A Wish To Grab Happiness – Volume 13 – Chapter 312

Chapter 312: The Saint’s Belief

While carefully opening the parchment that was handed to her hands, Saint Matia of the Heraldic Order lowered the corners of her mouth in a suspicious manner. Before she read the contents, her eyes flew across the parchment.

Matia opened her lips involuntarily and spoke.

「How surprising, it looks very similar to Ann’s handwriting. 」

The characters were meticulously arranged. Overall, it was not hard to read. It was the same as the letters written by Largud Ann, who Matia had seen many times in the reports.

As if impressed, Matia widened her eyes and stared intently at the entire parchment.

Ever since she heard that Lugis had written a reply to her own letter, she had some hopes and worries, and curiosity stuck in her heart.

It was probably not a sensible reply anyway, but it was wonderful that he still ran the pen for himself. Unknowingly, Matia’s cheeks loosened.

Actually, she thought that since Lugis had a fearsome and reckless personality, he must have had some kind of rough handwriting. However, his handwriting didn’t depend on his personality.

Thinking so, Matia bounced her long eyelashes.

「…Yes. Well, I wrote it for him… 」

“…Lord Lugis was still in a situation that could not be said to have fully recovered.”

Beside Matia, Ann said so as if she was slightly confused. She had chosen her words so well that her voice had lost its usual smoothness.

No, it would have been better not to say anything at all. While her cheeks became slightly hot, Matia pressed her lips as she cleared her throat lightly.

If she thought about it, there weren’t many people who wrote beautiful letters like Ann. Besides, Matia heard that Lugis came from poverty.

If so, writing letters should be far from his expertise. He may never have written a letter.

With that thought in mind, Matia suddenly raised her eyes.

She realized she never read a single character written by Lugis himself. After all this time, Matia dropped such thoughts in her heart.

She had spent more than a short time with him, and she barely knew him.

Come to think of it, she didn’t know much about his favorite food or even where he was from. Matia only vaguely heard about his upbringing.

Matia leaked a heavy sigh as if mocking herself. She could have said that she would manage with just small info. There was plenty of laughter. As far as she knew, at most it was about the principle of action when it came to Lugis.

This was no good. Matia lacked crucial information.

Even so. When it came to management, she reached a point where she could understand everything about him. Even if it meant casting aside letters, favorite things, and so on.

Thinking like that, Matia’s eyes, which were reading the letters running on the parchment, stopped moving. Then, she stared at one thing.

She must have grasped that one thing. Ann said, moving her lips.

「Lord Lugis personally wrote the final signature. It might not be good enough to prove who he is, since it’s almost ineligible, but at least he got to write something.」

Just as Ann said, it was true that only the part where the name of the sender of the letter was written was clearly different in quality.

It was written in broken letters. It probably had a lot of power in it, and it was signed by Lugis, in a density of ink that showed utmost strength.

After staring at the signature for a while, Matia closed her eyes lightly. She then rolled up the parchment in her hands as if she were handling something precious.

A few moments passed after Matia closed her eyes. Her skull digested what was written, and she wondered how she would have responded.

「If you read only the contents, then it’s a request that I can’t accept… 」

Matia’s eyes narrowed with a sharpness that could even pierce the air. The list of words carved into the parchment called for a clear movement in the Heraldic Order. It was unacceptable, and it was not something that could be dealt with seriously.

It was close to a reckless remark that Matia would ignore on a daily basis. Nonetheless.

「…But it was Lugis who said this, Ann. 」

Matia’s words were accompanied by an atmosphere as if to relax the tense air. Ann nodded while pulling her chin slightly and answered, “definitely”.

Matia moved her eyelashes up and down as if responding to Ann. She said, as she tucked away her carefully rolled parchment.

「Well then, Ann. You already know what you need to do. I’ll write a directive and send a messenger to the soldiers and collaborators of each country so that things can be carried out immediately.」

Matia casually said so while showing her back. Her long hair bounced and danced in the air.

On the other hand, Ann was more than a little surprised by Matia’s words and actions and swallowed her words. Little did she know that she would be asked to act immediately.

Certainly, no matter how unbelievable the Hero words were, the Saint would hear them first. Ann had such a hunch, and she didn’t think it was a bad thing.

However, it was far beyond her expectations that she would put all of his requests into her mouth and accept them promptly.

As far as Ann knew, the Saint named Matia was a person of reason and calculation, and she was not a person of affection. Occasionally, she would stir up her emotions in front of Lugis, but even so, she should not have strayed from her judgment.

However, this time.

Immediately, a cold numbness attacked Ann’s abdomen. She could feel it rising up and down her throat.

It was not that deep of a suspicion. However, she had too many emotions to forcibly suppress. Although she had felt it many times before.

“…It seems that Saint Matia mind has become blinded because of her longing for the hero.”

Ann held the other parchment she was holding against her chest and swallowed her saliva. A vague feeling covered her brain. Ann’s small eyelids blinked.

「Ann, are you daydreaming? 」

It was none other than Saint Matia’s words that forcibly pulled back Ann’s consciousness.

Ann jumped and responded to Matia.

She always managed to respond flexibly without difficulty, but for some reason today she delayed her response while being terribly confused.

Seeing Ann like that, Matia smiled and waved her lips. A kind expression that didn’t contain calculations, which was rare for Matia herself.

「I know what you are feeling, Ann. This is not a light-hearted relationship, I know. But there is no need to worry.」

I am me no matter what. While saying that, Matia continued her words.

「As long as I can do it alone, I will do it alone. I will not make a shallow judgment when people and soldiers are involved. That’s what I swore when I became a Saint.」

It was surely not the Saint’s usual voice, but the voice of the truth that overflowed from the depths of her chest, of the person named Matia. A vow without even the slightest shadow. In the depths of her eyes, she seemed to be filled with immeasurable emotions.

Maybe that’s why she didn’t hesitate. Matia said as if she were reading a script.

「Therefore, this is not affection. I just…believe in a human named Lugis.」

Until now, he had paved the way for the Heraldic faith, and had shown the way like a shooting star. With his actions, with his victory, with his mighty arm that could be called powerful.

Of course, not everything went smoothly. There were some actions that could be called impulsive, and some choices that could be called too reckless.

However, Lugis wasn’t just running his legs blindly, nor did he move in a chaotic manner. It was because he had a firm will and an eye to see the future.

Therefore, although the contents of this letter may seem unreasonable at first glance, there was something vague that showed his truthful intention.

The fact that the explanation was quite lacking seemed to be typical of him.

No, was it trust that Matia felt in Lugis? She would be happy if that was the case. Matia lifted her cheeks and said the following words.

「Yes, trust. I trust him. I can’t say right now that everything in the letter is straightforward, but if he says it, I’ll read it as something meaningful. Yes, with a certain calculation.」

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