A Wish To Grab Happiness – Volume 9 – Chapter 223

Chapter 223: Under the Sunlight

The clash between the Heraldic army and the Great Holy Church army was exactly the battle of fangs. It was no different from a beast groaning for its survival.

It was a game of survival, especially at the forefront where multiple spears were mixed with flesh. Blood spilled in the sky and dyed the ground. It was almost unclear which the bloods of my comrades were and which were the centerpieces of the hated enemy soldiers.

The soldiers fought while clenching their teeth, and while their skin bleed. Their mouth was so full of iron, that they couldn’t even rinse their mouth with water.

I see. This place was the battlefield. Yes, the battle of the ongoing war. It was a primitive struggle, where those who wanted to fight had their heads crushed against each other.

It was the place where the men died, the women teased, and the children trampled. It was pure madness that completely sounded barbaric and nauseous.

However, all of these human beings couldn’t leave the battlefield. No matter how peaceful they were, they knew that the battlefield was approaching them.

Was it because the battlefield was sometimes terribly seductive? Maybe, after all, no one had had to think about anything else here. There was no happiness or unhappiness, hatred or affection. Only equal death lied ahead.

I was sure everyone tried to distract their minds away from the battlefield, but still had to keep looking at it in order to survive.

I moved my arms and shook the purple blade while making a noise. I already knew how to swing this treasure sword while I was on horseback. The power felt ridiculous, but it invited my arm to keep its trajectory, as if the sword were one with my body.

*iron sound*

The purple hue glittered with the sunlight, and the treasure sword cut off the enemy’s helmets to rip off the brain. Blood and body fluids scattered around and polluted the surroundings.

My arm couldn’t stand the impact, and it caused extreme pain. I inadvertently distorted my eyes.

Every time my arm was dragged by the treasure sword, somewhere in my body creaked and screamed. It was like swinging a sword that couldn’t be lifted.

It was no good. I was still useless. Yes, it was still not enough. I was trying to take a step forward with a heroic action, however, I felt like laughing to myself for acting ridiculous.

The flash of Helot Stanley’s strikes was sharper than mine. Caria’s swing was even heavier and grand than this. I felt that those capabilities were far from my reach.

「Lord Lugis, the front is slightly empty, what will you do? 」

The effect of breaking the helmets and prominent figures of the enemy’s army, made the front line of the Great Holy Church loosen. Of course, it was just slightly, and it seemed that soldiers sprung up from behind. And because of their light clothing, they moved in quickly. They were not that fierce, but they were a flexible type.

Besides, even though the opponent was showing a slight unraveling, they did not reach a term of collapse. After all, the front line was in a state of turmoil.

When she asked me what to do, I answered immediately as if it had been decided.

「Of course, there’s only one absolute attack. Of course, if we don’t get out in front, everyone in the back will end up tying up. Get the people around you ready for the assault.」

That was right. It was at the forefront of the battlefield that I and hundreds of thousands of soldiers around me were exchanging spears and blades.

The Heraldic Order devised a strategy to break through the point in the central part as a tactic to win. It was a tactic that put as many soldiers as possible at the center. Even if we received damage, it was still a means to go forward.

Largud Ann said in a sorrowful voice that this was the only option, or withdrawal. Then, there was only one thing that I could do.

The scars on my cheeks and joints ached. I had the chewing tobacco in my pocket, which I had been preparing in order to let the pain slip away a little. The senses in my head became clear.

「Listen, don’t die so easily. If we don’t die, let’s go to a tavern with good-looking women.」

There was a slight laugh when I spoke to the soldiers around me. The ones around me were the ones who were still here alive. They fully understood the role they had to play. They could die on the front lines. Some were older than me, while others were younger.

It would be not strange if I saw sprinkling blood and bones the next time I saw them. No, it was more natural than that.

I took a deep breath. About 100 people around me were ready to assault. Then, all that was left was Filaret’s chanting.

「Filaret, she… 」

When I finished the last blow, I intended her to return to the rearguard. After all, Filaret was a valuable magical force.

If she returned to the rearguard and rest, she could be useful enough even in the unlikely event. As a judgment of the ongoing battle, I thought that was the best option.

「…Oh my, am I not included in that group? That’s kind of a nasty move, you know.」

The words that were eaten involuntarily shook my own lips. I found my cheeks quite stiff.

I blinked my eyes quickly as my thoughts ran through the skull for a moment.

But Filaret had a point. She should be here with a natural readiness as I went to the frontlines with her. It would be nothing more than an insult to her to back away as soon as I was done with her.

Even so, none of that mattered anymore, at least not here.

When I did a light nod as a sign, Filaret spoke in response.

「After this is over, you’ll take me to a good tavern. I’m really looking forward to it.」

Her firm voice went right next to the nape of my neck. It was a sharp voice that seemed to scrape my back as it was.

I wanted to make the soldiers laugh, but did Filaret know that it was just a joke? I was sure that “looking forward to it” didn’t mean anything literally.

The exchange between Filaret and I caused a light laugh from the soldiers around me. However, it wasn’t really a laugh.

The soldiers slowly let out a sigh while lightly relaxing their shoulders. They could hardly rest anymore. All that was left was see how far we could eat the enemy alive. For a moment, I looked at the soldiers around me. Then, I flashed my eyelids and signaled to Filaret.

From the front, the soldiers of the Great Holy Church were finally repositioning themselves. It was just right, and it was most effective to crush the first wave. I remembered being taught that way a long time ago.

…Well then, let’s go to knead the battlefield.

From Filaret’s throat, a voice that was not a voice, a Sorceress’ breath echoed. A magical congratulatory sound, which embedded the ultimate rewriting of the world’s knowledge with her will, shook the world.

On that moment, a muddy stream covered the plains.

The amount of water and pressure that was not possible engulfed the plains. That water suddenly appeared and swallowed the enemy soldiers, and despite being at the surface of the ground, they felt a strange experience of drowning. In addition, the pressure of water easily dispelled people’s feet. The formation they had rebuilt collapsed again.

Conveniently, this was the third time for Filaret’s battlefield magic. Although she spoke calmly, she was almost at her limit. Still, she kept heading to the front.

Then, I had nothing to say. All I had to do was play the same performance as when I trampled the Philos City Corps.

I spoke aloud after seeing the muddy stream that poured into the enemy’s camp as if it were nothing at all.

「Let’s crush and conquer them …All of you, charge now! 」

The crazy barbarism of the soldiers roared on the battlefield. Soldiers ran fiercely under the scorching sunlight.

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