Cheat Magic Swordsman – Volume 4 – Chapter 60 Part 2

Chapter 60: The Medicinal Herbs and The Elixir (2)

An hour later.

After several distillations, the liquor was brilliantly turned into 10 liters of Decibator liquor.

About 5kg of Zunana grass was thrown into it, and when it was filtered with a cloth and distilled, a viscous, bluish-colored liquid of about 300 ml remained.

Of course, the alcohol was collected separately.

「…Is it complete? 」

Seeing the vivid blue liquid that looked poisonous to the eye, I asked Mercia with a worried face.

「Well…I’ve never heard of this method, so I don’t know what to say. 」

Of course, she wouldn’t know. Why did I ask? None of us actually knew the color of the potion in the first place.

What should I do…?

Ah, I had the appraisal skill.

Zunana Grass Extract

Description: Zunana grass extracted with alcohol.

It contains about 5% alcohol and 82% water.

It looked like it was completed.

Maybe the distillation wasn’t good enough, but there was a lot of water in it.

「Okay, maybe we can go with this. What are the other ingredients? 」

「It depends on the type of potion. 」

The most demanding one was the recovery of physical strength.

After all, the effect of the medicine was directly linked to life.

「Maybe we shall try the one for physical strength. 」

「I’m not a professional pharmacist, so I don’t know the details, but I’m sure we should mix with the charcoal-grilled monster meat.」

「Copy that. 」

With this feeling, the production of the new potion continued with one more hour.

The addition of ingredients was completed, and a potion product of about 100 ml was created.

I did the appraisal again.

Health Recovery Potion

Description: Restores 80 points of physical strength. The potion will not be effective after 30 minutes of use. The limit amount is 2 times the amount.

80 points?

I had nearly 1000 HP, but the HP of a normal human was over 30 and the HP of an adventurer was 100, right?

…Was it like resuscitating the dead?

Wait a second would this make it impossible to die?

「Oh, I’ve created something scary… 」

「What’s wrong? 」

「I somehow understand the effect just by reading it quickly, but it seems that this medicine is at level that can revive a dying human with one shot. 」

「That’s such a tremendous ability…No, it seems Kaede’s ability is in that potion. Isn’t that amazing?」

「Maybe, but I wish I had a laboratory to make an experiment. 」

I couldn’t bother to get hurt or injured, and there was no way to prove it.

「If you go to the apothecary, there is a possibility… 」

「Will it be okay for me to say, “I made a new medicine, so can you do a test run?” 」

「Some people have no choice but to die as they are, and if there is hope, even if it is just a small hope, it will be beneficial to all. Everyone will like to have the Health Recovery Potion because it will be effective against illness to some extent.」

Would it be considered a clinical trial?

Well, I didn’t think the appraisal was wrong, and it would be better if we confirmed it as soon as possible.

「Well, why don’t we go there…? 」

I went to the apothecary thinking that there would be no such thing as a convenient patient.

What, there was.

「Is it really okay? Do you know there is danger of instant death? 」

「Well, the doctor can’t save me as it is, anyway. Even if I live like this, I’ll just cause trouble to my family. Death or recovery, which will be the best?」

When I told the story in the apothecary, one patient gave his name.

The patient was a thin man about 30 years old.

He was originally a good adventurer, but he was unfortunately hit by a goblin arrow on his knee and became ill because of the wound. (EN: I was an adventurer like you but then… I played Skyrim one too many times… and I took an arrow to the knee)

He was no longer able to walk, and now his wife and children were working to support the house, but life only got harder.

His displayed HP was 21/96, almost dead.

「I understand. Well then, this is it. 」

Mercia presented the medicine we made in half to the man.

「Okay, let’s go. 」

With that said, the man drank the medicine all at once.

「Gyahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. 」

The man who drank the medicine began to suffer.

Was the appraisal wrong?

「Are…Are you okay!? 」

「… 」

The man’s suffering stopped.

I wondered if he was dead for a moment, but it didn’t look like that.

I felt surprised.

「I…I can move! I can really move! 」

In fact, it wasn’t death at all.

Not only that, the man threw away the sheet that had been hung on him and stood up powerfully with his feet.

Even his lean body had become a muscular adventurer’s body.

Was this the recovery? It wouldn’t be surprising if I was told it was some strange doping.

No, this was not the case.

We had to collect data.

「Excuse me…Is your body okay? 」

「Ah, yeah…It feels like I’ve returned to my prime days. Is that potion a secret elixir or something?」

Before I knew it, the man recovered splendidly.

「Well, the details are a secret. Is that your body during your prime days? 」

「Yes, it’s a little sluggish, but it’s not bad at all. You’re my lifesaver. How much is it? 」

「No, we came here because he had a purpose. 」

「Is it really free? 」

「That’s the deal. Okay then, we’ll leave now. 」

Even if it was impossible to resuscitate the dead, it seemed to be effective enough to revive a weakened body.*

What a terrifying medicine, or should I say elixir, huh.

When it becomes widespread, it will come to an era where people will say, “Somehow, I ended up with a fatal wound, I see…”

「It looks like we now know how to use a large amount of Zunana grass. 」

「I feel that it is no longer a small problem… 」

It didn’t matter if it was a small problem or a big problem.

For the time being, I decided to throw the finished products together in the item box.

It could be useful if people got injured in the Broken’s capture battle.

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*Author’s note: Of course, ordinary medicine does not cure the disease in one shot.


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