Cheat Magic Swordsman – Volume 3 – Chapter 50

Chapter 50: The Short-Range Battle and The Sugarcane

The Wyvern had two legs and it closely resembled a Dragon.

Its color looked red, and its wings were flat and slightly glossy, unlike those of birds.

It seemed that the wings had six bones on each side.

Pointy things came out from the tip of each bone.

It could be difficult for me to jump close to the Wyvern if it flapped its wings.

By the way, the figure itself looked a bit chunky like a normal bird.

Of course, the size was different, and if it spread its wings, the width would be close to 30m wide.

While observing its appearance, I quickly narrowed the distance without stopping the momentum, and landed on the side of the Wyvern.

I rolled over, but I stopped it by forcibly braking with acceleration magic.

When I landed right next to the Wyvern, its claws were directed at me.

Its speed was faster than the magic I released without a wand, but it was possible for me to avoid this attack while staying on the ground.

The Wyvern only had two legs, so I thought it would lose its balance, but it did not seem to lose its balance at all. I noticed that the Wyvern was using its wings to create balance.

I decided to use my magical armor in order to protect myself.

It was time to attack, but I ended up using the magic sword to slash it.

The ground proved to be very advantageous in taking that tactic.

At low speed, the MP consumption of the acceleration magic could be efficient. It would help me avoid using MP for other attacks. All I had to do was move my legs sharply in order to reach my target.

At first, I considered to use a wind attack.

But the Wyvern could easily dodge it by flying in the air.

Anyway, the distance between me and the Wyvern was less than 2m, so even if it made a short-range attack, it wouldn’t be able to use the fiery breath.

I had some time to spare, so I tried to slash it.

It was dangerous if I slashed it with the wand sword and make a gap, so I decided to use the magic sword instead.

Moreover, the wand sword was meant for fragile objects, and this opponent had a hard skin.

I only hurt my hand when I cut the trees, but in this situation it could be deadly.

In that respect, I could trust the magic sword.

I swung down the magic sword toward the Wyvern’s wings.

However, I wondered if the magic sword only cut through 3 cm, and suddenly, the sword stopped moving.

When I pulled the sword in a hurry, a claw attack came straight at me.

The sword came off easily, but I didn’t have enough time to dodge it. So I received the attack with my magical armor, but I didn’t feel that the armor was scraped badly just like what happened with the breath attack.

The amount of magical armor MP consumed by the claw attack was at a level when I could receive another attack.

Maybe I could replenish the strength of my armor, albeit at a slower rate, by continuing to receive it while strengthening the properties of the armor.

I felt a sense of discomfort when I thought about it.

It was just a feeling, but I felt that the pace of the magical armor strengthening had increased more than before.

The MP increased when I hit the Wisp, but was this time an instantaneous output?

I wanted to investigate, but I couldn’t afford to do it right now.

The Wyvern tried to attack me not only with the claws and wings, but also with the tail.

In addition to having thorns, it was difficult for me to avoid its attacks since it was a long and thick swinging tail.

The attack weight received by the magical armor was also much heavier than the claws.

The movement was even greater than the claw attacks.

I waited for the time when the Wyvern pulled its tail, so I used that time to intentionally cut the wing that was in a relatively low position.

The sword only cut about 1 cm in depth and 5 cm in length, but this time it did not stop.

It was okay if I cut it shallowly, but recovery was quick and there was not much blood.

Well, it felt as if it could use magical power too. Perhaps, it could…

At any rate, I dodged the claw attacks and tried to attack it further.

When I cut the Wyvern with one of my attacks, I could clearly feel the magic output increasing.

I wondered if it went up to about 1.5 times more from the original number.

The magical armor had also recovered to the point where it could withstand two breaths, so when Wyvern swung its tail, the magical armor resisted pretty well.

Even if I fought as it was, the battle situation may end up favorable, but it would be troublesome if I increased the distance, especially if I raised the altitude.

I wanted to do as much damage as possible before that happened.

It would be two birds with one stone if the magic output also increased. It would be even better if the Wyvern could not fly due to damaged wings.

I stored the wand sword in the item box, approached it at once with acceleration magic, and thrust the magic sword at the wings with both hands.

The sword slowed down the cut when it reached 5 cm deep, but it ended up cutting properly.

「Gyarhhhhhhhhhhhh! 」

I heard this fella’s voice for the first time.

It tried to knock me down with just one wing, but its position or power was not great.

I thrust the sword at the wing again, which was not very thick, but it was still over 30 cm deep.

Even if I thrust the sword with all my strength, it did not cut a centimeter per second.

Rather than being hard, its skin was more viscous.

The sword certainly went in, but it did not go in at once.

I changed my hand movements when I reached 10 cm in, however, even though the damaged wing did not have much support, it tried to shake me off repeatedly.

I tried to resist with acceleration magic, but I was shaken off without having 3 more seconds of cutting as expected.

The wounds appeared to be starting to heal, albeit later than the shallow wounds.

The MP that could be used per second had increased to about 30 from the previous attack, so defense became much easier.

However, I didn’t know how much damage I was doing, so I decided to check the Wyvern status again.

It could hit me now, but it was much better than fighting without knowing the situation.

Ignis Wyvern


HP: 2566272/2578200

MP: 5246724122/5722415129

STR: 561

INT: 2767

AGI: 448

DEX: 250

Skills: Wyvern Breath, Flight

I checked its status while paying attention only to the breath attack.

The damage was quite small. It seemed that I did not even inflict 1% damage.

…What? I felt that the overall status was lower than I had seen before.

Also, the consumption of MP was big.

Was it consumed during healing?

I slashed at the wings again to see what happened.

Ignis Wyvern


HP: 2566116/2578199

MP: 524669769/5722404388

STR: 561

INT: 2765

AGI: 448

DEX: 250

Skills: Wyvern Breath, Flight

Oh, it went down. It was working.

I felt that the damage, which I had done so far, was not worth the MP consumption, but there may be some reason behind it.

There was no doubt that it was working.

I decided to continue the tactic of cutting with the magic sword.

As I cut the Wyvern with the magic sword, I began to see the consequences of the situation where it suddenly became impossible to cut.

The sword turned black.

It gradually turned black from the part stuck in the Wyvern’s skin. When it reached the root of the blade, it became inseparable.

The black portion of the sword reached the handle and disappeared close to my hand.

It seemed my hand prevented the sword from remaining totally black.

Ah, this wasn’t gone. Not entirely gone. I felt like I was emitting smoke.

I checked my own status.

Name: Suzumiya Kaede

Age / Race / Gender: 21 / Human / Male

Level: 30

HP: 1091/1091

MP: 129771393/129771393

STR: 190

INT: 280

AGI: 209

DEX: 214

Skills: Information Manipulation Analysis (concealment), Complete Mastery of Different World Languages (concealment), Magic Qualities, Martial Arts Qualities, Otherworlder (concealment), All-Attribute Affinity (concealment), Fire Magic 3, Earth Magic 3, Water Magic 3, Pressure Magic 1, Wind Magic 5, Perceptual Magic 4, Recovery Magic 2, Swordsmanship 2, Explosion Magic 5, Barrier Magic 5, Magic Element Adaptation unknown, Magic Element Activity

I knew it. My MP was increasing.

Even though I had not cut 10% of the Wyvern’s MP, it was still a large-scale behavior.

I wondered if the Magic Element Activity in the skills column increased the magical power consumption speed.

This may be worth something, so I decided to get the corpse of the Wyvern after subduing it.

In order to do that, I must kill it first.

While thinking about it, I slashed the Wyvern again. Perhaps, it knew there was no chance of winning on the ground, so the Wyvern finally took off in the air.

It was highly likely that I could be exposed to the breath again, so I chased after it with my magic, but it had also been invalidated.

Was it invalidated with a feeling similar to that of Wisp?

The Wyvern flew at a height of about 200m and went toward the sea.

I had no choice but to accelerate and chase from the ground instead.

It invoked a fiery breath for the first time in a while, but it wasn’t a direct hit.

Ideally, it wanted to hit me from the spot where it landed, but if the Wyvern wanted to keep flying, it had to attack from there.

The acceleration of the Wyvern was fast, but the speed itself did not seem to be very fast, and I was able to track it down.

It also didn’t seem to be invoking more breaths or aggressively attacking from the other side, but when I saw it turning its face from time to time, I realized that it was aware of me.

Did it fly for about 10 minutes at a speed of about 300 km / h?

Thankfully, the Wyvern landed on a nearby island.

The Wyvern didn’t seem to pay attention to me when lying down. It was trying to recover.

I raised my altitude and tried to see what the island looked like. I wanted to check to see if there were strange things around.

The island itself was almost circular and had a radius of about 5 kilometers.

Most of the island was a forest, but some 100m of land had plants that looked different from the rest of the forest.

The area where different plants were growing was close to the Wyvern’s location, and it seemed easy to land. Therefore, I landed while paying attention to the fiery breath.

Huh? I was familiar with this plant.

I had seen it when I went on a trip somewhere…I had a gut feeling.

I did the appraisal for the time being.


Description: Grass from which sugar can be extracted. This plant grows in a place with a lot of monsters.

Ohh! It’s sugarcane!

Amazing! If harvest this, I could eat sweets for the first time in a long time!

…What was I doing right next to the Wyvern?

I shook off the temptation of the sugarcane…the temptation by cutting off dozens of the sugarcane with the magic sword and store them in the item box…and followed the Wyvern.

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