A Wish To Grab Happiness – Volume 9 – Chapter 217

Chapter 217: Faith by Holding the Spear

A group of people called an “army” started to move, and their unique footsteps shook the air of the Sanyo Plains. The sound that resembled the earth’s voice echoed from the Great Holy Church camp on the west side of the plains.

「The people with those white hats, are they the city soldiers of Philos?」

I narrowed my eyes and looked into the distance. A flock of soldiers was visible beyond the Sanyo Plains. I could see them heading towards our side, step by step, slowly but steadily.

The appearance of Philos’ formation line with shields and spears was different from the armament of the Great Holy Church’s army, which was mainly equipped in light clothing. It was probably a heavy infantry. Perhaps, that was the figure chosen to protect the city against the assaulting soldiers.

I wondered if the number of troops from the autonomous city of Philos was about a thousand or less. They were now the spear of the Great Holy Church’s army, which was not far from us. And behind them, stood the 20,000 troops of the Great Holy Church, coming straight at us to eat us alive.

After all, for a person like me who had experienced battles where only hundreds of people collided with each other, just staring at them all caused some dizziness. I wondered if there were more soldiers beyond the horizon.

When I sighed involuntarily, Caria spoke while pulling the reins of the horse at my side.

「It would have been strange if the weathervane Philos’ men chose our side. So there’s no need to be discouraged.」

I wondered how she could speak that way. It seemed as if this was a peacetime. I couldn’t help but look back at Caria with my lips stiffened.

The silver eyes were shining brightly on the horse. It was as if she was waiting for what was going to happen.

Was it because she was accustomed to the battlefield? Knights were different from the others in that respect. Maybe I shall rely on her for this campaign as well.

What Caria said was right. The autonomous city of Philos was a city that had won autonomy by clinging to strong people to the extent of being ridiculed as a weathervane. Was it something that could change based on the direction of the wind? If you had a dragon and a lizard, you would naturally be by the dragon’s side.

Of course, Matia would have done something to some extent. But still, it was hard to beat pure power. Perhaps, even in the Heraldic Order, most people would have predicted this outcome, an outcome where Philos soldiers participated in this war alongside the Great Holy Church.

That floating prediction just became a reality, and the nightmare just landed on the ground.

…Still, I had no choice but to do it. I had no choice but to scratch my feet and reach out.

I grabbed the bridle strongly with my fingers and turned my horse’s neck back. I began to ponder deeply. I asked myself how to counter that army over the last few days, no, until I reached this battlefield. However, I couldn’t provide a clear answer to my question yet.

I came up with an idea that came to my mind many times over. But when asked if it really worked, or if it was just a plot to be swallowed up by the huge avalanche of numbers, it was hard to come to a conclusion.

It was the first time for me, being with Matia and the Heraldic religion, and also in this large-scale campaign.

Would it be meaningful to just poke the belly of that large army? Even if it was just a surprise attack? Wouldn’t it waste soldiers life’s in vain?

If one increased the number of soldiers in a surprise attack, the possibility of being noticed increased, and on the contrary, the main force of the soldiers could decrease.

Did this feel like struggling in the dark? I was trying to reach out, but what were good and what made sense? I didn’t really understand it.

That large army was going to face the Heraldic religion in half a day. I didn’t have time to worry anymore.

「Caria, can we win? 」

I took the horse away from the Allied forces of Philos’ soldiers and the Great Holy Church’s army, and made the horse’s legs run toward the Heraldic position. The question was meaningless. It was a rather strange question, but I asked because I needed to.

Caria spoke while strangely lifting her lips and looking through my heart.

「I’ll do my best at your side. That’s all I can say. 」

She smiled while sighing. Moreover, it was about time Matia and her generals had lined up soldiers at the base.

At the end, I suddenly looked back.

I found that the footsteps of the battlefield slowly approaching me.

The generals and the main lieutenants were gathered, and Saint Matia made a hardened voice.

「We’ve not received a response from Philos after sending a letter, and has there been no contact from the internal collaborators?」

The deep dark circles underneath Matia’s eyes were visible. It was well understood that she didn’t even have time to sleep just by looking at her appearance.

Matia didn’t like to show such figure. She guided everyone, therefore, showing an exhausted figure against those who stood on the organization was a no go.

She always tried her best to avoid showing a fragile appearance. Still, she made an exception now. In order not to demoralize the soldiers, Matia spoke only to the generals and lieutenants.

The autonomous city of Philos sat down on the stirrups of the Great Holy Church’s army. It was impossible to say that Matia did not predict the scene, even if her mouth was torn. Rather, that was the most likely future. And at the same time, it was also the worst future.

Therefore, Matia intended to take proper measures to avoid it. She sent insiders to the city of Philos, in order to avoid a possible alliance with the Great Holy Church. She grabbed a glowing object and tried to at least reduce the number of troops she could send in.

Of course, it would have been great if the Heraldry religion embraced the city called Philos. Such a thing would be too good to be true. But it would be almost the impossible too. God would not give such a convenient thing. Therefore, Matia did her best with other means.

Matia closed her eyelids for a moment to rest her eyes, which were painful from the ongoing exhaustion. She took a very deep breath.

「Everyone, listen. The autonomous city of Philos took the hand of the Great Holy Church instead of ours. We have no choice but to hold the spear and pierce the enemy.」

Matia talked with a very low tone. The generals and lieutenants listened to the voice of the Saint, as if to chew every single word.

After all, this may be the end. I could hear the voice of the Saint with my ears. The Heraldic generals, as well as the Ghazalian generals, listened to Matia’s voice without saying a word.

The hand named intangible tension grabbed the spine of everyone in the meeting.

「Tell the soldiers this without missing any word. 」

Matia spoke as if more were to follow.

「This is not a holy war. Our God wanted to shake His skull with his own desires and decide with His own will. In other words, this war must be our will. So, why did we choose to hold a spear and dye the earth red?」

Matia knew that her voice was quivering. That was something that should not be permitted. As the Heraldic Saint, she had to behave properly and firmly.

Matia raised her voice gradually.

「It’s because of the people behind us. It is for the sake of our parents, of our brothers and sisters, and for the sake of our descendants. For the days when they can live freely, we must hold spears…Remember, my compatriots. Why are we here?」

The color of faith dwelled in the eyes of the human being called Saint. It was a shade that could even be said to be crazy. It rode on Matia’s voice, on her figure, and spread to the generals and lieutenant’s eyes.

This was the last thing she could do. If she did it poorly, it would be the last resort she could take. Matia screamed at herself in the thin depths of her heart.

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