Cheat Magic Swordsman – Volume 4 – Chapter 59

Chapter 59: The Fish and The Medicinal Herbs

Flying over the road to Photoren, I noticed that I carried a book in my hand.

I got this book from Ginta-san when I left Herrera.

Everything seemed to have come out of the coal mine after I left Herrera, but he told me that no one but me could read it anyway.

I wondered if it was a characteristic of Flight Magic, because I couldn’t feel the wind even if I increased my speed.

Shall I read while flying?

With that in mind, I opened the book to sometimes read the next pages.

It was about the dragon.

The conditions when a dragon came out and how to deal with it was written in the book.

There were two conditions for dragon occurrences.

First, the “magic element” in the atmosphere exceeded a certain density.

I’ve seen those words before. It seemed that it was difficult to distinguish because it was invisible, but it caused various evil effects when the magic element exceeded its density.

It seemed that mainly the dragon and other strong monsters would generate in large numbers, and the maximum MP of humans would decrease overall.

I’ve only seen a type of dragon once, but it was far from mass occurrence.

The second was that a dragon was born in a place where there were enough monsters.

Depending on the amount of magic elements, it seemed that its birth caused a large explosion using a magic stone.

It sounded confusing, but magic stones seemed to have some properties that helped the occurrence of dragons.

Wisps were also generated under similar conditions; so to speak, they seemed to be a dragon’s birth failure.

The book also wrote how to defeat it.

Most of the magic skills did not work, and swords were useless because they burned out as soon as they slashed into the dragon.

As a result of researching how to deal with it, it turned out that it was possible to prevent recurrence for a while by freezing the dragon with a magic called “Freezing Magic” along with super-large scale magic tools and a large number of wizards, and sealing it deep into the ground.

By the way, it seemed that two continents were destroyed by the time the solution was found.

It was a scary story.

The main content was about this.

Since it was a thin book, the contents were not big. Still, I was relieved to know that there was a solution to fight a dragon.

Should I check out the “Freezing Magic” just in case?

No, I was not in a rush.

Since there were no signs of a dragon and the chances of a dragon being born while I was alive were probably quite low.

It seemed it took about 5 years for a dragon to occur naturally in the place where signs first appeared.

…Well, by the time the dragon naturally occurred, it would be unpredictably strong and untouchable. I wondered if there were strong wizards to stop it.

The actual action to defeat it was only in theory, since the ancient civilization had not tried it to that extent. Two continents perished and many people died in the process.

When I finished reading the book, I noticed that Photoren was already in the horizon.

This time, I had to raise my rank.

I didn’t want to encounter a situation where rank fraud happened, or rather, I didn’t want to encounter it anymore.

I entered the city through the gate properly this time.

I landed about 100m in front of the city, and ran to the gate. Then, I went straight to the Guild, presented the Guild card to the receptionist, and talked to her.

「Excuse me. I want to raise the rank. 」

「You’re from Decibator, right? Please wait a moment. 」

The receptionist took my card and entered the back room.

Then, after a while, the receptionist came with a new Guild card.

The new Guild card looked bluish and had copper-colored stripes on the top.

Did the design change as the rank goes up?

「Yes, I was able to confirm. Congratulations on being promoted to C-rank in record time. 」

「Thank you very much. 」

I took a detour, but was this still the shortest time on record?

I didn’t know if it was a good idea to raise my rank this fast.

I left the Guild while thinking about such a thing.

I noticed that I was hungry.

By the way, I haven’t eaten breakfast.

I remembered hearing that there was a good fish restaurant just a short distance from here in the direction of Decibator.

I felt like I was eating only grilled meat recently and sometimes I wished I could eat fish too.

After a short walk, I found the restaurant I was looking for.

The door had a big fish mark on it. It was a combination of a triangle and an ellipse, which was familiar on Planet Earth.

Even in a different world, the image of a fish was similar.

Well, I didn’t know if fish that sink ships and ate people were that good.

I entered the store, sat in a suitable seat, and waited for the waitress.

This seemed to be normal in this world.

「What is your order? 」

A woman who seemed to be a waitress came to pick up the order.

「Do you have any recommended fish dishes? 」

Even if there was a menu, it would be meaningless if I couldn’t read it.

I mean, I could read it, but when I read something like, “Eratana’s Lettuce”, it was no different from a spellbook written in katakana where I didn’t know what it was.

Also, what was the “Nerkin’s Decibator style”? Was that the name of a dish?

Actually, they had dishes in a Decibator style?

「If so, then I recommend the Eratana Letches, because this is the most delicious. 」

The price was 240 Tael per meal, which was not very high, but it was not cheap either.

「Okay, I’ll have it then. 」

I placed an order, and after a while, the food came out.

It was a little slower than Ain’s restaurant, but the restaurants in this world worked fast.

The fish that came out was rather rugged.

The whole fish had piercing jaw and fins, about 40 cm in size.

It was not a fluttering scene. Actually, it resembled a scorpion fish*…

Ah, this fish, I actually felt a déjà vu of sorts. It looked to be salt-grilled.

I wondered if it was delicious…

Well, it must be good because the waitress recommended it.

I cut the fish called Eratana and brought it to my mouth.

…What, it had the taste of a normally good, high-grade river fish.

It took less than 10 minutes for me to eat the whole body of the fish.

However, there was still some fish meat left in the bones and near the thorns.

Also, the tableware in this restaurant resembled a wooden knife and a broken spoon.

Unlike chopsticks, it was not suitable for such fine work.

…It seemed that it was time for me to unleash the power of my jaw.

I chewed the remaining body together with the bones.

…What? It was very delicious.

The texture resembled rice crackers. Its taste and Eratana’s taste was a perfect match.

While eating, I noticed that Eratana disappeared cleanly. I only left the spine and head.

「Thank you for the meal. I want to pay please. 」

「Yes, it will be 240 Tael. See you again… Huh? Where are the other bones? 」

The waitress asked with a mysterious face while receiving the money.

「Ahh, it was delicious, so I just ate the whole bones. It was a feast. 」

I said that and left the store.

「…Is he from Decibator? 」

I heard the waitress’ voice on my way home.

She was right.

My stomach got swollen, so I decided to work out a little.

Maybe I should blow up the island of the planned site in advance.

Agriculture was also quite a mess.

Worried about the future of shifting cultivation, I went to the island and launched the extreme bombing. I blew away the trees together with a roaring sound.

About a minute after the blast, the island regained its tranquility.

I noticed a lake on this island, thanks to the disappearance of trees.

Maybe it could be used for something.

I decided to take a closer look.

The water seemed to have escaped the damage of the bombing to some extent, but it was muddy and the fallen trees were sinking.

A large amount of Zunana grass was also floating in the water surface.

I couldn’t find any fish in particular, so it seemed that it could be used as a water source only.

Well, it was better than nothing, right?

For the time being, I decided to properly collect the blown-out Zunana grass and return back home.

I wanted to take a rest tomorrow, because I knew that I wouldn’t be able to take a rest for a while once the Broken’s capture began.

…Two days later.

I headed to the island again.

Of course, it was to secure farmland after burning the trees.

My job was to do something about monsters and farmland, while Mercia was going to do the rest of the work.

In other words, my job was to burn the island in order for the greenery scenery to disappear completely.

I thought so, but what was waiting for me was the lush grassland of Zunana grass.

I doubted my eyes for a second.

…Huh? I blew everything up the day before yesterday, didn’t I?

Was Zunana grass unexpectedly strong?

No, but they shouldn’t have survived from that wreckage, but what happened here?

Well, for whatever reason, there weren’t many environments where you could collect Zunana grass without trees.

For the time being, I decided to take them all together with Water Magic, put them in the item box, and then, set the roots and leaves on fire.

An oversized Fire Magic blast swallowed the remains of the plants and turned the island into a sea of fire.

Alright, it should be fine with this. I shall come and see it tomorrow again.

I may have to ask Mercia about how to use a large amount of Zunana grass.

I left the island while thinking about that, but what I saw when I came to see it the next day…

…It was a green and expansive Zunana grassland.

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*Sometimes called rockfish or stonefish because they commonly live among rocks, scorpionfish are perchlike fish with large, spiny heads and strong, sometimes venomous, fin spines


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