A Wish To Grab Happiness – Volume 10 – Chapter 268

Chapter 268: The End of the Moment

The thick line of the purple blade glittered with a brilliant strangeness. The treasure sword hit Roseau’s scorching flames, which were shining brightly, and with a presence that even swallowed the flames.

Then, it thought, “ah, this kind of thing”. While the treasure sword was in the hands of the Lord, it wriggled as if it was ringing its nose.

Those who were called demons were truly demons. They were ridiculed as dead animals or even as witches.

The demon beasts were not just beasts and the people who had been invaded by demons were not just mere people. All of them belonged to a demon species that were an unmistakable direct line of the Great Devil. They benefited from the Great Devil.

If so, of course, those beings and people were good enemies. Not to mention the genus, they were the ones whose hearts had been grabbed by the devilishness itself. Their bodies were in a place different from humans.

Since a long time ago, humans had tried to wield their talents against such enemies, but to no avail. To kill them, one always needed a miracle. Such existence was something that humans were not able to grasp.

Only the hero who had been chosen by fate or the hero who had received the favor of God could make such a miracle and seize glory. Until they were chosen by the world, humans were being trampled by those unholy beings.

The treasure sword thought while drawing the purple line in the hollow.

“…Then, my Lord will certainly cut it down. It’s easier than killing a sleeping beast.”

“You are yourself because you are a hero, and you will kill this being because you are a hero. There is nothing more clear and easy to understand than this.”

The inscription of Hero Killer on the treasure sword began to shine pleasantly. Now, the treasure sword and the Lord were finally united because the Lord had finally begun to walk the heroic path.

“However, the appearance of walking through a dazzling path is dangerous. This time, if he were just a normal human being, his viscera would not be able to live with heat. The fact that the Lord is still alive is evidence that the Lord is trying to transform his body into a heroic body. Well, it’s a little disturbing that a strange magical power reached out to him. Still, I’m glad. I’m proud to say that.”

“Will the Lord say that his body is mediocre again? I can’t let him vomit such stupid words anymore. For that reason, a miracle will be shown.”

The treasure sword shook in the air. The blade drew an arc, cutting through the sky. The sparks swayed and disappeared.

“Besides, the enemy in front of us is one seed sown by Altius. Is there someone here who says that we cannot kill it?”

“My body is the mystery and miracle itself that the Great Devil Altius created by weaving its magical power. So to speak, a split spirit itself. How can we defeat those who have been given the remnants of the devil at best?”

“…It’s time, my Lord. Rejoice, because the miracle is here.”

A blazing flame exploded in the darkness.

*slashing sound*

I heard a heavy sound that slashed in the air. It was an axe that was suddenly thrown from behind Roseau.

I couldn’t see it clearly, but it must be Vestaline. Behind the flames, I could see the shadow moving intentionally. So, after stepping forward, I also decided how to move.

While standing in a posture like falling down, I put my strength into my legs briefly and outstretched my shoulders. I went forward while still leaning completely. In front of my eyes were the ferocious flames that looked like snakes. Roseau himself was also trying to swing his right arm.

It would be over if I got myself enveloped in the burning heat. My throat would burn, my lungs would burn and my limbs would turn into charcoal.

Therefore, I had to kill it. There was no choice but to kill it without giving him a second chance. I had to do it in a blink of an eye. Yes, all I had to do was killing, crushing and scraping its heart.

I took a step further. The flame snakes overlapped with each other and burned the skin. At the same time, the throwing axe approached Roseau’s back head, wielding its heavy body.

It was Vestaline. She was trying to attract Roseau’s attention without hurting me. Was she that serious? Well, of course, I was grateful.

Even though it was a demon, if it was hit by a metallic weapon, it would have no choice but to throw out its consciousness for a moment. That was the purpose of a surprise attack. That’s why I thought Vestaline aimed at the back of his skull, which would be the most effective. Roseau was no longer just a burning flame, but if the skull was blown off by a metallic object, then it should be somewhat effective.

In the dark, I opened my eyes and assumed Roseau’s movements. I tried to imagine it, while putting the treasure sword on the line.

I didn’t know if the trajectory was correct. I couldn’t be sure. The only thing that was certain was that, at the moment, either me or Roseau, either body would scatter. There was no other truth.

Still, I believed. I wouldn’t be able to do anything if I became too frightened to lose. In the end, there was nothing left in my hands.

If I died, at least I wanted to die in the script that I created myself. I didn’t want to die on someone else’s stage.

The rich purple hue repelled the sparks. I traced the trajectory that my eyes envisioned, as if the treasure sword created its path automatically. Smooth lines were drawn as if the treasure sword itself had a strong will. It was meant to tear Roseau’s left side to gouge his heart.

*cracking sound*

There was a heavy noise. It was the sound of the blade from the axe scraping Roseau’s skull. It was the sound of shattering that could be neither meat nor flame.

As soon as it touched Roseau, the heat of flame quickly ate the axe. Nevertheless, the hard impact, which was fatal in nature, did its job.

His knees swayed. It was less than a moment, but I could see Roseau’s flames swaying. His eyes, which were shining brightly, swayed in black and white.

Originally, I thought it was a proper blow to make this demon kneel. Roseau’s eyes certainly realized that agitation.

「…Gah…Gyahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! 」

Still, Roseau swung his right arm, which became a fire pillar itself, against its surroundings. The shock and turmoil that ran through would have shaken the flame attack.

It was just supreme. Roseau, who was an amateur in tactics, released it blindly, in order to kill his opponents and to burn out his enemies. If it swallowed us, we would definitely lose ourselves.

Looking at the unstable flames in front of me, I wielded the flash of the purple blade as if crossing the deadly crimson. My eyes narrowed slightly. After all, my heart naturally understood that I and this guy were similar, yet different.

Without hesitation, I wielded my weapon against my opponent. My attack looked like a distorted way to pierce through the skull in order to kill the enemy.

…Yeah, I’ll do the same for you, Roseau. See you, my likeness.

At the end of a moment that seemed to be daunting, the flame heat collapsed without leaking a sob.

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