Cheat Magic Swordsman – Volume 4 – Chapter 61 Part 2

Chapter 61: The Guild and The Medicine (2)

The explanation has concluded.

It wasn’t that difficult to use.

In short, it seemed that if you lit the fire and put a distillation object inside, it would do it regardless of what you did.

He said that humans must only determine where to stop the distillation.

By the way, it was made of Mithril not because it was particularly meaningful, but because it was cheap and sturdy.

I felt like Mithril was trying to occupy the position of iron, which was often used in Planet Earth.

The age of Mithril instead of the age of Concrete was not surprising.

「Okay, I’ll buy this. 」

I declared so and handed over a large gold coin.

「There is no way. It must be disassembled to carry, but how will you carry it by yourself?」

「Oh, it’s okay to carry it by myself. I have an item box.」

「I don’t think it’s possible. No matter how light Mithril is, it’s a lump of metal.」

「No, it’s actually possible. Can I try it? 」

「I don’t mind it since it’s already yours… 」

I got permission.

I touched the distillation device and tried to store it in the item box.

And, as expected, it was a success.

「See, it was possible. 」

「…How is your item box such a convenient alternative? 」

「That’s right. It’s pretty convenient. 」

It was a convenient ability that I used to store my warm lunch or to easily carry tons of iron ore.

Depending on the object, I could fight just by dropping it from the sky.

「Then, I’m done with this. I still have something to do, so I must go now. 」

「Ah, yes…I hope you come again if you need something else. 」

It was unexpectedly easy to get.

I managed to gain some time because of it.

Well, there were many things to do, such as mass production of extracts.

There was a possibility that it could be consumed in large quantities during the Broken’s recapture battle. Besides, I had tons of Zunana grass in the item box.

It was enough to start production without waiting for the ship to be completed.

Upon returning to Photoren, Mercia had already returned to the store.

「It looks like we can start tomorrow. How about you, Mercia? 」

「I’m not sure about today or tomorrow, but it seems that it will be settled this week. The effect has already been confirmed by those over there.」

「I see. I will not come for a while from the day after tomorrow, so I will leave the pricing and negotiations entirely up to you.」

「I understand. If you want to start tomorrow, do you already have all the tools? 」

「Now that you mention it…Is there a place to put this equipment? 」

「It’s for the manufacturing facility, isn’t it? If so, the warehouse is better. 」

「I understand. 」

Then, we put the distillation device in the warehouse and worked hard to produce the Zunana grass extract.

Since it was not possible to increase the efficiency per hour, we got more people and took turns working day and night.

At noon the next day, when about 5 liters of extract had accumulated, a man with research clothes rushed into the warehouse.

I wondered if he lacked sleep, because he was calling Mercia with a big smile on his unhealthy face.

Who was this guy?

Shortly after asking a question, the man opened his mouth with that creepy smile.

「Miss Mercia! That medicine you brought is a terrible shitty product! Stop manufacturing now. It’s a waste of that extract.」

Who was this bastard?

Don’t suddenly appear and say whatever you want.

「Who is this guy, Mercia? 」

「…Dimek-san is a researcher in the Pharmacist Guild. By the way, why is it a bad product?」

Was he a researcher?

Well, I wondered if it was something similar to a blacksmith’s dwarf.

「This one. I made a medicine from yesterday’s extract, and in this short time, I used the same amount of extract and was able to achieve nearly four times the effect. The composition of that other medicine is so poor.」

With that said, Dimek-san took out the medicine.

When I appraised it, it was certainly written that it recovered about 350 HP.

I thought it was almost the same as the one we made in that it would save someone from immediate death.

「I’m still making only the extract without worrying about it.」

「That’s good. I would like you to sell it here if you want to make it like that. It will double the effect in the process.」

Did he want to take half of it?

Anyway, this was what I was making for Broken.

If a professional gave me medicine; there was no reason to decline, so I decided to ask.

「I’m the owner. My name is Kaede. I’m leaving for Broken tomorrow morning, but I want as much medicine as I can make by then, is it possible?」

「Are you Kaede-san? Of course it is possible. There will be a revolution in the potion science. I, Dimek, will show you the best combination possible」

The atmosphere felt slightly pressured by the abnormal height of tension.

This was probably because the tension had already been all over the place.

Wasn’t it better for me to take his medicine instead?

「Oh, okay. I’ll leave it to you. 」

With this feeling, the production plan for potions was set.

The next morning, 150 potions (HP400 recovery per time) were completed (this time, in order to secure the amount, the processing cost was paid in cash).

Dimek handed me a potion of the finished product and collapsed. However, he seemed to be just sleeping, so I let the clerk carry it.

Okay then, it was time for me to go to the Guild for the Broken’s recapture.

I brought a large amount of the “all-healing” medicine to dissipate the horror of the adventurers who kept fighting even if they were hit by arrows on their knees, or wounded by monsters.

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