A Wish To Grab Happiness – Volume 10 – Chapter 262

Chapter 262: Burning Person

A roar shattered the red bricks and blew them away. The figure that danced in the hollow of the night looked like a flock of bats. It was a single swing of Roseau’s arm that made it happen.

Roseau’s arms weren’t thin, but they looked human. It was not possible for Roseau to flip the bricks on the roof all at once. Yes, if he were ordinary, so to speak.

In other words, he was an anomaly. Bruder muttered deep inside her chest, playing with a flash of silver with her fingertips.

Glittering needles flew towards the red bricks like moving waves. Aiming at Roseau’s neck and heart, the needles accurately slipped through the gaps in the sky. Bruder didn’t know what trick led to that anomaly. Still, it was better than doing nothing.

“Are my needles impossible to reach Roseau’s body?” Bruder’s anxiety consumed her very being. However, the needles pierced Roseau’s neck and heart with ease. Fresh blood disappeared into the darkness.

Those long needles had a special nature. If Bruder tried to pull them out by force, Roseau’s throat and heart would burst, and he would definitely die.

Bruder turned her gaze toward Roseau’s body, pressing her lips. If this was something impossible to kill, then she would’ve to replace her common sense in earnest. Whether he was a human or a demon beast, he would die if his core got crushed.

「God said you are a fool who shook off salvation by pursuing your own wishes.」

However, Roseau spoke as if no pain was inflicted on brain. He grabbed the long needles stuck in his neck and heart with his bare hands and pulled them out. He did it with a sharp movement even though it was far from being sharp.

Naturally, blood spilled from his heart like a muddy stream, and the skin on his neck ripped apart as his body became both red and black. Still, Roseau went one step further without showing fear.

Bruder felt the bricks shattering along with the pressure approaching her cheeks.

「That’s why, even in such a state…」

The moment Roseau’s words touched Bruder’s earlobes, something unpleasant reached her spine. Even though that man talked nonsense, Bruder still felt a strange sense of oppression that ate her body alive.

To escape the heavy weight of the air, Bruder kicked and bounced strongly on the roof. She was not good at acrobatics on the unstable scaffolding. Rather, it was her specialty. While twisting her body in the air, she threw a few needles at Roseau. This time, Bruder aimed at both his knees.

What kind of mechanism was it? What kind of existence was it? Bruder had no idea. Rather, she fell into a nightmare. All she wanted to do was turn her back and run away.

“No, I should have done it by now. Generally, if you work as an assassin, you should withdraw when the other person notices you.”

However, Bruder realized that it was no longer an option.

Roseau talked about the Lord of Vice, Lugis, when Bruder tried to kill him.

What would he do if he saw this enemy? Under normal reasoning, one would retreat. It would be strange to deal with such an unknown foreign object instead of being wary.

Yet, it was odd. Bruder couldn’t imagine her employer turning his back on this foreign object. Lugis would rather try to kill this weird being with a chewing tobacco on his amusing lips rather than stepping back.

“That’s why I won’t run away from this threat.”

Bruder’s eyes were wide open, and her body bounced on the roof without hesitation. Every time she touched her leg on the roof, she threw a needle at Roseau. Next were his elbows. Next were the wrists and ankles. If the needles stuck into the meat, even if Roseau was a foreign body, it would be possible to sew his joints together. It was a small possibility, but it was worth it.

The employer was a benefactor.

“I don’t like to talk about myself in a way that I understand everything, and I can be easily dissatisfied with people straight away. However, because he was there, I was able to join hands with Vestaline again, and even though my health and body looked like a piece of crap, I managed to survive thanks to him.”

“Yes, that’s right. I finally understand. I want to repay the favor. Like Vestaline, I feel indebted to my employer. That’s why I decided to follow his back again. There is no difference. Is it permissible to give a favor unilaterally and not give time to return it?”

Bruder looked at Roseau, who inevitably received the needles with his body, while sticking a faint smile on her face. “That’s why this foreign body…no, this demon is going to die by my hands. Even if the enemy does not die, I will kill it for sure.”

With that in mind, Bruder knew it was time to drive the limbs and hold the needles again. Suddenly, a feeling of strangeness ran at her fingertips. She never felt such feeling before.

…The needles were hot.

It was not unbearable, but it was true that the needles were hot. It was snowing right now. The needles would freeze in this weather if left alone for too long. Yet, they were hot. Did she hold it too tightly in her hands? Bruder bent her fingers and touched the needles again. They were still hot.

Wrong. The needles were undoubtedly hot. Moreover, the heat gradually became stronger as if they were burning. Hot, hot, hot. Bruder couldn’t hold them anymore.

Her heart palpitated strongly. This was a huge anomaly. Her gaze turned to the demon in front of her.

Roseau’s eyes were blazing in the darkness. Those were not human eyes.

「Have the needles stopped coming? Then, just like a statue or a stone, it’s better for them to stand still.」

At the same time Roseau echoed his voice, the needles pierced his limbs, sobbing aloud. It emitted a smoke, while creaking its body and screaming.

A huge number of flames emitted from the demon’s body. It melted the iron and distorted the surrounding air. The surrounding heat was so high that even the building itself was likely to collapse.

While twisting her tongue, Bruder threw a needle that was still pinched between her fingers. It could be pointless, but it couldn’t be helped. Her fingers were about to get hot. Therefore, she had to release it before she could no longer hold it.

“What should I do?” Bruder’s muscles momentarily cramped as if she was frightened.

“The situation is simply the worst. My weapon, the needles, didn’t work, and now, I am restricted from using them.”

History told that demons…the servants of the great demons and enemies of mankind, were usually killed by heroes. Only heroes could end such devilish lives.

“However, I am an ordinary person. There is no way that I will find a magnificent blade and brilliantly thrust it into the enemy. There is no way that I will find such a wonderful plot.” Bruder no longer inhaled and exhaled the hot air.

“Then, at best, I’ll scratch it by doing my best. At least, I’ll stick to it until my limbs are torn. That way, maybe my employer will admit that I’ve done well.”

Was it tragic or ridiculous? Such feeling emerged in Bruder’s viscera. That was because she had a strange belief in her heart that she wouldn’t be saved anymore.

After all, it wasn’t just the needles that got hot. Bruder swallowed her spit, while clenching her back teeth.

“…My body is hot. It feels as if the heat of the burning flames is gushing from within.”

“Is it no good anymore?” Bruder muttered with her cheeks, and then, laughed. The figure of the employer was visible on the back of her eyelids.

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