A Wish To Grab Happiness – Volume 12 – Chapter 307

Chapter 307: Chosen Will

Caria’s bright silver hair bounced in the air, driving her petite body forward. In both hands stood the dark scarlet sword.

It was not difficult to wield, as always. Since her childhood, Caria had repeatedly swung her sword over and over again. As far as Caria was concerned, there was no reason to make a single fault while wielding a sword.

An elegant line that could be called the ultimate perfection was drawn in the air. At the same time, the Giant’s Myth was shaken off.

The scarlet blade was aimed at the hostile Saint. That strike was meant to swallow the Divine Spirit whole. It was a huge threat as it claimed to be. The golden person opened its eyes.

A scarlet glow mixed with white and back hue devoured the Great Temple in an instant. Everybody’s vision was obscured, and the violent force of the wind pushed down own’s throat. It was not something humans could endure.

The stone floor of the Great Temple creaked slightly, perhaps because it couldn’t stand the flash’s violence and the wind pressure.

And then, at some point, the creaking turned into a groan, the groan turned into a scream, and finally the scream turned into a crashing sound. The stone floor fractured, and distorted cracks appeared on the pillars.

How could it be strange? It was natural in a way.

After all, Caria swung the powerful Giant’s Myth. A giant was a word that referred to someone who brought catastrophic destruction.

If someone used a portion of that power, the result would be only absolute destruction.

The Great Temple, which had been standing for a long time since ancient times, trembled as if it had finally reached the end. Sand was swept away, pebbles shivered and writhed in the air.

…At some point, a fatal sound echoed high. The gigantic structure that supported the Great Temple began to collapse.

A sudden and complete breakdown began. Contrary to the weight of history, it seemed that it was not even dumbfounded.

It celebrated the awakening of a new giant and mourned the loss of the former giant. The Great Temple was slowly disappearing.

Vices, Saints, and Giants. No matter what, the collapse could swallow them all. As if to call it a baptism to follow a new phase in life.

At some point, the Great Temple melted into the dead snow and disappeared within the white mist. The Great Temple was no longer standing and went to sleep for eternity.

It seemed the old days were finally over.

The golden eyes twinkled as it stepped on the dead snow and looked down at the Great Temple, which was now reduced to rubble. Its lips rippled in response.

「It’s terrible. It’s staggering. 」

Altius muttered and shrugged its shoulders. The smell of sand and dust coming from the fragments of the Great Temple pierced its nostrils.

Looking around at the surroundings, the golden person narrowed its eyes as if looking for something. The villainous Lugis, and the person who created this disaster, Caria Burdnick, were nowhere to be seen.

“Did they run away?” Altius couldn’t help but lower its gaze.

“Of course, it’s also possible that they were caught in the collapsing of the Great Temple and died like crushed frogs, vomiting out their internal organs.”

Altius brushed away the dust from its hair with its fingertips while quietly denying that statement in its heart. “No, they won’t die here.”

The reason was simple. Altius didn’t know if Offal was turning that fingertip or if there was another factor at play. After all, Altius once defeated the giant Flimslat against all odds. That’s how it disappeared from existence.

Then, they didn’t die just yet.

Fate was not something that laidback. The world wasn’t kind enough to die so easily after annihilating the great demons.

「Ariene. I think I understand a little bit of what you’re saying. Just a little bit.」

Altius said so while tracing its lips with its finger as if speaking to its own body. It wasn’t a statement that contained much emotion, but for Altius, it was a few words full of feelings.

It was probably because Ariene’s existence was getting closer little by little. Altius felt that the human emotion that should have disappeared was now cradled in its chest.

“I can already see the complete assimilation. Originally, it would have been better to take the time to spin the thread indifferently. It would be the least dangerous.”

With that alone, Ariene’s limbs would soon become the body of the consecrated, and Altius’ incarnation would be complete.

“…If that happens, the Original Text will finally return to my hands.”

That would be the best route. Altius let out a white sigh as it shook its shoulders.

Therefore, Altius couldn’t give up. Apparently, giving them too much time was not good.

Having reached this point, Altius changed one perception. Its perception against Lugis and the Heraldic Order.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that Lugis, and even the power of the Heraldic Order, were insignificant in the past.

In fact, even to this day, even though the power of the Heraldic Order had begun to expand, it was still just a weak beast baring its fangs. From the point of view of the giant beast known as the Great Holy Church that Altius created, it was an existence that could be blown away with just a small blow.

The Heraldic Order tried to hold a large flag, but eventually it would be chewed up and its existence would be erased completely.

Yes, at least in this world, everyone understood and recognized such thing. Perhaps even the Heraldic Saint Matia.

That’s why. Altius changed its perception. Its cheeks quivered.

Today, Altius was originally going to settle everything in this place. The golden hero, the Saint Ariene, Altius’ beloved children, and the fool named Lugis.

The stage where all of them were aligned was suitable for closing the curtain. Lugis was to be naturally defeated by the golden hero. All of Altius’ beloved children were supposed to be entangled in its hands.

But for some reason, Lugis survived. On top of that, didn’t he even manage to match up with the golden hero?

“Impossible. It’s impossible. At least, he should have been defeated. The impossibility has become possible in this place today.”

“The only ones who can make the impossible possible are heroes who have received God’s favor or heroes who have been born as a result of fate’s choice. But Lugis is ordinary and didn’t receive any blessings.”

“It’s impossible for him, who is nothing, to be chosen by something.” Altius only thought of one word to describe exactly what happened today.

“…Yes, it is a miracle.”

Lugis was not chosen for anything, but he chose the miracle of fate with his own will. He sorted out the cause and effect, stepped through events, and acted recklessly before seizing it.

In the past, Altius had seen such a person, but only once. “It was no big deal, I made him think that victory was already in his hands, but before he knew it, he reached the cliff, and in the end, I stabbed him with my fangs.”

「Let’s change my perception and understanding. As long as I call myself a Divine Spirit, all of my mistakes should be corrected.」

Altius spoke as if telling the whole world. However, there was no one to hear those words.

“The golden hero’s body and soul are here, while the ones who escaped are alive. However, the time to just sit back and wait is over.”

Altius knew it would be hard to crush those hearts with just a firm hand. Sometimes one had to act knowing that one could get hurt.

Altius made the decision very easily.

Originally, it should have happened after the Gospel War was over. Altius then muttered while its lips rippled. Altius could see that Ariene was smiling based on the feelings in its chest.

“…Well then, great evil. If you can create miracles, I will paint them over. For the sake of my Saint’s well-being, you will bend your knees before me.”

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