A Wish To Grab Happiness – Volume 8 – Chapter 200

Chapter 200: The Eyes of the Elf Queen

「…Are you okay, Lady Eldith? 」

Eldith slowly sat down on the prepared bed, while her long ears bounced by the words of her maid, Valet.

The bed felt strangely soft, and if she laid her body in it, it would sink for sure. Eldith’s eyes narrowed upon realizing that those of the Heraldic religion carefully welcomed her as an official guest of most importance.

The mansion who once belonged by those of the highest rank in the trading city of Garoua Maria was now the guest house given to the Queen of the Elves, Fin Eldith of Ghazalia.

「What do you mean with “okay”, is it good or bad, Valet? 」

Eldith spoke while looking at the night view of Garoua Maria from a large window. Her voice tone was more like talking to a friend rather than talking to a subordinate.

Although the ceremony to show the friendship between Ghazalia and the Heraldic religion had come to an end hours ago, the cityscape of Garoua Maria still remained bright. Nobody tried to turn off the lights yet, as if they had forgotten to downsize the glow of today’s good mood. Perhaps, this people did not want this day to end.

Eldith never hated this kind of emotional activities from human beings. Rather, she even envied them. The feeling of regret for having lived for a short moment was a very faint feeling for a long-lived elf. Eldith might not even have known the existence of such feelings if she didn’t spend time with “him” at the Tower of Ghazalia.

Valet’s voice hit Eldith’s teary blue eyes, which were fascinated by the sight of Garoua Maria.

「Well, of course, I’m talking about Lord Lugis. Did it not seem as if Lord Lugis was claimed by the Heraldic religion? Lady Eldith, you should have said that Lord Lugis also belongs to Ghazalia…」

Eldith seemed to smile at her subordinate who distorted her eyes while showing the color of anger in her voice.

The girl named Valet sometimes resented others as if they were her own enemies. That was the reason that made her distort her lips, even for things that had nothing to do with her. This habit of hers seemed to have appeared on her face and tone here today.

While thinking that one shouldn’t get angry at petty things, Eldith sat on the bed and let the daytime scene float on her eyelids.

…That scene where your knight was recognized as a hero of the Heraldic religion and was given the title of gold.

Meanwhile, Ghazalia seemed to have accepted the act on the spot. That was why Eldith’s subordinate felt wronged and exhibited hatred in her eyes.

Still, there weren’t many elves who took action against Queen Eldith. But because the Queen herself was pleased with Valet’s personality as someone fiery but true to her own emotions, she gave this human-like elf the role as her personal maid.

「Honestly, I would lie if I say that I didn’t think of anything at all. 」

It was pointless to lie to Valet.

“How many times during the daytime ceremony, emotions that were ugly emerged in me? How many times did my facial expression seem to collapse?”

“To tell the truth, I wanted to grab Lugis right there and make him one of my own, even if I had to tear the title of Fin.”

“However, I am the Fin of Ghazalia. I couldn’t do that in front of that crowd.”

“And what I really wanted was not the name but the real fruit. In other words, I did not want the flower itself, but the root that lurked in the ground.”

So to speak, today’s ceremony was like a blooming petal for Eldith. That was why she decided to give those titles to the Heraldic religion. What she wanted was not flowers or petals, but the fruits and roots. Elves were such creatures by nature.

All she had to do was keep her mind intact and take her time slowly to get the prey in her hands. For that purpose, she had to chew some bitterness with her teeth. It was a necessary act to achieve her purpose.

That was why Eldith had forgiven some selfishness that appeared in Lugis’ heart, and ignore the behavior he had today.

“Oh, but of course, if I can get it all, then I will keep all the roots, fruits, petals and names with my hands. And it doesn’t matter which one is more important. I have already sowed the seeds.”

Valet replied with her raised eyebrows upon hearing Eldith’s response, who spoke with rippling lips.

「I don’t like the nature of the elves’ peculiar spirits. You see, in the long run, someone might take what you want and your prey may show your back and run away.」

Exactly, Valet’s words were not elf-like and she protested against the usual behavior of her own kin. Eldith smiled involuntarily, moving her blue eyes in a soft manner and uttering the following words.

「…I will not let him escape, absolutely. How can I let him go after all that happened?」

Eldith was still smiling. A gentle expression that made a person feel as if she were really talking to a friend.

However, her blue eyes told a different story. The soft manner of her eyes, which she had earlier, blew away completely.

Now, while shining a brilliant light, the ferociousness that seemed to eat her heart was clearly engraved in her eyes.

Valet’s face, which was dyed in red, probably due to anger, suddenly lost its color. She knew well what those eyes meant.

「Lugis once said that he wouldn’t let me run away. 」

It was a honey-sweet memory that was once exchanged in the Tower, which only Eldith and Lugis knew. Just by remembering those days, Eldith’s chest fluttered with an ecstatic emotion.

“Ahh, I wish that time would last forever. How comfortable it was to spend time with him in the Tower that I could even think of silly things. Lugis did say, «It’s time for you to stop running and face your own problems»”.

「That’s why it is my turn to not let him run away… You can see for yourself that my will is resolute, Valet.」

Eldith’s words were no longer as friendly as before. Her voice did not have a gentle tone that spoke to a friend.

As the unmistakable Queen of Ghazalia, her voice even contained some coldness.

Valet’s skin shook a little, and she bowed her head reverently as the Queen’s maid.

「…Yes, Fin Eldith. We, elves of Ghazalia, agree with your decision, whatever it may be. 」

In front of Valet’s formal response, Eldith opened her blue eyes wide and nodded.

Then, she lightly moved up her shoulders so that she could soften the air. Her blue eyes were directed toward the cityscape of Garoua Maria.

Then, Eldith opened her lips as if she were having a light chat.

「Lugis apparently received the gift. Indeed, the ceremony was worthy just for the sake of that moment.」

Valet nodded lightly to respond to the soft words of her Queen.

「Yes. It was a military uniform with ornaments exclusively for Lugis. Did you like it?」

Nodding to her maid’s words, Eldith recalled the dark green military uniform with ornaments worn by Lugis during the day. Her small lips undulated happily.

Eldith’s expression was not an expression of joy for realizing that Lugis accepted her gift. Rather…Eldith’s smile was a smile with a bewitching color, as if her plan had worked out exceptionally well.

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