Cheat Magic Swordsman – Volume 3 – Chapter 54 Part 1

Chapter 54: The Ship and The Magic Tools (1)

The Guild’s deforestation goals had been moving rather quick since I, who properly recovered some of the monsters’ corpses, reported the results of the over 1.02 million blasts.

In no time, the mayor, along with the leader of the adventurer’s party, and the most important shopkeepers, got together to discuss the Broken recapture strategy.

Of course, the logging reward was written immediately, and my Decibator card had an amount of about 5.2 billion Tael.

Naturally, the meeting was chaired by the mayor.

Originally, in a large-scale advance operation against a big monster area, the supply chain became a crucial point and the advance could slow down by the lack of it. However, this time, they had a means to solve it by force.

Of course, that means was me. It seemed that I had to collect a specific amount of food from the vicinity of Photoren.

Procurement itself was not my job, but I decided to carry the food.

The second task was to build a fort while fighting monsters in places where materials could not be easily carried, but I decided to force myself to solve this challenge as well.

It should be a place difficult to carry materials, but I should be able to do it.

As expected, most of these tasks were difficult for the personnel to carry.

Moreover, in the moments when I would not be carrying materials or food, I would occasionally invoke Explosive Magic in front of the fort construction site to support the battle.

I would be doing a lot of work, but I couldn’t help it because only I could do it.

It would be pretty tough, but it was not impossible.

I heard somewhere that “impossible” was not a word, because everything was “possible”.

There were other detailed policies, but they weren’t that important.

At best, it was all about building a small number of small walls and moats, and then, taking those who weren’t very strong and accelerate as soon as they were ready to use.

If they managed to complete the first part of the strategy, the fort would be completed in a blink of an eye, so the early stages were important.

Due to the incineration of the falling trees and the preparation of food, the operation would start one week later.

「Well then. Kaede, I will count on you. 」

「Yes, see you later. 」

It was dark outside when the meeting was over.

It had been a while since I went to bed in the middle of the night.

I had nothing to do at night, so I often went to bed early.

Tomorrow, I had to get ready to build a ship in Photoren and check the planned construction site in the evening.

The next day, I was near a reputable shipyard in Photoren.

It was a ship carpenter site rather than a shipyard.

The purpose was, of course, to get a ship that could withstand the attacks of the Boat Killer.

I spoke to a man who was in a place that resembled a shop with a sign that said, “Ship Carpenter Biones”, right next to the shipyard.

「Excuse me. I want to order a ship, what should I do? 」

「Let me hear your story first. Please, let’s head to the back room. 」

We began a business talk by sitting on the chairs facing each other across a slightly larger table in the back room.

「What kind of ship do you want? 」

I thought it was better for an amateur to say the purpose quickly than to think about it, so I explained the final purpose of the ship.

「I want a small, flying ship that can withstand the attacks of a Boat Killer and that can plunge into the monster’s territory head-on.」

I wanted a ship that flew in the sky that could land.

「…How much is your budget? 」

「I have this much on hand, but if possible, I would like to save some money because I’ll need it to buy extra materials in case you’ll need it for the ship construction. 」

I said those words while showing my Decibator card.

If it was impossible to build a ship like that amount, then it would not be made.

「Eh…Do you have this amount for real? 」

「There’s no way that I’ll show you a fake card that could get me killed, right? 」

People were executed in this world for faking these types of cards.

「…Yes, that’s right. I will ask you to confirm that amount when the negotiation is concluded. So what kind of materials do you have?」

「I have one corpse of a Wyvern, and also Metal from the Metal Lizard.」

「Who are you…Well, in any case the Metal from the Metal Lizard is not suitable for ships, but Wyvern bones are very good to build ships. How big is that Wyvern? 」

「The Wyvern itself is 15m from the head to the tail, I think? But, I really want the part that can be used as a weapon.」

「Wyvern’s materials are excellent as weapons, such as claws and fangs. As for the pattern, it is strong, but it is not heavy to be considered a bother. 」

「Is that so? Then, you can use it. How big and how much will it cost? 」

「Assuming that it has a scale that can accommodate about 30 people, well, the amount will depend on the material itself. 」

30 people, huh, that was not so bad.

It was strange that ships like that were not used around Decibator.

No, was that because the road worked as an exam? Using ships would take away the relevance of the exam.

「The material itself, you say? Is there any recommendation for strength? 」

「When it comes to the area of monsters, the underwater armor of the ship will be good if it is made of Mithril. It’s light and sturdy, and it goes well with bones. Besides, it’s getting a little cheaper recently.」

Was Mithril a metal that could be sold at a bargain?

「Is Mithril cheap? 」

「Recently, it has suddenly become cheaper. Everything is suitable if you use Mithril refining with new fuel, and the production has been greatly increased. Well, it is still reasonably expensive.」

Mithril, did they normally smelt it with fuel?

It was a dreamless story, but if the fuel they were facing had magical properties, then they could get a little magical metal-like atmosphere.

「Then, how much does it cost? 」

「I think it would range from 130 million Tael to 170 million Tael. 」

I could afford it.

The rest was the landing craft.

「How about the flying properties of the ship? 」

「It’s not impossible for us to make the hull*, but we have to ask the magic tool shop to make it fly. The fuel consumption is very bad, so do you really want to use it? 」

「It’s meant to be used to lift people and things on the main ship, so it’s okay if the fuel economy is a little bad. But make sure you build it to load it on the larger ship. 」

「…I never thought of that idea. If you fly it, it will be light, but the strength will be sacrificed to some extent. 」

「It’s okay. I’m going to float it vertically and move it. 」

This type of ship was the one I needed. I only had to avoid the Boat Killer’s range.

Reaching and landing on the island would not be a problem after I burned it.

「It looks like it’s going to be a very mysterious ship. 」

「Yes, it seems like it…Will you have it completed after I get you the Mithril? 」

「Yes, it can’t operate properly unless I have all the materials needed. 」

「I understand. Can I sign the contract now? 」

「Yes. 」

Well, like this, the business discussions about my future ship were settled.

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*The main body of a ship or other vessel, including the bottom, sides, and deck but not the masts, superstructure, rigging, engines, and other fittings.


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