Cheat Magic Swordsman – Volume 4 – Chapter 63

Chapter 63: The Defeat and The Resurrection

There was no need to use magic around me, except in case of emergency. However, I didn’t have much to do, so it was okay to use magic for digging holes.

In order to finish digging quickly, I used Pressure Magic on the ground and activated it.

It was a magic with a strength and magic power of about 0.5, which was also used to fight against thieves.

As planned, the magic unfolded about 30 cm into the ground and made a “buzzing” sound.

A little later, the soil was raised, but it was…not blown away.

It was natural if one thought about it, since soil would not blow away that easily with just Pressure Magic.

Maybe I should use Explosive Magic, as it had the power to blow off the earth and sand when removing the Zunana grass. It was even powerful enough to blow off hard trees in square kilometers wide.

However, if I used that fuel-efficient magic, it would be dangerous.

Alright, should I develop magic here for the first time in a while?

In the first place, I had to avoid using magic that I had difficulty of handling. Therefore, I had to use magic that was like gravity or magnetic force acting on the entire target area.

It was like creating a “field” that interfered with all the objects inside.

The image was not that difficult.

Aside from gravitational fields, even ordinary high school students on Earth knew that electromagnetic fields could be easily created by humans.

Okay, I used that magic in the area and tried to lift it, by bringing it outside the moat to the planned construction site for the second wall.

Then, the target soil quickly moved to the target point as if it were a landslide upward.

If I moved a little further and did the same thing again, the same phenomenon would occur again.

The magic was activated by accumulating magical power for about 10 seconds on the spot. Then, I dug a hole with a steep wall at a depth of 4 m and a radius of about 5 m at the point where I was standing, creating a mass of soil of the same size.

…Somehow, my magic became like a large heavy machine.

Or rather, I myself was a heavy machine.

If this method didn’t work, I was thinking of doing some rough work such as crushing the ground with water pressure and moving it using an item box, but there was no need.

「Hey, hey, what happened here? 」

An adventurer, who was digging a hole at a distance, clearly saw a hole that was much larger than the time when he started digging, or rather the soil excavated from it, and spoke to me.

He didn’t seem to skip work to talk, since he continued to dig up the soil nearby.

「It takes time to dig a hole, so I thought I’d use magic to do it fast. I’ve just succeeded in doing so. 」

This magic…Would it be called “upside-down landslide” magic because of how it looked?

「Are you using magic for soil digging? You must stop now, stop. 」

「Why? 」

Was there a case of failure before?

「Magic power is the lifeblood of a wizard, and it should be preserved in case of emergency. If you die because you shortened it for digging, we will fall. 」

Oh, was he worried about my magical power?

It was a useless worry for me because my MP didn’t move from the upper limit even if I tried to use all of my magical power.

The only thing that was a bother was the amount of magic used per unit time.

Even so, it had increased significantly compared to the past.

「It’s okay, no matter how much I use it, my magical power will hardly decrease. In fact, even my recovery rate is faster. 」

「Hey, hey, no matter how much you… 」

「Otherwise, I wouldn’t keep flying that high just for reconnaissance. 」

「Hmm…Is that so? I think it’s a bit strange. 」

「There’s nothing strange about it. Anyway, if I can use my magical power to the fullest without a problem, can I use it for digging? 」

It would be a problem to dig many holes without permission.

「Ah, okay…If you want to use it, then take the permission from Artem-san on that table over there.」

Looking at the adventurer’s point, I saw an adventurer holding a small bow on a table with soil at a height of about 3m.

He seemed to be looking at me, and our eyes met.

I waved and magically flew closer over there to get permission.

「Excuse me. Can I use magic to dig? I want to dig faster. 」

「Oh, I was watching you because it seemed like you were doing something. It’s my first time to see such magic, but where did you learn it? 」

「I haven’t learned it. I just made it. 」

「Did you…make magic? What do you mean? 」

「Eh? No, I just use magical power to imagine it. See. 」

I improvised and activated the magic that I had come up with.

It was a magic that floated water around fire to create a dim light.

It didn’t mean anything special.

「…It’s a magic I’ve never seen before. 」

「That’s because I made it now. Is it unusual to make magic? 」

「I’ve never heard people capable of making magic in modern times, and it’s a rare sight. Well, I’ll talk about that later, because we’re still in battle. Of course, you can use magic. But if you get instructions, will you join the attack?」

「I understand. I’m going now. 」

I got permission easily.

Artem-san told me to open the place where I dug.

I went there and used the upside-down landslide continuously.

The adventurers who were in charge of the place I dug were preparing to use the moat that was roughly made by magic.

The work was carried out much earlier than originally planned, and when the moat and wall were half completed, Artem-san gave the following instructions.

「Change! Team A is for defense, team C is for moat production, team B is for break!」

It seemed that it was time to change shifts.

In the week-long battle for Broken, not everyone could continue to work.

Naturally, sleep time was also secured…About half of the adventurers here went to sleep in groups of about 6 people each between the first wall and the second wall, and the other half went to the wall I made.

Shortly after team A reached the wall, team C moved toward the moat and the shift change was completed.

But my job didn’t change.

Although I was not needed at the moment, my ability was special and there was no substitute, so I was treated as the group called “Kaede Team”.

My position was extremely flexible, since I could hear the instructions anywhere.

Unless there were special circumstances, I was free to sleep and eat.

Anyway, I continued to work on expanding the moat as usual.

The adventurers who received the instructions moved around in a hurry, solidifying the moat and walls.

The work was about 80% finished.

I heard the sound of Explosion Magic…A tactic that was supposed to be used when requesting a bombing.

Looks like something happened on the defense line.

According to the voice heard from the front, it seemed to be a large group of monsters.

I raised the altitude in a hurry and looked for the target.

Then, starting from a place about 50 to 100 m away from the wall, I saw a group of black lizard-like monsters with a total length of about 4 m each rushing toward the wall.

Immediately, I identified the limit of area and its range in order to avoid hurting my allies, and performed a magical bombing.

I was not sure what type of monster those were, but the power of magic was stable.

With a roaring sound, the lizards were torn apart, and those who were not torn apart were blown away and became immobile.

I had not confirmed those monsters by appraising them one by one, but it was definitely clear that they would die if I left them alone.

When I saw below my feet after blowing away the hordes of monsters that were about 200, the lizards I had slaughtered…which, according to the appraisal, seemed to be Black Lizards, remained almost annihilated, except 3.

I saw an adventurer with a sword slashing one of them and jumping back to dodge the other Black Lizard’s counterattack.

As expected, it was a high-ranked adventurer, since his movements were impossible for human beings on Earth, such as retracting about 5 m backwards.

He dodged the attack of another Black Lizard near the landing point without losing balance and kept a distance.

However, that adventurer seemed to have been fatally unlucky anyway.

At the landing point, the Black Lizard, who had just lost its balance, had a distressed kick and hit the adventurer.

The adventurer was struck from his back to the waist and blew off nearly 10m away from his standing position.

There was no pursuit, but even though he was an adventurer with a strong body that could jump more than 5 m on his own, that attack was bad.

At best, his hip bone was broken, the worst fatal injury.

Thinking that I could do something with recovery magic, I descended while watching the lizard that attacked the adventurer from afar.

I landed on the ground and tried to approach the adventurer.

However, the situation was strange.

「…Okay. 」

With that said, the adventurer stood up on the spot as if nothing had happened and returned to his place.

In the adventurer’s hand was a container of the elixir with that crappy name*.

The mystery recovery that only happened in games on Earth was happening in reality as a matter of course.

It seemed that the other adventurers who came here did not particularly care about what happened to the injured adventurer.

…It seemed that the adventurers in this world were quite adaptable to their new reality, less than two days after the elixir was developed.

After all, after this, I bombed it several times, and nothing happened except that the adventurer super-recovered for several times over. Moreover, the wall and moat were completed.

The mountain range was over so easily that it impressed me.

The magic to blow away the enemy over a wide range, the medicine of immediate recovery, and the magic properties that looked like heavy machine, all of it looked natural if I accepted them without questions.

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*The name of the elixir can be found in chapter 62 of volume 4.


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