Cheat Magic Swordsman – Volume 4 – Chapter 60 Part 1

Chapter 60: The Medicinal Herbs and The Elixir (1)

The Zunana grass that I cut yesterday and turned into a sea of fire was completely revived.

It was not my mistake. There were no trees and there was a lake, so obviously it was yesterday’s island.

Apparently, the vitality or resilience of the Zunana grass surpassed even the strongest erosive bio weapon.

In other words, even though there were many Zunana grasses in the area of monsters, was this resurrection ability something a plant could invoke?

I didn’t think the seeds would remain intact after being destroyed to that extent.

Were there seeds that sprout out in the air, or were there seeds with an invisible size that flew in the air?

If so, then there was really nothing I could do about it.

…But, what if it were a fungus or something, and not a plant?

If it was something like hyphae* in the ground, and the Zunana grass was like a mushroom that grew from it, then it would be not unexplainable.

If so, then there was only one way to check it out.

I magically mowed the Zunana grass and collected it, and then, I generated a huge explosive cannonball at about 5m long.

The magical power used was 4000 for the shell body and 50,000 for the explosive part.

I used the magical power at the level of eradicating trees in a 300m square, but if I wanted to make a crater, I had to do this much.

I jumped high in the sky to avoid getting injured, and hit it on a suitable flat ground.

The huge buster-like cannonball dug into the ground at about 5m due to its magical power, and exploded.

Like throwing a megalith into the water, it blew the surrounding earth and the sand flew high in the sky.

After that, earth and sand soared to a height of about 100m as they fell on the ground, turning the island into a brown wilderness (with a lake and craters).

As expected, with this it wouldn’t grow anymore.

I wouldn’t have a way to deal with it in case it grew again. Therefore, I had no choice but to plant sugar cane as it was, hoping that the Zunana grass would coexist well with the sugar cane.

However, this island had been occupied by Zunana grass, and there seemed to be no room for sugar cane to grow.

Originally, it was an island where trees and Zunana grass coexisted, but could I change this specific ecosystem?

…Well, there was no point in worrying about it now, and if it happened, then I’d search for an effective use of Zunana grass.

If I could grow as much as I wanted, I could get a lot of Zunana grass just by sending a few people to mow the grass.

On the other hand, if I came here just to hunt Zunana grass, then it would be easier to earn money by annihilating monsters instead.

If so, then my next destination was to get to Mercia, the conscience of the management team of the Maple Company.

「…That’s why I think it will be profitable to collect a large amount of Zunana grass and sell it. What do you think?」

Ten minutes later. I explained the situation to Mercia and asked for her opinion.

「Even if the ship you ordered can be used for personnel transportation; there are two problems that I can think of right now. 」

「What are they? 」

「First of all, even if the amount of Zunana grass is hundreds of kilograms every day, or even close to 1 ton, it will be saturated in a blink of an eye. There is a limit to the demand considering the time required for reuse. Besides, if Broken is regained in the future and the defense line is completed, a large amount of Zunana from the open forest from Decibator to Broken will be mowed. The supply of grass will be stable for a while…Well, it’s a different story if it takes time to build a defense line. 」

「But I can’t intentionally delay Broken’s recapture… 」

「The other is how long the Zunana grass will continue to grow. Generally, when the area of monsters is cut open, the peak of Zunana grass growth in that area is about 3 months after that, and the yield drops at once from there. This is probably the biggest reason why the development of Zunana grass is not currently being carried out.」

「That’s okay, it doesn’t take an hour to cultivate, and you can burn it off every three months. If that doesn’t allow the Zunana grass to grow, why not put it in a sugar cane field?」

People would get furious if they belonged to an environmental group or something, but there was no such thing in this world.

On the contrary, the Guild was taking the lead in burning the forest to the ground.

「Is that so? Speaking of which…The consumption problem remains. If we narrow down the supply and fix the price, it will be a surplus, but the scale will be a little smaller.」

「If you can use it in quantity, why not concentrate it to improve the effect? 」

「It’s impossible. In the first place, the limit of the effect of potions depends on the amount of Zunana grass that you ingest, so with some exceptions, you can use the same type of material no matter how much you have. The effect does not change.」

「What are the exceptions? 」

「There is a story that if you drink a large amount of Zunana grass soaked in Decibator liquor and mix it with other ingredients, you will recover with a larger amount of magical power than usual. Of course, you get drunk, making the usage of magical power useless.」

「What is the Decibator liquor? And why is it useless? 」

「It must have been stronger by distilling ordinary liquor. However, it seems that the effect is weaker than ordinary liquor 」

…Was it alcohol extraction?

The ordinary ingredients and the active ingredients were different, so could one take out only the part one needed by using alcohol?

「Where do you sell that Decibator liquor? 」

「Well, basically people make it from ordinary liquor when you take it to Decibator, so it should be out of stock… 」

「I see. Then, let’s make it. 」

If we didn’t have one, then just make one.

I bought a large amount of liquor for a cheap price from a nearby liquor store. I drank a little of the cheap liquor beforhand, and it was surprisingly delicious with a light taste.

Would it be okay to use magic? I wondered about that while trying to distill it properly using my magical power…

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*Hyphae perform a variety of functions in fungi. They contain the cytoplasm or cell sap, including the nuclei containing genetic material. Hyphae absorb nutrients from the environment and transport them to other parts of the thallus (fungus body).


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