A Wish To Grab Happiness – Volume 10 – Chapter 270

Chapter 270: Ashes to the Sky

“She must be a stupid woman.”

Roseau thought, feeling slight warmth at his fingertips and trying to throw his heavy body out. He could see the burning heat slowly disappearing from his body.

Philos Trait was someone foolish, carrying things that she did not have to carry on her back, and desperately struggling to grab something with her small body.

The role of the ruler and the strong autonomous mind were to stay with her forever. However, her dwarf emotions such as sympathy and sorrow were foolish and meaningless traits. There was no way that Roseau would devote himself to such things.

It was such a distorted nature. The woman named Philos Trait could not escape from herself, no matter how far she went.

However, because she was such a woman and because she was Philos Trait, Roseau was impatient. Philos Trait always tried to be right, therefore, she a distorted woman. Perhaps, her correctness was always distorted.

「What should I do, Roseau? I’ll give you a one-time opportunity. I can make it easier for you by ending your life right now, or you can choose to be judged by Philos Trait. It’s your conclusion, so I’ll give that choice to you.」

“I heard the enemy muttering over my head. It was a clear voice, but it was not insulting me. No matter how I think about it, he is not showing compassion to his demon opponent.”

“After all, this man named Lugis is not a serious person. He wasn’t serious, so he used his blade against me who turned into a demon, and he won.”

“Yes, he is the winner.” Roseau’s cheeks swayed.

「I’ll take care of it by own accord. That’s it. Besides, you guys have no time to hang out with a little person like me.」

“I felt the heat of the flames beginning to burn my body. This strange feeling assimilated with flames was about to burn my flesh and return it to ash. From my fingertips, my existence is beginning to collapse little by little. As it is, my existence will surely disappear.”

“Obviously, after all, my Original Text has collapsed. The demon that quits and loses his proof of existence has no choice but to leave the world. The fever of hatred is destined to vanish in the end.”

“I looked at Philos Trait. She shook her limbs like a baby, and I could see her approaching me. She seemed to scream something out loud, but my ears didn’t pick it up well. I wanted to hear her voice at least one last time. I wanted to hear the voice of the woman whom I was impatient with.”

“After all, I couldn’t hate her from start to finish, how ridiculous. I wonder why? I should have been hostile towards her and curse her sometimes.”

Roseau distorted his cheeks. He was sure it was from that time. At that time, when he was still in the lowest status, he fell mesmerized with her while on patrol.

He continued with the words, while his cheeks were naturally rippling.

「I have pushed the nearby monster nests to the guards and adventurers. The monsters of the dead snow are ferocious, and will immediately attack the city streets of Philos and your army. Well, there is one thing you must do now.」

When he turned his gaze slightly upward, Roseau saw that Lugis’ eyes were slightly frowned. He didn’t know what emotions his eyes had. Anyway, those were not good emotions.

“How idiotic, I’m still your enemy. Only that is certain. I’ve exposed this kind of mischief, so let me be your enemy at least from the beginning to the end. Only then, I can die.”

“My knees became ash and my limbs collapsed. My voice will soon disappear. Mysteriously, the moonlight looks quite dazzling.”

*faint voice*

“On this moment, I felt like I could hear Philos Trait’s voice. It is a sad voice that makes me feel like crying. Curiously, I feel that’s not actually a bad thing.”

“I opened my lips. I can’t see with my eyes anymore.”

「Lugis, I want to tell you my wish at the end. And I want to thank Philos Trait. Listen…」

“I can’t see anything anymore, but I can feel that he nodded to my words somewhere. Then, there is nothing to talk about except my wish. This is the end of my life. I have no regrets. At best, there are only complaints. Yes, only small complaints. Those complaints feel like bitterness that is consuming me.”

“Yes, my wish.”

「…My wish is this, Lugis. I wanted to have met you during the time when I still believed in justice. We could have been good friends…Goodbye, hero.」

After professing those words, Roseau’s body and thus his soul turned into ashes and disappeared. At some point, the ashes were swayed by the wind and scattered all over the world.

At the mansion of the Fomor family in the Gharast Kingdom, the current owner, Roymetz Fomor, tilted the Giant, slightly read the letters of the report. After a while, he raised his face, distorting his eyes.

After doing so, he muttered without hesitation.

「Did that evil spirit retire from his duties? 」

Roymetz Fomor didn’t dare to use the word “defeat”. For the evil hero Richard Permilis, the only true defeat would be death.

Still, it was true that he was a few steps away from being killed by the Heraldics.

Roymetz leaned against the chair, which was much smaller than his own body, shaking his eyes. It seemed that he was trying to sort out the feelings that were in his mind.

To be honest, this news was a big shock to Roymetz. He never thought that Richard would be forced to retreat. It felt more of an unwavering trust of Richard in Roymetz than optimism.

When he was still young, Roymetz remembered entering the battlefield as the next head of the Fomor family. Of course, he wasn’t allowed to go to the front lines, but he did see the scenes where lives were sold at bargain prices.

Yes, he was on that battlefield. Richard adorned in his chest the two names of glory, and walked under the sunlight as a mighty hero. Roymetz remembered the emotions he had in his heart when he met him that day, even now on this day.

Well, why was a hero such as him retreating?

Roymetz knew that once he swung his big sword, the enemy army would split, and if he raised his voice, the whole army would respond. It was stupid to retreat, when Richard was such a mighty opponent. People even called him a “thunder light”.

Time had passed and Richard was certainly old. Like Roymetz, he was no longer at its peak. Still, he was a strong man. Roymetz couldn’t think of a figure that would take him down.

It seemed that the strong Richard was forced to retreat. Was the Heraldic religion a force to be reckoned with?

Roymetz’s thick fingers stroke the tip of his nose. That was Roymetz’s habit of thinking. Well, what happened? His huge body leaned while thinking about various scenarios.

The defeat of the army bearing the name of the Cathedral was not a big deal in itself. Rather, he could even welcome it.

After all, the people in the Great Holy Church were making a big noise these days. It became a bit overwhelming. If they grew up a little, then it wouldn’t be that bad to back once or twice. After all, religion was a tool of governance, and it was not interesting for tools to assert themselves too much. What they needed to do was sing only the doctrine, quietly.

However, it was also a problem when the tool did not play the role of a tool. The teachings of the Cathedral were, above all, easy to use for the rulers.

“…Is the Saint still in the middle of a pilgrimage?”

Roymetz’s big hand took a pen made of eagle wings. There was only one true history, and said history must not be a history with flaws.

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