A Wish To Grab Happiness – Volume 10 – Chapter 256

Chapter 256: The Boundary between Day and Night

…Our golden Lugis is still a Heraldic hero.

There was one conviction in Matia’s heart, which was to break the words professed by Eldith herself. Matia breathed heavily while looking directly at Eldith’s face.

Eldith’s burning blue eyes showed that her skull was dominated by wrath. Her well-groomed lips were about to spit fire. But no matter how emotional she was, she was still the Queen of Ghazalia.

If so, it was not possible to break the alliance with the Heraldic religion on that very moment. Matia looked back at Eldith’s blue eyes, with a slight quiver in her eyes.

In the Battle of Sanyo, the Ghazalian elves, in the form of an alliance, drew their bows and arrows against the Great Holy Church alongside the Heraldic religion. With them, they pointed their swords at the God of the Great Holy Church.

The Great Holy Church would never forget that resentment. Being intolerant was their greatest characteristic. They persecuted pagans and other ethnic groups, and trampled on different cultures by eradicating them. By doing so, it had grown bigger than ever before.

The same was true for the elves. From the beginning, the Great Holy Church didn’t treat them as human beings nor even as living things. The Great Holy Church would not stop persecution until the race of elves fell into slavery.

The Hanging Gardens of Ghazalia also became an enemy of the God of the Great Holy Church. Then, the Heraldic religion and Ghazalia were nothing but a relationship that shared the same fate.

Of course, Eldith understood such a thing. Ghazalia was not in a lenient position to be separated from the Heraldic religion, but rather, it was being questioned for its existence as a nation.

Matia narrowed her eyes and leaked words to the scribe, who bounced his shoulders as if he were frightened. Eldith was no different. The content of the document that was about to be written, declared to which power Lugis belonged to.

Of course, although Ghazalia had no choice but to take the hands of the Heraldic religion, it was not a good thing to have a discord with them. Temporary dissatisfaction ended when swallowed, but when accumulated, it could lead to extreme chaos. Therefore, Matia thought it was necessary to make concessions as much as possible.

However, the story was different when it came to Lugis’ current status. Matia made a fearsome look, like showing her nose high up.

Of course, it was not a silly reason to be driven by one’s own emotions. This was because Lugis was a hero, and the sword of the Heraldic Order.

A hero was a powerful drug that stirred the people’s chests and blew away mental sleep by raging the flow of blood. The Heraldic Order must have that drug today. People could not live without a dream or hope, even if they were just fragments. He was showing the people what it was like to dream and hope, whether he wanted it or not.

In addition to that, the presence of Caria Burdnick and Filaret La Volgograd, who accompanied him like his wings, was also a good stimulus for the soldiers. Losing Lugis was equivalent to letting go of their precious strength. They would follow him, whether in the Heraldic Order or in Ghazalia.

Matia was also a little envious of people like them. They had no responsibility as rulers and could act as they wished. She never hated the role of a Saint, but nevertheless, Matia had occasional thoughts of such things.

Anyway, Lugis needed his own management team wherever he went. Otherwise, he would just move emotionally and without reckoning. He was a person who could not reasonably live unless someone else managed it. Was it possible to throw him out irresponsibly now? Such behavior was impossible for the Saint.

With calculation and mercy of the Saint, Matia decided what to say based on her mind and heart. She couldn’t hand over Lugis to Ghazalia.

Matia, the Heraldic Saint, and Eldith, the Queen of the Hanging Gardens of Ghazalia, were having a breathtaking meeting. Their words fit into the recording parchment, and at the same time, the tent swayed violently. The tent, which should not have opened without Matia or Eldith’s permission, opened its mouth wide.

An escort soldier showed his face through the gap, and told them in a rather loud voice, with his throat completely dry.

…Lady Ann has an urgent message for you. It involves Lord Lugis.

Both the Saint and the Queen flashed their eyes strongly.

The rising sun slowly dropped its appearance to the ends of the mountains, painting the sky in dark red. The light reached the walls of the autonomous city of Philos. The night was falling soon.

While holding spears close to the wall, the watchmen suddenly blinked their eyes at the scenery. It was the moment when day and night switched places. The tension tearing their hearts apart was a little relieved by the beautiful sight.

However, the relaxation was short. Immediately frightened and tense, they all reached out from the back of their stomachs. Needless to say, the cause of such feelings was the Heraldics.

It was good since those barbarians returned to their positions quietly. Still, it should be temporary. Perhaps, they would attack the city of Philos again.

With that in mind, the watchmen had to keep an eye on the horizon more than ever. However, they didn’t see anything at all, even after standing on a lookout without rest.

「Hey, how’s it going? Have the heretics come? 」

A very tired voice was heard from the side. One of the watchmen was surprised for a moment, but soon after he realized that he was a comrade, and his shoulders relaxed. Being two guards on that particular lookout didn’t mean much at all. However, it was much more encouraging than being alone.

“Nothing in particular”, said the watchman. His comrade returned the words by saying, “nothing here as well”.

「I don’t like this situation. Why did this happen? It’s was peaceful before. 」

He nodded and responded to the words of his comrade. He has heard it from his parents, and from their generation, that the city of Philos was peaceful before. He was never tormented by fear until the battle came and hid away.

Why was this happening now? He was so terrified of the horrors brought by the heretics. He felt like a baby who never stopped crying in the city.

「Of course, it’s because of the immoral Philos! It’s that whore’s fault! 」

The comrade spoke as if he spit those words from his throat.

Yes, it was all because of that immoral person. That woman stupidly took part in the campaign, and she even suffered a defeat. Even though it was a guilty crime, she joined hands with the Heraldic demons to save herself.

What a filth she was. It was the work of a prostitute itself. Her white eye was the same too. The watchman thought all the status and the goods she obtained was by selling her body.

The watchman thought such a thing, revealing dissatisfaction and anger. He seemed to argue that the cause of all their problems were because of Philos Trait.

The watchman agreed with his comrade, with an unscrupulous smile.

「Well then, let’s do good deeds tonight as well. 」

It was a mocking smile. The comrade cleared his throat and laughed.

「Let’s go see her crying again. This is also a good deed to God. 」

The word “good deed” meant to hurt Philos Trait for her mischief. She was an immoral person. No matter how much they hit her with a stick or use violence, it was all part of their good behavior.

And Philos Trait was an unmistakable beauty. Since she was an immoral person, it was not wrong to self-indulge in fornication. In fact, it was a kind of pleasure that created a painful worm, eating her white skin alive.

She was stubborn and never cursed at anyone, but every time it hit her skin, she groaned in pain, and finally even cried.

The appearance of Philos Trait was most entertaining for the Philos city soldiers today. They could touch her and hurt her as much as they liked. Even if they treated her like a beast, they would not be blamed. After all, those were good deeds.

That’s right, the watchman tasted fear today because of that prostitute. Then, he decided she had to taste the same thing as well. His thoughts were full of ways to hurt the prostitute. Maybe he should carry a hot iron and stick to her back. She would probably make a good cry.

The watchman looked at the red sky with an unscrupulous smile. It was a bit early, but the fun was waiting for him.

The sun showed a strong light as the last ray of sunshine, and it disappeared at the end of the mountain. It was finally time for the night patrol to switch places with the day patrol. The sky lost even the remnants of its brilliance.

…On that moment, the neck of his comrade exploded by his side. At the same time, the watchman felt a cold shiver on his neck.

His eyes were reflexively opened and he held his hand tightly. He found his body stiff and his vision swaying terribly.

What was happening? He didn’t know at all. Beyond the agitation, his brain was in complete confusion.

In such a place, he heard a voice that scraped off his ears.

「Hey, hey, don’t make a voice, unless you want me to break your own neck. 」

The watchman heard that voice somewhere. It was the terrifying voice he heard in front of the castle gate today.

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