Cheat Magic Swordsman – Volume 4 – Chapter 62

Chapter 62: The Mountain and The Suppression

When I went to the Guild and was informed about the upcoming operations, the first thing they told me to do was to pack a large amount of materials into the item box.

However, the materials were not for a full-scale exterior wall construction as I thought they would be.

It was barricade materials instead.

The full-scale construction was impossible until its safety was secured. Craftsmen could only enter the premises until the area was safe to do so.

Moreover, materials for the outer walls were currently being processed, and there was nothing to carry.

However, it didn’t mean the luggage would be reduced, but rather the opposite.

The mass and volume of what should be used as a wall due to its solid structure was covered to some extent.

The amount of building materials required for that was tremendous.

「Excuse me. I came to pick up the building materials at the request of the Guild.」

「I’ve heard about it. These are the building materials…But, are you really carrying this alone? It’s looks like a mountain of materials rather than just one piece.」

The man pointed to a mountain of rocks, which were the building materials.

The height was about 20m, and the radius was several times that amount.

I heard people say that these were just waste stones that came out when digging coal a long time ago.

「Yes, I will carry these by myself…But this seems to be more difficult to store than the transportation itself.」

「Is that so? 」

「Yes, that’s right. Then, I will start storing it, so please step away, because it may collapse.」

This was a place a little far from the city, and I had confirmed that there were no people around me other than the guide. After I confirmed that the guide had left the premises, I started storing immediately.

I made full use of the item box and walked straight toward the center of the mountain.

As I recently found, it seemed that I could store things that were, specifically, within a radius of about 50 cm from me.

I stored the mountain from the edge and cut down toward the center.

It was like digging a tunnel in a rocky mountain without any support.

Naturally, the mountain collapsed with a roaring sound, and rubble fell on my head, but just in case, I deployed the magical armor to protect myself. Then, I stored the falling debris.

When I arrived on the other side, the rubble hills turned into two hills at the place where I crossed over.

When I returned to the starting point while cutting down the larger of the two hills with the same method, I saw the guide in the distance opening his mouth in awe.

I approached him a little and talked to him.

「It’s going to take a while, so it’s okay for you to go back to the city.」

「Ah…No, I can see something unusual. I’ll keep watching until I get tired of it.」

「Is that so? Okay then. 」

There seemed to be no problem, so I returned back to work.

The collapse, which was flashy at first, gradually became subdued as the height became lower, and finally, the last rocks fell.

I ran around the site again with magic and finished the work.

After that, I put some rubble of pile in the item box, and finally received a large amount of food from the Guild-owned warehouse and left Photoren.

The operation itself was to begin in Decibator.

By the time I arrived at Decibator, there were already over 100 adventurers in front of the Guild.

About two-thirds of them carried large excavators on their backs for digging holes.

These people were the number of selected and elite adventurers who had been judged to have the power to fight at the forefront during the Broken’s capture battle.

「Oh, Kaede, have you come? Have you secured the materials and food?」

When I landed on the ground, the mayor greeted me.

「Yes. (If the building material is a pile of rubble) I brought it. Food is also in tons.」

The ingredients I’ve prepared this time were mainly dried meat and buckwheat flour.

I wished I had a solid dish, but I didn’t think there were many things that could be eaten quickly on the battlefield.

Bread weighed about 50 kilograms. It was heavy and not very tasty.

If I could afford it, I would be cooking the ingredients I brought in personally.

「Okay, I understand. But since you’ve arrived, you must leave about 1 ton of buckwheat flour on the ground.」

「Yes, there’s no problem…But why? 」

「I don’t think it would be easy to kill you, since you’ve killed a Wyvern solo, but in the unlikely event that you die, we’ll be without food. We need necessary food for withdrawal at least. That’s it.」

「I understand. Well, but I don’t intend to die, anyways. 」

Speaking of which, I wouldn’t die, ‘cause now I had the special medicine.

「The other day, a new medicine was developed. Do you want to use it in the Guild? The Pharmacist Guild gave permission to use it here.」

「I haven’t heard about that, but what kind of medicine is it? 」

「The HP…No. Well, it’s a physical strength recovery potion. If you’re an adventurer, that will bring you back to life in one shot even if you’re dying. When I used it on a former adventurer who was actually dying from an illness, his physical strength recovered to the level of his heyday.」

I said that while handing a potion bottle.

To be precise, it was a further improved version of that medicine.

「This container is…truly from the Pharmacist Guild. It says “Super Strength Recovery Medicine Change”, but is this really the name of the medicine? 」

「Eh…I think so, yes. I didn’t know the medicine had a name. 」

Naming, huh. Did they go a little further?

This was the first potion to be put into practical use as if it were a supermarket item.

Did that researcher think of a name after all that tension?

「A marginal effect measured value a 350, half amount per one 175…Is it a diluted elixir or something? I’m grateful if it can be used, but if I use it without permission, the officials from the country will complain.」

The mayor asked while looking around the cap of the container.

The limit was the same as the amount of HP recovery.

「It is a genuine, completely new potion made with only current materials. There are a lot of them, so please use them. If you want to advertise it, you can do it for free.」

「I’m curious about what happened in the Pharmacist Guild, but I’m grateful to receive it…By the way, why did you make it? Is it really made by you, Kaede? That’s a little insane…」

「No, it’s not. I wasn’t the one who made it. It was kindly provided to me by the Pharmacist Guild in order to protect the city (although I also want a laboratory table and achievements). I just brought things up.」

Actually, I also provided with one of the substances, but it was a trivial matter.

「I see, so the Pharmacist Guild is the big player. Then, let’s distribute this to the participating adventurers.」

After saying that, the mayor began to distribute the potion.

After doing so, the mayor started the final confirmation of the operation, and the march began.

In short,  we had to gather and assault while defeating monsters, built a wall in the back of Broken’s site with a moat* slightly behind it as a defense line, and the building corps (adventurers and craftsmen who could not participate in the assault) would put in place for the construction system.

I was in charge of reconnaissance from about 100m above the adventurers.

In case of emergency, I planned to use Fire Magic, but I didn’t want to use it in vain, so I concentrated on reconnaissance for the time being.

I could see the adventurers from the sky, but there was no danger even if they rushed into a place full of monsters because they were the elite.

The movements seemed to be disjointed, and in reality, they were moving firmly considering the distance that suited each carrying weapon.

Originally, the main wizard of the rearguard did not follow them due to endurance and march speed, and since the rearguard was left only to the archers, the wizard seemed to be further behind.

Adventurers who ran nearly 60 kilometers with the same momentum in less than two hours began to wipe out the surrounding monsters.

From here, I also descended to the ground and destroyed monsters over a radius of several kilometers.

After the killing, it was finally time to build.

「Suppression is complete! Keep the defense line as it is! …Also, Kaede, I’ll leave the wall up to you.」

It seemed that it was an A-rank adventurer who gave the instructions.

I didn’t feel that his ability was particularly different from those around me, but was it a leadership issue?

「Roger that! 」

Directed by the leader, I began to install the wall in Broken, slightly beyond the monster area, rather than the narrowest area.

While flying, I dropped the rubble and a simple barricade got installed.

Even though the width was narrow, the height of the wall was not that high, at most 2 m tall.

However, even if it was not enough, it was still useful.

I did not seek such a perfect function to the temporary position from the beginning.

「The wall is finished! 」

「I got it! Everyone retreats to the back of the wall, Group A and Group B start making moats now and Group C will defend!」

The three groups divided the adventurers into three equal strengths. The one that did not carry a shovel would defend the wall and the rear of the unit, and the rest would camp about 100m behind the wall and start doing the moat.

This digging would continue for a week without a break and was the largest site of this operation.

I didn’t belong to any of those groups, so I was free except during an emergency.

…Shall I use magic for this digging?

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*A deep, wide ditch surrounding a castle, fort, or town, typically filled with water and intended as a defense against attack.


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