couldn’t read their intentions. Neymar, a believer in logic, couldn’t stand such behavior.

Therefore, Valerie’s next words hit Neymar’s heart even harder than before.

「…Immediately move to a siege battle. We will trample the enemy and recapture the prison. Prepare in half an hour, Adjutant Neymar.」

Neymar’s eyes distorted in response. Then, she opened her mouth before her mind could read Valerie’s intentions.

「Please reconsider such option, General Brightness. The number of enemies is unknown, and we are just an army composed of mostly cavalry, therefore we are not well prepared for siege battle. The carriage carries provisions for our soldiers, but temporarily. There’s no advantage in pursuing that option based on those circumstances.」

Neymar had a strained voice. Her words were filled with a sense of crisis and impatience.

Even though she was an adjutant, she shouldn’t have objected to the general’s words. Valerie’s experience and wisdom were a step above Neymar’s. Neymar herself understood that clearly from the very beginning.

However, she still had to open her mouth. Valerie’s words defied logic. It was hard to believe that her words contained battlefield experience.

Certainly, Prison Beulah was a crucial stopover point for the front line. If the prison was attacked by the enemy, it would be necessary to recapture it. But preparation was required. Above all, Prison Beulah was a structure that was difficult to attack and easy to defend.

Neymar was terrified. Under these circumstances, Neymar wondered if this general intended to rush its recapture.

The cavalry who should have heard Valerie’s words, and the people who followed her, did not dispute her words.

Surprisingly, Valerie didn’t seem offended at Neymar’s words. On the contrary, after blinking her eyes for a moment, she relaxed her cheek muscles. It seemed as if she was looking at something nostalgic.

「You sound just like Richard. That old man…I can see why he recommended you to be my adjutant.」

Was it a compliment? Or was it an insult?

For a moment, an idea popped into Neymar’s head. Judging Valerie’s expression, it seemed to be the former. Still, Neymar had a feeling that she couldn’t be happy to be compared to the previous battalion commander.

「Richard is much smarter than I am. It’s true. He would say something similar if he was here. After all, I am a woman who is only capable of fighting.」

For Neymar, Valerie’s words came as a shock.

The person named Valerie Brightness was content with a low rank within the military force for some reason, but her bravery was known to everybody on her country and abroad. She was an undeniable hero of the Gharast Kingdom.

It was hard for Neymar to believe that she would easily admit that she was inferior to someone else. No, was this what it really meant to have individuality?

Valerie opened her lips slightly.

「However, Adjutant Neymar. When it comes to fighting, there is no one in this world who surpasses me. To that extent, I believe in myself. Look, Adjutant Neymar.」

Valerie spoke while pointing to the top of the outer wall. Her mouth, which should have been taciturn all along, was strangely talkative.

It was as if it had been hit by some kind of heat. No, it was different. Valerie was not hit by something. She herself was a source of heat.

The soldiers around her breathed heavily as if responding to her words.

「Several people are standing on the lookout, but none of them could hide their confusion and distress. At least not the soldiers accustomed to defense. There’s no teacher taking sufficient command.」

Neymar could see her throat swallowing large saliva. It was as if Valerie’s heat entered her ears and permeated her body.

At this point, Neymar understood. How was Valerie considered a hero?

「Besides, if the enemy were to come this far, then I, as a commander, must take an appropriate attitude. I will not neglect that fact.」

Valerie was considered a hero because she was a powerful individual that seemed to swallow other people. A tremendous amount of heat that boiled the surrounding hearts. Above all, what attracted the soldiers was Valerie’s overwhelming talent.

Valerie said with a joyful voice that was incomparable to the cold voice she used to have. Her lips were rippling as if she were speaking for her heart.

「…I’m convinced, Adjutant Neymar. Those who took down Prison Beulah are individual combat experts, but they are amateurs on the battlefield. I am going to conquer this obstacle, and what I value the most is speed rather than information. I will not allow the enemy to think for a moment. I will crush it.」

Valerie’s magical armor wriggled in resonance with her master’s words.

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