A Wish To Grab Happiness – Volume 9 – Chapter 229

Chapter 229: The Transcript of the Celebratory Cheer

The purple light increased its sparks and danced freely on the battlefield. Every time the treasure sword was swung, its dignified majesty struck down the enemy soldiers. The treasure sword had a thick purple line on a silver blade…The blade engraved with the eerie inscription “Hero Killer”.

“How splendid, so this is my hero. That must be my handle. No, since I am already mixed with the handle, it will be strange to call it my handle, but I do not mind it.”

“Lord Lugis slashes the soldiers, just as a beast chews on its prey. Every time a flash is draw in the air by my purple light, blood and bones become exposed to the wind.”

“Oh, I’m so overjoyed. I can feel the bliss this time. I sway as the owner wants, and the owner rushes down the hero path just as I want.”

“If the road is covered in all kinds of troubles, I will break them apart myself. I will push away the pebbles at the feet of the Lord.”

The sword thought that was what he should do. If he mainly lacked experience, then he could pour in the knowledge that he had accumulated until now. If he didn’t have enough power, he could use it as a new finger to fill his own fingertips. The sword’s purple light shone like a roar. A breathtaking trajectory emerged on the battlefield.

The sword had gone through the hands of several heroes so far. The sword knew those who crushed the stars, those who were called victory itself, and those who had abandoned glory. Many heroes, who had various talents, had walked together with the sword. And many heroes had paved the way with the treasure sword.

So to speak, this weapon was a record holder of excellence. It was a sword that was with the heroes of history and had carved those talents. It embedded with its body the trajectory, ability and talent of those who were once revered as heroes.

“If it is necessary for the Lord, I will teach you as much as I can. Be it the sword flash or the trajectory that the heroes once showed me. I will force myself to engrave it into your body.”

“Now I am the handle that Lord Lugis is holding. Were our bodies no longer fused? No, I am him, and he is me.”

“Then, who is going to bring his power to the fullest and chant disobedience? I can’t do it all by myself. We might be fused in battle, but the Lord is also himself. I must not do a foolish thing such as holding down his intentions.”

“There are still many enemy soldiers alive, and no matter how many dead soldiers there are, it is difficult to open the path with a small number of soldiers by his side. The Lord’s speculation is too narrow. Normally, I wouldn’t choose it as a means. If he reaches out, his fingers will be torn and his feet will be bloody because of thorns.”

“Even so, if that path is the choice of the Lord Lugis, then…”

“…It won’t matter at all. Rather, let’s take it as the supreme joy.”

“After all, I am a tool used to pave the way. Now, I am with the Lord itself, but my essence is nothing more than a tool that the gods and the evil souls once carved out. In other words, it is joy itself to devote myself to the Lord.”

“I can even ecstatically see the Lord, who refused to rely on his own strength, now relying on its utmost abilities.” The treasure sword and the engraved Hero Killer inscription scattered the light of the purple blade as if it were caused by lightning.

Lugis’ arms chewed and tore the enemy one step at a time. Still, he was in such a terrible state that looked like he swung the sword that he had just learned to handle.

Even so, Lugis’ actions forced the Great Holy Church’s army to step back.

The behavior of the enemy soldiers was eerie, it was as if they had given up on their lives. Looking at the scene, Richard thought that something was wrong. There was no need to ask why. Anyone could understand at first glance by looking at this ridiculous performance.

A group of soldiers, who led a small group, bit into the belly of a large number of troops. At the time of that assault, several lives had immediately perished. Every time Richard took a step forward, someone’s life was annihilated immediately.

It was natural. No matter how much powerful the frontline was now, most of the soldiers of the Great Holy Church were regular soldiers who were not properly trained. Yet, even if they looked bad, they could still push back a boar with spears and repeatedly rush forward.

And yet, that rush lost momentum somewhere, swallowing its spears in its belly, while spitting blood and dying. That should be it.

「That’s not a beautiful way to fight…Who taught him that? 」

Richard distorted his lips and muttered, deepening the wrinkles on his cheeks. Richard never said he would throw away his life and move on. In any case, even if he did such a thing, what he could get was very little. There was no point in fighting desperately to receive a short-lived fame. In the end, those things would be stolen.

No matter how much power you had and no matter how hard you tried for something, the result would not change.

Then, it seemed stupid to bet on one’s life. Without moving his fingertips, Richard let others die in other to keep the profits to himself. He decided that such a way of life was much better than living righteously but miserable.

Richard understood that it was a biased ideal. Still, he believed in that ideal, and now he wasn’t willing to change it. Richard thought he was too old to change his way of life.

「Hey, Neymar. 」

While riding on the horse, Richard lightly pulled the bridle to call the adjutant. His gaze remained both on the battlefield and Lugis. He touched his white beard slightly.

Neymar’s voice, which replied “yes”, sounded much harder. It seemed that Richard didn’t mind the advance of the enemy’s army. There was no reason to take his breath away even if he knew that Lugis’ self-harming assault could break through his army easily.

That was fine for Richard. The cowardice of seriousness took a longer breath on the battlefield than the boldness of this hero. Richard wanted the soldiers to learn as much as they could learn on this battlefield.

「What do you think? 」

While moving his chin, he pointed to a group of soldiers coming towards them after trampling the dead soldiers’ corpses.

Neymar blinked her eyelids for a moment and swallowed her spit. Her round eyes seemed to be desperately looking for words.

Shaking her lips, Neymar spoke.

「…I must say he is a fearsome and brave hero, but he’s just doing a reckless rush.」

Richard nodded loudly; deepening the wrinkles of his mouth. The sword hanging on his waist made a rattling sound.

「Don’t think I’m going to imitate that action. Weighing one’s life is not a real tactic.」

In a sense, it was the ultimate rationale. Usually, no one made a choice to lose their own life, even if they understood it to be the most correct choice. Rather, such an option shouldn’t even come to mind.

Nevertheless, Richard’s former student thought of it as an option and did it as a matter of course. It was no longer the way a human should fight.

It was no good.

Richard lowered his heavier eyelids and narrowed his eyes. He felt that the barbaric voice of his former student struck his earlobes.

Although Lugis had a talent for evilness, his essence was that of an ordinary person. Even though he had almost no talent, he made efforts and studied hard. And now he was just a little twisted child who was finally able to live his daily life while hurting his body and spirit.

Richard thought that people like Lugis and him had no power to change the world. The reality was much harsher. They could only live unless they bent their bodies to fit the world itself. That was why he should have been a common person, just a regular human being.

And now he was showing a fight that did not look like a fight of a human being.

What if a mere mediocre human continued to fight in a way that was not human? Richard knew what could happen. A person who imitated the behavior of a madman would become a madman as well. If he continued to behave outside the norms of a human body, he would eventually become non-human.

Of course, if one thought about it normally, before that happened, everything in one’s body and soul would crash dramatically. Every tiny piece of that human’s body would break.

And as far as Richard knew, the human being named Lugis was far too normal. He was an average person. Richard didn’t remember that Lugis’ body was tough. In fact, he was rather fragile. Richard slowly raised his eyelids and stared fixedly at the battlefield.

「Isn’t about time to fulfill my role? …Adjutant Neymar. I have an order. Take command of the soldiers until I get back. The ambush is allowed to be used only to rescue our soldiers when they break the flank of the enemy’s main army, or when their own army is almost destroyed.」

“Feel free to do everything else you see fit, I will take responsibility.” After saying those words, Richard pulled the reins of his horse strongly and ran forward.

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