A Wish To Grab Happiness – Volume 9 – Chapter 215

Chapter 215: The Spirited Tool

…If you don’t want to rely on me, of course, it doesn’t matter.At that time, I swore that I would not use any of my strength and power to chain you down. Yes, both my strength and power as a queen and as an individual.Still, I want you to rely on me, so can you tell me those words from your mouth?

For Eldith, those words were unmistakably exuded from her heart. There was some irritation in her chest that could not be hidden.

Her blood sped up so much around her body that it hurt baldly. Eldith knew that her instinct, which was supposed to be covered with a shell of reason, was now blaming herself with her claws.

Her knight relied on others instead of her soldiers. That’s all. But that fact was unbearable for Eldith herself.

「So, how’s it going to be, Lugis? 」

The Queen narrowed her eyes and shortened the distance to her knight Lugis. Their distance was so short that their limbs touched each other. Just like the birds of prey that hunt down their possessions, Eldith turned her fierce blue eyes to Lugis.

Lugis distorted his eyes and moved his lips while choosing the proper words. Eldith wanted to hear his voice. She wanted to feel relieved as soon as possible. She lightly bit her dry lips.

“If… Yes, if by any chance Lugis really can’t rely on my soldiers, what am I going to do? What if he finds me unreliable?”

“Actually, I…I feel that I’m not following Lugis’ instructions to become a respectable queen.”

“Ah, I don’t like it. I hate this feeling. I don’t want to be useless to him. I don’t want to be forsaken; I just want to be part of his direction. Because keeping orders is the proof of our bond. As long as I keep my orders, it’s the same as being tied to him.”

“Lugis tied me up and said so. I responded to it. So this pledge must be absolute.” At least for Eldith, that pledge was as hard and brilliant as a jewel.

Eldith knew that her throat was making a loud noise. Her eyelids were even cramping. She waited for Lugis to move his lips and make a voice.

「…Of course, and I already told you. I’m truly counting on you. 」

Lugis grabbed Eldith’s shoulders and spoke with a puzzling tone.

The moment she heard those words, Eldith activated the cause and effect of her spiritual skill embedded in her skull. The technique had already been incorporated through her veins. With a few activation signals, it manifested naturally.

Immediately, a lot of information, which was likely to cause a flood, was poured into Eldith’s soul. Yes, information about her knight Lugis.

“…The breathing and pulsation are not disturbed, and it’s not lie since the spirits say so.”

Eldith’s cheeks naturally loosened. Her eyes also seemed to regain her softness at the same time. His words professed the truth from the depths of his heart.

It was by no means speculative, whether she trusted Lugis or he trusted her. Eldith’s mind could not rest that easily if those thoughts kept haunting her.

However, there was something real. The dark green military uniform worn by Lugis and the multiple ornaments he wore gave her all the answers.

All the items Eldith sent to Lugis were embedded with Eldith’s spiritual skills. Everything, from a thread to a piece of a bracelet, was blended with the power entrusted by the Great Spirit.

Eldith’s spiritual skills allowed her to create illusions in order to look at the outside world from inside the tower. The foreign matter and spirited tools were more condensed, fixed and kneaded as the spawn of spirits. The elf girl, loved by the spirits, created several transcendental occurrences in this life. It was like saying that it was fate itself.

In a sense, the outfit was Eldith’s alter ego. It belonged to her soul since it was embedded with the spirits. “How great it feels to see him wear it.”

His breathing, his body movements and everything his body emitted, was felt in Eldith’s palms as a natural result. It felt as if the water spilled from the upstream to downstream.

“I want to know everything, what he is doing, what kind of thinking is he having?” Eldith took it for granted. That was the reality now. How wonderful it was for her.

Of course, she had to swallow everything. That was the only downside. She had to be swallowed by the muddy stream of information. However, this kind of temporary use was easy.

“All the information given to me now told me the truth. Lugis isn’t lying and he is certainly counting on me.”

“In other words, I was able to carry out the instructions he gave me. There is nothing more pleasing than this.”

Eldith changed her stiff expression into a gentle smile, looked at Lugis’ eyes up close and said the following words.

「Then, that’s good. If my knight relies on me, I will do my best as a queen. I also count on you. The military uniform I gave you is a proof of that trust.」

In front of such words, Lugis opened his eyes for a moment as if he was confused. There was a suspicion that the iron-cold air that had covered the surroundings had been lost in the blink of an eye.

Eldith continued to speak while rippling her lips.

「It’s a tool made exclusively for you. Is it comfortable to wear? 」

Not bad, it’s actually pretty good, Lugis shrugged his shoulders and answered. “That’s also his real feelings. Yes, that’s fine. It seems to have worked well”, Eldith smiled brightly and disconnected her spirited art from the uniform.

If she had been connected to the uniform for too long, she would no longer distinguish between reality and illusion. She would not longer know whether she was her real self as a queen. Despite being useful, it was still dangerous.

Eldith couldn’t help but follow Lugis’ instructions to be a good queen.

Even so, she knew the military uniform had plenty of uses besides getting to know Lugis.

The spirited tool was Eldith’s alter ego and was packed with the essence of spiritual art.

If human beings became familiar with it and wore the existence that embodied the spiritual arts, the body would become lighter by itself and would overflow with vitality. The blessing of the spirits would surely save one’s life.

Nonetheless…A human being who had been blessed by the spirits could not be normal. It was like keeping the light of God up close. Certainly, the body could get eroded by a great force.

Eventually, that human being would only be able to live in the immediate vicinity of the spirits, in the deep green forests where spiritualists and great spirits lived. Elsewhere, said human wouldn’t even be able to breathe. That was a sure future.

Eldith narrowed her blue eyes and smiled as if drawing a line on her face.

“…I will keep my promise and my own pride. I will never let you go.”

“I want him to be bound to me.” Distorted emotions began to shake Eldith’s soul. But, for an elf that lived a long time and experienced many farewells, the desire to keep someone tied up seemed unrealistic in a sense.

Eldith understood how dangerous it was the indescribable emotions that emerged in her chest, and thus, she quietly took some breaths to calm down her own heart. However, she never thought of extinguishing it herself.

“I want him to be right next to me and not apart. I want him close to me so that he can’t leave. Ah, how happy would I be if I could command him to wake up, fall asleep, eat and act?”

With her rippling lips, Eldith gazed at Lugis’ neck and moved her long ears.

It was fine for the time being. His true intentions were known, and the effect of the spiritual arts was confirmed. It was a good result.

Besides, it seemed that it was no longer the time to move around freely.

Eldith’s long ears caught the sound. She heard a strong sound as if someone was impatient. It was completely different from a messenger. It was the behavior of those who had grasped something unusual and came to convey it.

「It seems the time to wait is over. Let’s go, my knight. 」

Eldith professed those words while turning her gaze out of the tent.

The sound of war that began to move resonated in her long ears.

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Eldith is quite cunning, huh. Btw, it seems the war has begun.


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