A Wish To Grab Happiness – Volume 10 – Chapter 264

Chapter 264: The Loosen Flame

It was a strange sight. A knife pierced Roseau’s back and a throwing axe bit his belly. Blood fluttered in the air after being released from the body, polluting the night.

Usually, a person would die immediately. Even if a person could keep some of his structural form, after a few minutes the heart would lose momentum and the soul would not be able to cling to the body.

Even so, there was no such sign from Roseau. Rather, it seemed to enhance its fearless behavior by bathing in his blood.

I squeezed my eyes. I saw his blood making bubbles around him and the piercing weapons distorting their appearance.

Heat and flames swirled throughout his body. It was different from magic and curse.

Behind the eyelids, I could see the reflection of the meat beast of God seen in the mercenary city of Belfein. At the same time, there was a sound that I did not want to hear in the back of my ears. The sound was strangely solemn and jarring, as if slowly scraping off my bone.

With that alone, my brain nodded as if it understood it all.

Roseau was no longer human. He was like a terrifying demon, born as a result of God and others bouncing their fingertips.

「Well then, how are we going to kill it…Vestaline? For now, I want you to save Bruder. 」

However, as a demon, the moment it swallowed our weapons, I had no choice but to throw my reason away. Now I just wanted to rush and save Bruder.

I didn’t know if she was thrown away or if she took a distance herself, but Bruder was standing on the other side of Roseau, on the edge of the roof. From a distance, I could see that she was already vomiting blood. She had a deep wound. Was this guy the one who did it? This guy hurt my friend.

Vestaline heard my words and hit the red bricks with her toes. Nobody would stop her from running with momentum. It felt like a rush with a battle axe.

And it was my job to keep Roseau’s attention until Vestaline rushed to Bruder. Great, it was easy to understand and it fit my nature.

I made Philos Trait sit on the roof earlier while pulling out the treasure sword in a position that made it float in the air. The purple hue glittered in the night like its primary color.

Well, I was thinking about how to get his attention. Curiously, Roseau wasn’t interested in Vestaline running beside him or Bruder lying down behind him. He kept looking straight at me with his eyes wide open.

Okay, he was clearly fixated in me. Sorry, but I don’t have that kind of hobby.

「I was waiting for you, my enemy. I heard that a bloodthirsty mountain dog would come here soon.」

Roseau’s eyes were rough, as if they were packed with fire. The tone of his voice was also different from what I heard in front of the castle gate. He had a gentlemanly attitude at that time, but now he seemed to show his thorny emotions.

I said while removing the chewing tobacco from my lips.

「Mountain dogs are hungry only for meat, while blood is always hungry for humans or gods. How about you, Roseau? 」

I gazed at Roseau while saying those light-sounded words. The knife and axe that were supposed to be stuck in his body had lost their power and were thrown onto the roof without force. The cuts they made on the skin also seemed to be gradually closing while blowing up smoke. Was it possible to say that heat was forcibly closing the wounds?

The truth was that I shouldn’t overlap my blade with such a monster, no, with such a demon. There was no Caria or Filaret here, unlike what happened in Belfein. Although Ann acted as a liaison, it would be too convenient to expect immediate reinforcements.

Bruder and Vestaline were two forces in themselves, but they wouldn’t be able to help. Not to mention Philos Trait.

I was stuck, which meant that I had to do it by myself. What a wonderful thing.

「I see. Then, neither of us are humans, Lugis…Lugis Vrilligant. 」

Roseau’s expression was pleasant, but somewhat dangerous. His spirit looked excited in a dangerous way. If the heat was blown away even for a moment, it was likely to lose one’s life.

However, I didn’t think that the person who had transformed into an obvious demon would call me the Great Devil Vrilligant. Roseau looked more mythical than me.

I saw Roseau stepping in this place, uttering those words. Those were not casual steps, but steps aimed at giving utmost power. With that alone, the red bricks at his feet had the power to crush a person. The debris became like tiny weapons to pierce into the hollow.

The pain of the cuts ran through my skin slightly. It felt like a dazzle when it slammed at my cheeks and eyes. Roseau’s swung up his arm when jumping, and such sight was reflected at the edge of my view. The space between me and Roseau disappeared in a blink of an eye.

Two steps later, my view was hollow, probably because pieces of red bricks had entered my eyes. My skin felt the sign that Roseau’s flame was approaching me. I narrowed my eyes. One step further, my cheeks felt some vicious pressure. That pressure was close enough to easily crush my skull.

After that, it was a zero step…it was time.

At that moment, I opened my eyes and made the treasure sword growl and draw a purple line in the night sky. It ran from top right to bottom left. The sound of the flash of light that cut through the hollow was comfortably echoing in my ears.

The blade of the treasure sword easily bit the flesh of the enemy and made blood burst. Beyond that, I felt a firm feel. It felt like breaking the spine, which was the core of the body.

The dissonance between flesh and bone struck my ears. Roseau’s internal organs were creaking and screaming.

The blood on the cheeks and arms had a strange heat. There was a burning sound. However, I did not care about that.

After slashing Roseau’s upper body with the sword, I slammed my shoulder against Roseau’s body with the momentum of swinging the treasure sword. I wanted to bounce him off in a rush attack, if possible.

However, it was quite heavy. After colliding with all my weight, Roseau only retracted slightly. It was impossible. No matter how much I thought about it, it was not the weight of a person.

The feeling of pressure hit my body. Roseau’s palm looked somewhat strange. At his fingertips, something like a flame was visible.

Indeed, if that blow caught me somewhere in my body, my meat would melt and the blood would boil, and I would die immediately. I had such an unmistakable and terrible feeling.

But, just as the blade that did not tear the flesh had no meaning, the flame that did not burn the skin also had no meaning. Perhaps, I forcibly aimed at his body without realizing the implications of my attack. Roseau’s posture was greatly tilted.

I took back the blade of the treasure sword that was left shaken. My wrist rang slightly.

Even though it was a demon that melted weapons and did not get fatally wounded, its appearance was that of a human being. In that case, I should cut off his limbs and half of his body so that he would not move them. It would be the same as being dead. I had to move the weapon faster than it burned, and even faster than the healing wounds.

Step half a step. Time was already short enough. I had to keep this distance in order to crush not only the meat but also the bones.

I found that blood had become a fiery fever as it fell on my cheeks. I further narrowed my eyes. I fixed the legs and drove the body so that the hips drew a circle. The purple hue was swung out as if it had become one with my arm.

…A dark purple light drew a semi-circle in the space and cut the hollow. A few moments later, a red line appeared on Roseau’s belly.

It was a flash of blood. I felt the peculiar touch of scraping off the internal organs of his belly along with the dullness when cutting off his bones.

Roseau’s torso slid down from the lower body as if it had lost its support. I saw Roseau reaching out to me with his eyes wide open and frenzied.

My fingertips did not reach. Only a little heat was burning my cheeks. On the red brick, two chunks of meats laid down. I heard a large amount of blood spilling from Roseau’s body, and it burned the edges of the red bricks.

Well, it would be easier if he died now. I swung the treasure sword in the air to shake off the sticky blood. A scorching smell pierced my nose.

The body was cut in two, the shoulders were torn and the internal organs were spilling with a burning smell. It was an unmistakable and inescapable death.

However, how much ordinary common sense could I apply to this demon? I saw a similar existence with Eldith before, who was the incarnation of destruction.

Then, this one would not die yet.

「…There is no mercy, even though the deviating hunter is someone that misses the prey.」

It was no longer a voice, but the sound of fire overlapping with words.

Roseau’s body was wrapped in flames as if he had thrown away its meat and blood. He no longer needed the human body wrapped in meat and skin. It burned.

I replied, slightly biting my lips and snorting.

「Hey, hey, you raised your hand at my friend. I don’t think I need to have mercy on someone like you, don’t you agree?」

I said to the deceased who was burning in the flames. I felt that my chest had a strange fever.

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