Cheat Magic Swordsman – Volume 4 – Chapter 64

Chapter 64: The Completion and The Cheers

Work had been extremely smooth since the moat was completed.

I brought in the materials from one end to the other, burned a flock of monsters that appeared, leveled the planned construction site, and took elixirs for those who got injured…

Woah…My work was too much, was it not…?

Well, my annual income was extremely high and since I was not busy doing other things, there was no problem at all.

With that feeling, by the time one week had passed, the outer wall was more than half completed.

It seemed to be stronger than the outer walls of the city, including the one on the verge of collapse in Decibator. The production pace seemed to be quite fast.

Because of its robustness, the hordes of monsters were easier to defeat for the adventurers, without me having to deal with them with Explosive Magic.

Thanks to the ease of the battle, more adventurers were sent to places where defense was thin, so the work itself became easier at an accelerated pace, and my work was about to diminish.

By the way, I remembered the description that I read in the book about dragons, “There is a possibility that a dragon will come out if an explosion causes the magic element to increase and the human MP maximum value to decrease”, and I confirmed the MP before using Explosion Magic.

Rather, it was increasing.

The level had not risen, and I had not dealt with a Wisp or a Wyvern, but it was constantly increasing.

Specifically, it increased about 3.5 million a day.

The ratio was gradual. Actually, the increase in MP was not particularly meaningful to me now, but the numerical value was quite large.

I confirmed with the other adventurers, but it seemed that their MP hadn’t increased, but it hadn’t decreased either.

Would a dragon come out?

Anyway, I got a new job after spending my last days in the battlefield.

I came to the material storage area near the center of the city’s planned construction site for the work, which was done about six times a day.

Hundreds of magic stones were piled up in front of me.

It was not something stripped from the monsters. It was all processed construction magic tools.

Those were not disposable and could be reused.

In other words, my new job was to fill them with magical power.

Originally, when a person with a lot of MP inserted magical power into a magic tool, the deterioration of the magic tool became faster, so it was not done that often. However, apparently, I was different.

I didn’t have the use of a magic tool, so I filled it with the intention of throwing it away, but it didn’t deteriorate no matter how many times I used it.

After that, reusable ones were given priority over disposable ones, and the amount of magic tools that could be used increased, which greatly improved work efficiency.

However, since time was limited to refill a large amount of magic tools on the front line; reusable magic tools that were heavy but had a short effect time could be used as a disposable substitute (compared to disposable ones). Only a few were prepared.

Thanks to this, I was going around to fill the magic tools every four hours.

「Are you done? It’s a convenient filling method. 」

「Maybe I can go again. It would be easier for all of you if there were a few more. 」

「You can scrape it from the city, but at this pace, the construction will end while you’re doing that. 」

「You’re right. 」

Immediately after the filling began, a leader-like carpenter came to pick up the magic tools.

He found this method quite convenient, so filling took very little time.

At the beginning it was very annoying, because I had to touch and fill one by one.

So, I decided to sprinkle some magical power on the place where the magic tools were, and I was able to fill them up altogether.

「How many days will it take to finish this work? 」

I asked the carpenter who was collecting the magic stones and giving instructions.

The ship I ordered had probably been completed, and even though I paid in advance, I wondered if I should leave it unattended.

「For the area to be firmly defended, it will take three days or so. However, for the inner wall and the city will take 1 or 2 months at best. 」

The city as well?

Unlike Decibator, Broken would need a triple structure or more if they wanted ordinary people to live in there.

Compared to Decibator, the space that needed to be protected would be significantly improved, and the difficulty of transportation would be greatly improved as well, which created a virtuous cycle that made it easier to defend.

「In that case, I think I can go home faster than I expected. How about in a week? 」

「It’s okay for you to go home, but can you carry the supplies? It’s not just about protecting the city. 」

「Yes, of course. I will carry them on a regular basis. 」

Even though Broken’s reclamation unit had both quality and quantity, there were many points where the transportation to maintain it was overwhelmed by my ability.

There was a good chance that it would be a big deal if I suddenly quit.

It seemed the day when I would be completely released from Broken was far away.

Two more days had passed. It was the evening of the third day.

The construction was going at a high pace as it had been until now, without incident.

Speaking of what happened…About five monsters attacked…and they withstood my Explosion Magic.

When I saw that they endured my Explosion Magic, adventurers of battle status gathered around to help, but when I used a small version of Bunker Buster Magic, I sank them easily as if I ate them in one go.

Now, the last stone was finally piled up and the outer wall was completed.

「Complete! 」

A leader-like person declared the completion of the outer wall.

At the same time, cheers rose from behind the wall, and the carpenters began to make a fuss.

「Celebration of completion! Bring ale! 」

「Don’t drink, it’s not safe yet. Do it after you go home. Do you want to be attacked by monsters and die? 」

「If you die, you should take that medicine. 」

That medicine with a bad name was not all powerful. The dead would not come back to life.


「I never thought it would be completed in two weeks… 」

This was a big step forward for this country, which had been struggling with monsters.

They regained an important base that had been dominated by monsters for 60 years.

Thus, the battle for Broken was over.

Construction of the city inside Broken was to begin, but I was returning to Photoren.

When I stopped by the Guild on my way home, I received a deposit of nearly 5 billion Tael and said to myself, “I don’t need to do business anymore”. However, when I thought about it, I had no reason to stop doing business and do something else.

Anyway, I should conquer the world economically…I should contribute to society through activities that were in demand.

Alright, justification was over.

When I went to Maple Company, I saw Mercia there.

「I’m back. How are things over here? 」

「Kaede-san! You arrived quite early. Sales of dried meat have been strong, but the inventory for the Zunana grass bottomed out about 2 days ago. I’m using the help from the Pharmacist Guild every day since there’s still the addition of Zunana grass extract, but not much is left, I’m afraid. Dimek-san often comes here to ask for it. 」

Speaking of which, the production of Zunana grass had not started in full…

When it came to the development of new materials that boasted tremendous effectiveness, the fact that there was no material even though the technology was in front of us, it was unavoidable for researchers to panic.

It was not necessary to rush, but it was the nature of researchers.

「Let me take the Zunana grass and monsters out of the item box and load them in the warehouse. What happened to the ship? 」

「Ah, yes. I received it. It is connected to the port for the time being. 」

「Thank you for your hard work. Well then, let’s open up the business from tomorrow on. Zunana grass has to be newly burned on the island. I’ll blow it up some a little later. 」

「Ah, tomorrow, you say? 」

「Is it impossible? I will carry food and luggage together, so it would be nice if you could prepare only people and supplies. 」

「…No. If it is a development for Zunana grass collection, we can start from tomorrow. I still have to call the specific people about sugarcane, so I need some time. 」

Ah, as expected, I could not let her handle everything.

Not only did Zunana grass grow, it revived even if it was uprooted, blown up, or burned, so it was necessary to gather human resources enough to weed.

「Well, it seems there is more demand for Zunana grass now. Besides, there is no problem with sugarcane even after Zunana grass has stopped growing. 」

Bunker Buster might speed up the work by a lot, but the environmental destruction would be quite serious.

In the worst case, there would be no islands left with enough nutrients.

「Well, I think we’ll be ready before tomorrow noon. Should we prepare a settlement? 」

「No, I already have a settlement. 」

It was like a grocery store made from Broken, one of which was to be dismantled because it would interfere with the construction of the inner wall. I was asked to destroy it anyway.

However, I didn’t and pulled it out of the ground by applying an upside-down landslide.

「Do you have a settlement? 」

「Inside the item box, I pulled the entire area of the house. Originally, it was a warehouse, but it is much better than a swaying ship. 」

「I don’t know what to say… 」

「Well, it doesn’t matter now. See you tomorrow. 」

It was a high-speed building method that exceeded the prefabricated method, the so-called “base withdrawal method”.

It built faster than a tent and was quite sturdy.

Okay, let’s arrange the facilities of the Zunana grass farm in 3 hours.

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