Cheat Magic Swordsman – Volume 3 – Chapter 55 Part 2

Chapter 55: The Sugar and The Atmospheric Pressure (2)

We arrived at the Commerce Guild. Apparently, the subject was not going to be fixed today by the people of the Commerce Guild.

To be precise, it was not possible to get the permission with the authority of the Commerce Guild alone. It seemed that cultivating sugarcane was not a trivial matter. In order to avoid problems, it had to go through a special procedure, such as asking the Mayor. Therefore, the result did not change and I did not get the permission to cultivate, produce and sell sugar.

「So, we ended up not getting the permission in the end. 」

Mercia responded with a worried voice.

「Because we have to ask the Mayor directly, it’s okay. You can secure people and other necessary things on the premise that my application is accepted.」

「What if you don’t get it? 」

「Well, there’ll be some damage, but I think it’s okay to proceed with things since I have a lot of money from logging. I’ll give you about 100 million via the Commerce Guild, so keep it in that range.」

「I understand. The workers will be slaves? 」

「Do what you feel it’s the best. But to be honest, ordinary workers are more troublesome.」

Speaking of sugarcane.

I was not going to make my company into something that broke the law. But I’d be in trouble if I couldn’t go back to the island.

I was already thinking of getting the permission, but I couldn’t help but feel a little bit worried about it.

「Okay, perhaps we should think of a way to make sugar from sugarcane. 」

I said so while taking out some sugarcanes.

「That’s important, because getting the permission will be useless if you don’t know how to extract and make sugar that will be edible for consumption.」

「That’s right. Do you know any tools for sugar making? 」

「I don’t know which tools are good for sugar making. Actually, it has been over 100 years since sugar was largely commercialized in the market…」

「Don’t you have any idea? …Hmm? Largely, you say? 」

「Yes. We won’t find any sugar in this area, but I heard that sugar is made for aristocrats in a far-away country named Merklen.」

A far-away country, huh…

I couldn’t go to that far-away country at this time, since I had commitments such as the Broken recapture.

It was necessary for me to be in a place close to my commitments. I also had to think about the construction of the outer wall too.

「At least, we have to know if we can make sugar or not. I’ll try various things later on. Do you have a large pot?」

「We have one in the warehouse to boil the material of the dried meat. 」

「Nice, let’s go back to the warehouse! 」

We returned to the warehouse and started the experiments on sugar production.

First of all, we needed a place where the juice was taken out.

While Mercia watched over me, I put a cloth that Mercia brought from somewhere in a pot with a diameter of about 60 cm. I then cut about 5 sugarcanes into small pieces and put it on the pot.

Then, after the sugarcanes were soaked properly with Water Magic, I started the heating process.

The cloth was to take out the sugarcanes later on.

「I wonder if it will work… 」

「Well, we’ll try other ways if it’s no good. 」

While we talked, I waited for the temperature to rise.

Using thermal power like a stove with a magic stone was not low, but it took time to heat because of the large amount of water.

I finally got hot water after about 20 minutes.

Next, I squeezed the juice with magic.

「Great, here I go. 」

「Yes. 」

I invoked Pressure Magic inside the pot and sandwiched the sugarcanes in between.

Since the pot was fixed firmly, it did not fall since the water inside was moved by Pressure Magic.

When I looked inside, the sugarcanes were crumbling.

「Okay, I can probably take out the juice containing sugar with this method. 」

「Yes! 」

I took the edge of the cloth and took out the sugarcanes while squeezing them.

I somehow got it with my bare hands, but it did not burn me, so I continued with the work.

I put the squeezed sugarcanes on the lid of the pot and boiled it down earnestly.


「It’s long… 」

That’s right.

About 60cm in diameter, the higher the height of the level the more it took in evaporating all the water inside the pot.

Shall I increase the heat with magic?

However, there was a possibility that the sugar would burn. It could also break the pot if the heat was too powerful.

No, there was another way to evaporate water quickly.

「Okay, let’s lower the pressure. 」

It was good to lower the boiling point.

「What are you…trying to do? 」

「It’s about atmospheric pressure. Well, just keep watching and you’ll know what I’m talking about. 」

After saying that, I invoked Barrier Magic inside the pot and used the magic with an image that it pulled the air from the inside.

Then, the water decreased in a blink of an eye.

「It’s amazing! Is that your power? 」

「Well, kinda. Okay, let’s finish it. Let’s stop the fire. 」

「Yes! 」

When the fire stopped, and after the atmospheric pressure was further reduced, the liquid disappeared from the pot. I noticed that a black chunk remained inside.

I took it out, broke it into small pieces and put one piece in my mouth.

「Ohh! It’s sweet, try it. 」

「…Yes! It’s really sweet! 」

The sugar production seemed to be successful.

The amount of sugar was less than 300 grams, and it was not white, but it was still a success.

Well then, I fixed the sugar production problem. Now, I had to finish the blast that remained to do in Decibator.

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