A Wish To Grab Happiness – Volume 10 – Chapter 238

Chapter 238: That Back

*loud shattering sound*

A few seconds after the crushing sound hit her earlobes, Caria finally noticed that pain was engulfing her right hand. When she stared at her surroundings, she saw the shattered bottle on the floor and blood dripping from her hand. Her skin was had cuts from the broken bottle.

She felt a numbing pain. However, that pain also burst from her brain in an instant. She had no time to worry about such a trivial matter after all, and she turned her gaze back at Lugis.

“What did this guy say just now? This man threw ridiculous words at my face.”

…Just move away from my hands.

Looking back at those words, Caria felt a heat sprouting all over her body to the point where blood was about to boil. Her beautiful silver eyes were distorted like no other, and her lips bent in a misshaping manner.

“He told me to move away. What is this? Even though I followed him and swore allegiance. Did he just throw me out because he doesn’t need me anymore?” Caria’s back teeth squeaked.

「…What does that mean? Do you want to give me a break? 」

The slowly muttering voice that came out of her throat was surprisingly quivering even for Caria herself. Had she ever made that quivering voice before? What’s more, did those tremors happen because of the excessive indignation? Or did those tremors happen because she felt frightened somehow?

“Ah, yeah, I’m scared. How pathetic I am. I wonder how much vulnerable I have become.” Caria knew she was weak, but these emotions made her increasingly helpless.

She was about to be abandoned by the person she was obsessed with. The Lord whom she offered her allegiance to was going to give her some free time. She was frightened by this loss.

Caria had no choice but to accept these strange and unavoidable emotions that emerged in her heart. She never really cared about those emotions until now. From the bottom of her heart, Caria truly hated the fragility that made her aware of such things.

Caria believed that the most valuable thing in the world was power, or strength. The human being named Caria did not allow the concept of weakness, not only to herself but also to others. She did not doubt that pursuing power was the right way to go.

“But what is this feeling? What is this fragile spirituality? Is this not the weak person I hated?” Caria’s sigh was slightly rough. She squeezed her thin fingers to control herself.

Lugis rounded his eyes while gazing at the broken bottle, but answered Caria’s question after doing some thinking.

「It’s different from giving you a break. Caria, I thought it would be better if you could move freely and do whatever you want.」

Caria grabbed the words given by Lugis one by one and narrowed her eyes. It took a few seconds for Caria to react. After a moment, Caria slowly swallowed Lugis’ words.

And on that moment, she took them all in. There was a sound in Caria’s body that was even heard outside, like a heart bouncing up strongly.

It was not the fear that wriggled her body, nor the sadness that caused her heart to jump up.

Rather, heat, quite the opposite of those emotions, began to exhale from Caria’s throat. Her lips, which the edges rippled in distortion, tried to open to profess her feelings.

“…I see. That’s what you mean bastard. You want to say that you don’t need my hands anymore? That’s what you’re telling me, huh?”

Her lips were sharp and her tongue burned. The words were no longer said with the finest of voices, but the sound of heat swirling in her heart made her breathe sparkles of fire.

Standing up from the spot, Caria touched the edge of her mouth with blood dripping from her right hand. She felt the urge to pull out the longsword from her waist after freeing the swirling emotions that were darkening her chest.

Caria thought how strange human emotions were.

“Until just a while ago, I was scared like a fool since one day I could feel these sorts of emotions by realizing that Lugis would eventually abandon me. Nowadays, I can’t find any feelings of concern in the depths of my heart because I thought I was going to stay by his side forever. There was just a burning urge and nothing more.”

Lugis’ lips bounced and his eyes widened. Caria saw him trying to say something. But Caria was a few moments faster than him.

Caria’s white right hand touched Lugis’ cheek. Even the slightest resistance made no sense in front of Caria. She said, leaning against Lugis while sitting in a chair and trying to hold him back.

Her silver eyes were looking at her Lord with a faint dark light.

「Well, just because you are my master, doesn’t mean that you have to be spoiled. I was mistaken, Lugis.」

Caria’s voice was terribly pleasant. Her smile portrayed a mocking emotion, as if the devil was whispering.

A beautiful line appeared on her cheeks. A ruthless and ferocious expression enveloped her entire face. Her sharp canines were visible through the gaps in her lips.

Caria felt some power coming from every part of her body. She never felt like this until now. She could now even squeeze Lugis’ face, wrapped in her palm…As it was, with the bones.

That was why Caria moved the other hand to gently touch Lugis’ other cheek, as if she were dealing with a delicate thing. She kept his body down so that he could not escape.

「Listen, bastard. Remember this. And don’t forget. 」

Caria whispered, pressing a hot sigh against Lugis’ ear. She injected her words directly into his brain, as if she were disciplining her dog with poor memory.

“Yes, I foolishly forgot that I had to teach Lugis properly in the first place.”

“I thought that I preferred Lugis to use his sword in order to become a hero. I have forgiven his reckless actions by trying to grab glory.”

“How foolish of me.”Caria’s rippled lips showed a strange bewitching aura.

「I will devote my life to you. If you want, I will love your body, mind, and even your soul.」

The sweet whispering voice was accompanied by a sound that invited something deep. It was a voice that made your cheeks red involuntarily. It was a lustrous voice that Caria had never emitted before.

However, in the next moment, her voice turned into a cold tone that transformed the spine into ice. Her silver eyes narrowed in order to pierce Lugis’ skin.

「But if you betray me and expose such iniquity by clinging to others… 」

…I will definitely give you ruin and despair.

Caria’s heavy, sharp voice struck the back of Lugis’ ear many times over.

As I thought a long time ago, this woman was an indomitable giant.

She blinked her eyes while looking through my brain. After all, the only thing I could move now was my eyes, and if I dared say, my fingertips too.

Caria gently touched my cheeks, staring at me. I wondered if Caria was careful in putting weight in her limbs against my body, in order not to feel pain from the injuries. Contrary to her words, her attitude was gentle.

But there was a clear intention. Now, if I relaxed even a little, that attitude would give a wrong message. Caria could interpret my moves as rejecting her.

At the moment, my limbs were not moving as if they were broken, metaphorical speaking.

Yes, the situation was not very good. Apparently, I directly touched this ferocious lion’s weak point. Besides, I had already been bitten by those fangs. Now, Caria’s whims were not closing her ferocious chin. I could no longer resist, and the only parts of my body that could move were my eyeballs, my fingertips, and my mouth at best.

I sighed quietly. Then, I opened my lips as slowly as possible.

「You keep saying nonsense. In general, why would I betray you?」

My voice was probably shaking a little. However, the conscious of my voice tried to keep the peacetime as much as possible. Caria shook her ferociously narrowed silver eyes.

「I don’t know. After all, you like to have women close to you. Besides, if I take my eyes off of you, you will wander around and move freely. I’m your loyal companion, am I not?」

Caria’s thin white fingers touched my nape. It should’ve been dazzling. But this time around, it felt as if Caria was about to kill me at any time. In fact, Caria’s fingertips felt like they were going to cut my flesh easily.

After all, she had always been a noisy woman. There were signs her ferociousness was beginning to turn into something deeper and denser. It was terrible because it was aimed straight at me.

I replied by saying that I didn’t mean to move around so freely. When Caria raised her eyebrows, she jumped up.

「Is that so? I saw differently in Garoua Maria, in Ghazalia, in Belfein, and this time too. You always push me far away and disappear from my sight. And then, the same thing will happen again next time, won’t it? Hey, Lugis…Answer me.」

Caria spoke with a faint smile, but her eyes were stiff. Her eyes never smiled at me even though she was grinning. If I made a mistake with my words, she would surely do something to me. I had an ominous feeling.

This situation felt overwhelming. For me, taking a different action was a sign of trust.

How could I betray someone like her? If she was stronger than anyone else, she could even get rid of her predicament. Yes, I believed so from the bottom of my heart.

However, when I thought about it, I had come to believe in humans who were my natural enemies once. I used to be frightened, resigned, and could only look at their power with envy.

I answered to Caria’s question, pulling out my body and leaning on a chair, relaxing my body.

「Okay, I understand. I won’t tell you to be freed from me anymore.」

I knew very well that my voice was slightly distorted. Suddenly, I wondered what emotions were in Caria’s chest right now.

I had never done this before, but I kept saying such unbelievable words, anyway.

「Actually, I’m longing for someone who will protect my back. You see, it’s often seen in knight stories, heroes chronicles and fairy tales…How is it going to be, Caria? Will you take care of my back?」

With that said, I looked back at the silver eyes that were staring fixedly at me. I felt that my frozen eyes became slightly relaxed.

Caria’s lips moved a little.

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Lugis never learns…Pushing Caria away is not the way to honor her…


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