A Wish To Grab Happiness – Volume 12 – Chapter 305

Chapter 305: Little Giant

Caria felt that her whole body was strange.

Her beloved sword had been smashed and even her willpower had collapsed. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that she was covered in wounds, even though her body didn’t even listen to what she had to say.

Then, how? Just by looking at her alone, her eyes regained a clear vision, and her fingertips acted as if they were warm.

It looked as if she was in a perfect condition. Her breath wasn’t as cold and feeble as it was before. It was hot everywhere, something that excited her viscera.

Her silver eyes were wide open. The trembling in her toes suddenly stopped.

In front of her, Altius bounced the blonde hair and made another noise as it approached her. The pressure on her body was about to tear her skin apart. Her throat was small and ringing.

The divine spirit’s lips rippled.

「Should I praise you as a knight hero, or should I lament that you, my beloved child, whom has been stained with malice? I wonder which one it is.」

It was a voice that seemed to be lost. At least, it was not suitable for this place, which could even be said to be a dead place. The color of that voice had no weight whatsoever.

Caria answered while opening her lips.

「You can say whatever you want about me. It won’t matter as long as just one person truly knows me.」

That’s what Caria thought about her true feelings from the bottom of her heart.

“Of course, I am not saying that I am not an arrogant person. I cannot say that the spirit of desiring admiration is completely absent. However, if I can still obtain only one heart, I don’t mind crushing all others. How good would that be?” Just thinking about it made Caria’s heart feel numb and sweet.

At this moment, there was not a fragment of arrogance in those silver eyes, nor a grain of mud. Caria pierced the golden person without reluctance.

Altius received Caria’s words and gaze, and for a moment, its eyes flickered with a gentle smile.

Then, it spoke while taking another step.

「How wonderful. After all, you are the hero whom I once saw, Caria Burdnick.」

Words spoken with overwhelming power. Even though she was being praised, Caria felt like her heart was physically grabbed.

Her spine was reflexively sore. And so, Caria lightly snapped her fingertips, wondering what was going on.

After all, no matter how vigorously she exhaled the new-found heat, it didn’t mean that the situation had improved.

Her beloved sword was shattered, and her body was weak. Moreover, Lugis was in such a strange state while standing. There were no good conditions in this place.

“Still, I can’t just show my back and run away.” It was Lugis’ arm that held Caria back, who was about to step forward with heated feelings.

Towards Caria, who opened her eyes reflexively, Lugis said in his usual tone of voice.

「Caria. Listen, just stay close to me like you’ve said. 」

Caria felt that those words and the air explosion happened at the same time.

In the dark temple, the gold and purple electricity made strange noises as they meshed with each other. A flock of golden threads wriggling to conquer the field, and a whirlwind of purple light that decapitated its neck. Only those two were present in said space.

The gold, which seemed to be a silk thread emitted by Altius, swelled as if it had its own will, and made a strange sound towards Lugis, and then Caria’s body.

At first glance, the thread seemed so weak that even a sigh could knock it off. It didn’t look like something that would harm people.

However, the essence was different from the appearance. Caria bit the corner of her lips.

That was something that mortally destroyed a person. A person’s body, and even the soul. Something that destroyed everything and turned to white. The devilishness itself that took away the things that made people human.

Several of those threads were approaching while tearing the air. It was an undeniable terror. It was also different from facing a spear on the battlefield.

She didn’t feel fear that death was coming to her heart, instead she felt fear that her roots would be destroyed and lost forever.

“Ah, it’s a sight that makes my fingertips tremble involuntarily.” Caria made her throat twitch loudly as she swallowed her saliva.

“I’m sure Lugis feels the same fear.” If she made one mistake, even her own bone marrow would be swept away by this scene.

Caria could feel her heart pounding as her silver eyes widened. Her viscera were hard and heavy.

“…Why is this guy swinging his sword so seriously?”

It wouldn’t be surprising if her limbs became numb and couldn’t move on the spot. It wouldn’t be strange to break her legs against the overwhelming force. And yet, he was the opposite.

Caria could feel the overabundance of impatience and jealous rage taking over her skull.

“What am I doing? Standing by his side and saying that I would never leave him, what a disgraceful thing. I don’t even have a sword. How awkward, I can only be protected by him.”

Caria let out a sigh. Her silver eyes narrowed. Even though she told him not to approach danger, she was now protected from danger. “What a joke. It is impossible.”

Caria clenched her back teeth hard, causing her shoulders to quiver. She muttered in response.

…It’s so frustrating.

Caria felt that something different overlapped with her own voice.

A place detached from the Great Temple. The sky was so high, blue, and endless. The outlandish world created by the Giant’s authority was about to crumble.

The hollow immediately began to carve black fissures into itself. Several cracks made a squealing noise.

It was a strange, indescribable sight. The space shattered like glass. It was not exactly a pleasant spectacle.

For the outlandish world to collapse on its own, it must mean that the one with authority had let go of said world, a world it held with both hands.

It was horrifying to see such huge world die so quickly.

The Giant, whose skull was suffering, screamed with a roaring sound as if the mountain was collapsing. Its huge body, which should not have fallen down, collapsed immediately.

It could no longer stand. The Giant was someone who never fell. If it fell to the ground, it would never get up again. That’s why the main body of this Giant was destined to form a mountain range while sleeping.

The illusion that was built to counter the nemesis was nothing more than a conscious body after all. It was just an illusion that had been kneaded and built up through time. An illusion that seemed to be eternal. A transience that disappeared in a blink of an eye.

Considering the former majesty of the Founding Giant Flimslat, it would be silly to even make a comparison.

The illusion slowly shuddered its form and faded its existence. It must had been proof that its consciousness was now falling asleep again.

Flimslat said in a voice that twisted the air while lying down.

…It’s so frustrating.

Now once again the Giant had to bow its mighty stature against a single gold.

The Giant had a memory intact. It still remembered its humiliation and defeat. Though she was small, the Giant still remembered the name of the woman who brought it to the ground.

Altius, the leader of humans. All their kin perished, after invoking curses upon that abominable name. Even the Giant itself, who was called the Founding Giant, was ordered to live a life where its body had to lay down on the ground and just sleep.

And now, the Giant must once again let its gigantic body decay. That demonic nature broke through itself with leisurely steps.

The consciousness that was finally created would now cease. How frustrating. The Giant knew no greater humiliation or wrath than this. The Giant, whom others revered as power, was defeated again by the same being. The Giant resounded something that could not be called a sound or voice.

Ah, if only I could stop being consumed by the world under this endless humiliation. If only I could stop be knocked down by the inability to do nothing.

The Giant opened its nearly collapsed eyes. A shadow ran past its vision, and there it saw a girl. With all its might, the Giant opened its mouth.

…You, who stand up against Altius. It doesn’t matter if you’re not my kindred. It doesn’t matter if you’re little. From now on, I will recognize you as a Giant.

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