A Wish To Grab Happiness – Volume 11 – Chapter 284

Chapter 284: Chivalry

The silver longsword and the red spear overlapped in midair, scattering sparks that created fantastic colors in the space.

It continued again and again.

The crimson light flew through the air and split the darkness, while the silver light revealed its ferocious jaws and smashed the attacks. Then, when the silver light swept through the void and approached its opponent’s neck, the crimson light drew a circle and threw the iron away.

Life would be extinguished instantly if one of those lights reached the gap and touched the skin.

It was exactly the applause of offensive and defensive moves that did not even give them a moment to catch their breaths. In one gesture the spear almost pierced the enemy’s defense, ready to decapitate its opponent’s head. Sparks burst through the space.

An act that could no longer be called human, it was like the bite of a beast. That beast was too ferocious to have human hands.

Caria Burdnick’s silver longsword smashed the surrounding air with a single swing and a single thrust. The way she wielded her sword without any difficulty showed the very strength of a strong man.

Her behavior was almost magical. Even if she wasn’t a demon, one could hardly call her a human. Her sword was now closer to the realm of divine prowess, extending her fingers beyond the martial arts.

Here was the result of a person who had the talent that fell from the heavens and worked her body in an unbearable training.

That’s why Garras Gargantia, who was on par with her, was also by no means human.

…The crimson light split the wind and ran wildly. Fresh blood bounced through the air as if it were dancing.

Caria’s silver eyebrows rose slightly. Her left shoulder was torn before she knew it. She couldn’t feel pain at all, probably because of the excitement in her brain. Rather, blood splashed and the exaltation only increased its degree.

However, she was now a step into the enemy’s zone.

Caria wielded the silver longsword toward the ground. It was not to take the life of the enemy, but to smash the spear with one swing.

The ferocious beast pulled back his spear and body as if he had guessed her intentions, creating a small gap between the two. The distance between them was such that if they took even one step forward, their fangs would surely touch each other.

「…That’s quite a rational behavior. I thought you’d be a more passionate man. 」

It was Caria who opened her lips first. Her words seemed carefree, but her eyes emitted a completely different emotion.

It was the same with Garras. While his eyes were filled with something else, his words were casual. In this eerie exchange, his lips moved in a funny manner.

「“Practice chivalry. Know how to train thee from beast to man. Only then will thy honor grow.” …It’s the first sentence of the Knights’ Code. I will not be rude to a knight opponent.」

Garras’ sarcastic words made Caria inadvertently bring a distorted smile to her cheeks.

Chivalry, etiquette and manners. Caria knew those words didn’t suit a man like Garras. Yet, he professed such words openly. Did he truly believe in them?

Was he truly a knight of honor? Caria’s silver hair swayed when she reached the answer.

「You said it was not regrettable of me to throw away my knight title. You even said I could soak myself in alcohol. Did you change your mind?」

Caria spoke, recalling the scene in Ghazalia. Her slender fingers tightly gripped the handle of the silver longsword. Her hips drove in sharply.

「No, it didn’t change. I haven’t changed anything, even now, and even in the past. Everything I do and say is based on honor…」

At the same time as those words echoed, silence appeared and ruled the space. The silver sword and the red spear swayed without making a single sound.

Caria and Garras, both of them understood. At the very least, the enemy sitting in front of them now was not someone they could take advantage of and kill easily.

Each of them knew instinctively that they should kill each other with one supreme swing.

Caria held her silver longsword forward and aimed at the enemy’s neck. Garras, on the other hand, grabbed the middle of his handle and gazed ferociously at Caria’s vital points.

With that stance, both of them stopped moving.

The sound died in the darkness. There was nothing moving, there was only stillness. No one could feel the trembling of their fingertips or the trembling of their breaths. It seemed that even their hearts stopped beating because they could no longer endure the silence.

Was it a few seconds or minutes? Maybe it was a few tens of minutes that followed.

It was too stuffy. It was a state that seemed to suffocate.

It seemed that the flow of time had gone crazy.

A moment went by.

…And sparks exploded.

Even the world did not know who took the first step. After the space distorted for a moment, the two drew a beautiful line in the air.

The red spear pierced through the hollow and ran at full speed. It was nothing but a mere thrust. He just stuck the spear forward. It was a blow that did not look strange when piercing the void.

However, Garras had no meaning in releasing anything other than that blow. Yes, he invoked a full-bodied thrust.

Caria turned her wrist around and stood in the way of that blow with all her might. Sparks flew in front of her eyes, and her wrists and hips’ creaking praised the sheer strength of her determination.

“Is is bold to do such a reckless thing? Well, if I have to say it, then it is unreasonable to face this ferocious beast single-handedly.” Caria muttered in her chest as she bit her molars.

Caria had no desire but accomplish what she was bestowed upon her, meaning leaving her alone with the ferocious beast, Garras. It was reckless beyond recklessness.

Garras Gargantia. He was an overwhelming martial prowess who crushed all tricks and traps, by smashing the opponent’s intentions in one go. This incarnation of madness was too incompatible with the motto of the Knights’ Order.

Certainly, Lugis and Caria’s arms were no longer weak. It was unbelievable how much progress they made since they first met. Yes, Caria thought precisely like that because she once exchanged blades with Lugis in the tavern and continued to be together until this day.

It was the same during their later duel and during the Battle of Sanyo. Despite their progress, Lugis still kept sacrificing himself along the way.

But if he were to stand in front of Garras, wouldn’t that be the worst possible ending? A shudder ran down through Caria’s spine when she had that thought.

That’s why Caria stood here. Because she decided that she would be his shield. It was just a speculation, but Caria felt that Lugis wanted to meet his childhood friend, but even knowing he was here for that reason, Caria vowed to overthrow Garras herself.

She just chose the wrong role. For a moment, Caria was not pleased with her own self, and laughed bitterly.

“But hey, it’s not that bad. Just as Lugis is trying to get his motives through, I also have to fight for my own motives.”

“…In order to get through that speculation, I must trample on that recklessness. Yes, that’s right, Lugis.”

Caria’s slender fingers held immense power. She could hear the bones of her fingers making an unusual sound.

Shaking off that sound, Caria forcibly pulled all of her strength and went forward. Her whole body was sobbing, but her body still moved. Just like her daily training, it was a trajectory she clearly envisioned.

She turned her wrists again and swung the silver longsword straight right in front of her. She only felt that the area around the left shoulder had been ripped apart.

If Garras was said to be the best among the enemy, Caria was also worthy of being called the best in her own side as well. Breaking away the crimson light, the silver longsword bisected the sky and bared its fangs ferociously.

A flash of light ran through. It left the perception of the world behind and a line was drawn for the skull of the enemy.

After a moment.

One of the shadows moving vaguely in the darkness crumbled, leaving the other intact. Words fell into the hollow.

「…“You ran down the road and smashed all the enemies. That’s what people call chivalry.” 」

The shadow splashed blood while speaking, meshing with the color of the red spear.

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