A Wish To Grab Happiness – Volume 9 – Chapter 233

Chapter 233: The Saint’s Hero

While sneaking through a wave of people and an avalanche of the Great Holy Church’s soldiers, I let my legs run towards the Heraldic Order’s central army.

Moving my legs while turning my back on the enemy was not something easy to do. My mind was tense and exhausted, and my feverish brain swayed. I didn’t even know if I was safe now.

I was withdrawing from the enemy’s camp in this condition. I went with the mindset to fight, yes, to fight to the death. To be honest, withdrawal was not what I wanted to do.

However, this time it didn’t matter. The purpose had been fulfilled.

The enemy’s ambush revealed its appearance, and it was no longer possible to pierce through its belly. Therefore, the battle was going to be decided by the combination of soldiers at the forefront. In addition, the enemy general Richard Permilis was also severely injured. It was no longer possible for him to take command on the battlefield.

If so, then we could grab victory. It was enough for us to win this battle. The only one whom I was afraid of in the enemy was my teacher. And I’ve accomplished my purpose.

「Are you fine with it, Lord Lugis? 」

At my side, a soldier who breathed heavily muttered aloud. The soldier added that I should have brought back the heart of the enemy general. Rather than wondering about it, he just asked me a straightforward question.

I nodded and responded, saying that it was okay.

Of course, I had the chance to decapitate Richard Permilis right there. If I just swung the treasure sword straight down, the old man’s life would have been extinguished immediately. At that time, I was definitely grabbing the life of the old man with my own hands.

But I also understood well what would happen if I did so.

The reason why the Great Holy Church soldiers were confused was because their general Richard Permilis was injured. That’s why they didn’t really know what to do.

They thought, “Is it alright to attack the enemy, or should I protect the injured general and retreat?”

Few soldiers made decisions by themselves. Soldiers were built so that they wouldn’t judge things.

If a soldier could make his own decisions and move on his own, and were excellent as a soldier, he would cost money and time for the Great Holy Church.

However, the soldiers of the Great Holy Church army were not such soldiers. In the midst of that chaos, they couldn’t even know what to do.

The reason why the soldiers stayed still without stepping forward was because there was a great hesitation in their hearts. If I had taken Richard Permilis’ neck right there, they wouldn’t be confused or hesitant anymore. Only burning anger would remain in their chests.

If that happened, I and the soldiers who came with me would all die. None of us would survive such attack. Of course, I went there prepared to die, but I couldn’t say that such death was right, even if my mouth was torn apart.

Everyone should live naturally and die naturally. There was a degree of absurdity, such as living or dying on the battlefield. It was not something I could easily swallow.

Therefore, I believed that decapitating Richard Permilis was not one of the right choices.

Besides, there was another reason why I didn’t decapitate the old man, which I couldn’t put into words.

It was a foolish sentimental reason.

In the past, a disaster called “The Great Catastrophe” struck the world. Most of the people died, regardless of status or wealth, and everyone lamented. No one was able to avoid it.

It was the same with the old man Richard Permilis. The old man was also swallowed by the catastrophe and his life fell to the ground. Really, he ended up having an unlikely death.

…I remembered his last moments clearly. The old man died stupidly in order to protect me while strange monsters rushed in.

It was a fact that no one but me knew about it. Even the person in question, Richard Permilis, did not know about it. That scene happened in my past life, but perhaps, it won’t repeat again.

I narrowed my eyes. At that time, I thought the old man was saying something at the end. But I couldn’t remember what it was.

Perhaps, I didn’t take the life of the old man today because he once saved my life. There were various other reasons, of course, from small to large. I wouldn’t disagree if someone said that my connection to the old man wasn’t dim.

Still, I didn’t feel regrets at all. Sentimental motivation was not bad sometimes.

I kept running and running. When I felt extreme pain in my legs, I finally saw the flag of the main unit of the Heraldic army. By this time, many soldiers had gone astray, collapsed, and even died.

I realized that, amid this chaotic journey, I couldn’t properly see the faces of the soldiers who stood by me, even the one who spoke directly to me.

But, knowing their faces was not that relevant now. What mattered was that everyone got hurt and still arrived at the main unit safely. Such convenience did not happen in the land of hell named battlefield. Yes, it almost felt like a miracle itself.

I felt that my big toe was swollen. With a withered voice, I spoke to the remaining soldiers.

「After joining the main army, you must go separate ways and join the rearguards. The battlefield is lined with soldiers, but there is room for a small number of people to join in. You can say to them that this was my instruction.」

The expression of the soldiers who followed me was not that full of life. Everyone looked so exhausted to the point of not knowing whether their bodies were intact or not.

Still, everyone’s will to live and return home was certainly shining in the depths of their eyes. One of the soldiers said, “Let’s all live and go home”.

Of course, I wanted to do that if I could. My mind went back to Garoua Maria’s room, where I was moistening my throat with fine ale. I even ate delicious food with Wood and his sister Sereal. That was surely a happy scene.

But, that scenario was far from my grasp. Why? Because I was not a soldier, I was a commander for some reason. Moreover, I was even bestowed with two grand titles, Hero and Golden.

If so, I couldn’t afford to retreat here. It would be shameless to drag people into the dead zone arbitrarily, and then, retreat after leaving them behind in such a dangerous place. How could I do such a thing?

I moved my dry lips and let out my voice.

「I will go forward instead. My legs and hands still move. It doesn’t make sense for me to go to the rearguard.」

With that said, I shook my limbs lightly. The wound on my left shoulder complained of a numbing pain.

At the same time as the soldiers distorted their lips upon hearing my words, there was a voice that seemed to cut through the barbaric and angry voices around us.

「…No, you won’t go the forefront anymore. Go down to the rearguard, Lugis. 」

I heard a well-resounding voice. The voice that pierced my ears even pierced the battlefield straight. It was the voice of the human being who was not supposed to be on the main ground of the bloody battle.

I inadvertently opened my eyes wide. The soldiers around me, not just me, were amazed at that human’s appearance.

Again, her voice echoed on the battlefield.

「You guys did well too. I’m proud to have people like you by my side. 」

The figure on the horse showed a smile of benevolence towards the soldiers.

This figure was none other than Saint Matia. She was the heart of the Heraldic religion and was said to be a symbol of faith.

The battlefield was a place where people died easily. Why was Matia here?

「Lugis, you owe me an explanation. I also have something I want to say to you. But… 」

Matia spoke to me, hiding her quivering voice for a moment and mixing something hard with her tone. Her strong gaze directed at me seemed to be complaining somewhere.

Why was the Saint so dissatisfied? I even hurt the enemy general and returned alive. I did not take my gaze away from Matia, and responded by tilting my head lightly.

Matia sighed a little and said the following words.

「But, I’ll say these words…Yes, as expected of my sword. As expected of my hero. 」

Matia turned to me straight ahead and spoke with a beautiful smile on her face. Her cheeks were dyed by the darkish red light of sunset, as if she were shining.

What was this? To be honest, I didn’t want her to praise people so directly. Was it not a bit embarrassing?

「I did it just as you wanted, Lady Saint. 」

I ended up throwing such cliché words into the sky and shrugged my shoulders. It felt like she wrapped me around her tail to prevent me from running away.

Matia showed a slight bitter smile on her cheeks, and this time, she professed a strong voice that echoed through the surroundings.

「…Everyone, look at my hero! The enemy has collapsed and the road has been cleared! 」

Matia opened her lips, spoke to the soldiers around her and made sure they heard her voice.

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