A Wish To Grab Happiness – Volume 12 – Chapter 295

Chapter 295: The Giant’s Roar

The sword fight between the crimson knight and the silver swordswoman, like ferocious beasts engaging in a deadly fight, was greeted with a silence at the same time as the knight’s words.

「…He ran down the road and crushed all the enemies. That’s what people called chivalry.」

Knight Garras Gargantia said so while swallowing a rough sigh for the first time in a long time. A knight like himself swore to that very knowledge, a code that bonded him.

Garras didn’t know if his true nature was suitable for a knight.

Even so, he still spoke of the Code of Knights every time he thought about it. He was still far from being an ideal knight. Even the lofty title of honor was not enough to satisfy him.

Garras raised his eyelids when it came to the current sword fight. Garras picked up the red spear as he turned his wrist and caught sight of the silver-haired swordswoman Caria Burdnick, who was lying on the ground.

If Caria Burdnick’s flash was as fast as the blink of an eye, Garras would be the one lying on the ground.

“If I didn’t go one step further, I might have been the one who had my skull smashed.”

Such thought where he wouldn’t be the winner enveloped Garras’ mind. Garras Gargantia had always had such a disposition.

A perfectionist that was beyond imagination when one looked at his bold personality.

He had a mentality that didn’t accept compromise. Even if his skills were just a little lacking, they would not be enough.

Especially when it came to things that had a name of chivalry, where its color was shown strongly. Rather, it was precisely because he was completely uninterested in anything outside of it that he seemed fearless.

Therefore, there was no lack of thought even after the opponent had fallen. On the contrary, he even had an image in his head that didn’t reach the moment where they were fighting each other.

Then, a question arose. Garras’ hands hung on the spear. His eyes widened slightly, staring into the darkness.

In conclusion, Caria Burdnick was dead. She should be. Garras took his own slashing blow to the side of her head, destroying her skull. The feeling of her brain gouging out was certainly in Garras’ hands.

Yes, destruction. Garras unleashed a destructive swing that stripped away all clever techniques, rather than just inflicting a simple injury. There was no way in this world to prevent such swing. An unavoidable blow that didn’t make any sense to avoid.

“Then, why?”, Garras narrowed his eyes. There was nothing like agitation or impatience in his heart. He just had a question.

He held up his red spear. He saw the silver woman in front of him. A piece of silver embellished with the color of blood stood there with a dazzling brilliance.

“So why is Caria Burdnick standing up?” Such a question popped up in Garras’ mind.

Garras let out a small sigh after witnessing such scene. Still swallowing the question consuming his mind, he threw another word.

「…I see. You’re not human anymore, are you? 」

She stood up in front of Garras and allowed the silver force to light up the darkness. That was what Garras thought when he saw Caria Burdnick.

Caria’s movements were still somewhat calm, and she looked like she couldn’t fight. It was hard to imagine that she was the reminiscent of the wild beasts from earlier.

Now, she was able to endure that blow to stand up.

However, Garras didn’t feel like stepping in easily. The surrounding area around Caria was endlessly dark and endlessly quiet.

It seemed as if she were at the bottom of the sea, in the deepest darkness. She looked completely different, she was in the darkness, yet she wasn’t.

What was this scene? …it looked like Garras’ enemy turned into a demon. Had she undergone a magical transformation, or had she always been that way, or had her bloodline awakened?

Many options popped up in Garras’ head, and each time Garras erased them. “I don’t care about such things, not now.”

“However, there is a demonic nature in front of me, and I need to know how to kill it. There is nothing else to think about.”

The demon coughed and said the following words.

「…I will kill you, Garras Gargantia. 」

As if in tune with those words, the hollow darkness shook.

At that moment, Garras realized the true nature of this space. It was not an illusion; it was also different from elven sorcery. Then what? It was easy.

This place was another world.

Garras unknowingly twisted his lips and pressed them. A different world was something that could only be handled by an existence that could compete with the world on an equal footing, even among demons.

Those who could do this were those who observed the world on their own, rather than being allowed to exist by the world. Those with a strong disposition to influence the world itself, even in the shapeless spirit.

…Gods, dragons, and giants.

Garras reflected the demonic nature in his sight while holding the red spear.

“I’ve never actually seen or experienced anything like being in a different world. I just know it as basic knowledge. Besides, other worlds are originally nothing more than miracles in mythology. None of the witchcraft-wielder scholars even dare to discuss its existence.”

However, Garras categorized this as a different world.

His own intuition sewed his skin. Besides, the demonic nature in front of him eloquently affirmed Garras’ intuition.

His throat trembled. Garras certainly saw it through the figure of the demonic Caria Burdnick. Behind her lied a gigantic body that made one look insignificant and defenseless.

The giant, far beyond in the temple, roared.


Garras heard the space shattering itself.

The darkness, which was supposed to be dark everywhere, crumbled as if to remove its ostentation.

The spectacle was magnificent. Although it was a different world, it was still one world. The world itself crumbled, self-destructed, and was lost.

A distortion that destroyed the world with its own power while shaping the world itself. It was exactly the giant, as in the age of the gods, who was said to be a giant god.

After the darkness had cleared, the majestic appearance of the Great Temple of Flimslat was revealed again. There were many fallen figures of the Cathedral Knights around. The black mist that posed such a threat was no longer there.

Garras looked attentively at this scene. Then, his crimson spear thrusted at the demonic Caria. He opened his mouth.

「 “Knight. Find a way to live. Avoid danger, but if you can’t avoid it, fight nobly.” …I can’t turn back, so this is it.」

He had to fight in order to be a knight even if his opponent was a giant from the age of the gods.

Garras prepared himself for his death with ease and clenched his canine teeth. It wasn’t death that frightened him, but something else. If he lost it, how gentle would death be?

Caria also held her weapon. Even though she was wielding a longsword just like before, the fighting spirit contained within her blinded her eyes.

Both faced each other again with the will to fight. Naturally, they were prepared to take the other’s life and to have their own life taken away.

Like that, the moment when the silver longsword was about to be released with a strong will that could be said to be brutal…

…The silver eyes opened wide quite shockingly. Garras was taken aback by the situation.

“The will that until now was willing to cut my throat, let alone my heart, disappeared in the blink of an eye, and even the hostility dissipated.”

Without realizing it, Garras’ eyes were trying to read Caria’s condition. Could it be a trap? It might be a tactic to make him lose his mind.

However, her behavior appeared to be genuine. Garras was no longer reflected in Caria’s silver eyes. It looked like she had lost her thoughts to something else, something far more serious.

Then, her mouth spoke.

「…Lugis. 」

“It’s the name of the man whom people described as great evil. But I can’t read her intentions. Does that mean that man has also come to this great temple? If so, why? So, what is the meaning for calling his name?”

Leaving Garras’ doubts aside, Caria raised her sword. But it wasn’t directed at Garras either. It was directed towards the huge wall of the Great Temple. “That’s stupid”, Garras’ rationality told him so.

It was a quick moment.

She raised the silver sword and swung it down. With such a natural action, Caria dug a large hole in the stone wall that looked like bedrock. It was an unmistakable destruction in itself. It would be a silly question to ask where such physical strength lied in that delicate body.

The small-looking fighter turned around and opened her mouth in the midst of a grandiose cloud of sand.

「I’m sorry, but I’m running away. You can despise me and call me a pathetic woman. I don’t care.」

Caria disappeared into the hole after saying those words.

Garras narrowed his eyes inside the Great Temple where the sand cloud began to rise. The black mist, which should have appeared as a threat, didn’t even show a single fragment, and the Great Temple itself was making a faint creaking sound.

Thinking of what he had to do from now on, Garras shook his shoulders while distorting his sharp canine teeth.

「She’s a wonderful good woman. What a shame. 」

A big sigh leaked out of Garras’ pointed mouth.

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It seems her arrogance is dissipating, or at least, when Lugis is in danger. She would never run away from a fight, but Lugis changed her. Actually, her priorities changed. Nice to see some character development.


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