Cheat Magic Swordsman – Volume 3 – Chapter 48 Part 2

Chapter 48: The Store and The Warehouse (2)

When I went to the place I was told to go, I saw a building that looked like a two-story store.

The gate was open, so when I looked inside, I saw that it was quite wide.

Was the area of the first floor about twice the size of a convenience store?

When it came to running a business with about 10 people, was this size normal?

This world had no labor standard laws, and if an owner of a company had a slave, he could apply a full week with a 0 day system of holidays to said slave if their work was not good enough.

Anyway, when it came to 10 people, I didn’t think it was quite numerous for a single store.

When I was thinking about the size of the store, I saw Mercia. I decided to ask about the progress.

「How is it going with the store? 」

「We have secured the employees and the place. We have also finished reporting to the Guild. All we have to do is purchase the products and use the building as a store.」

Oh, maybe I arrived right in time.

「I brought monsters with me. Do we have any equipment to make dried meat?」

「Yes, that’s great. But we don’t need a lot of equipment in order to make dried meat, so we’ll use the warehouse.」

Was there a warehouse in addition to this building?

「Did you prepare a warehouse along with the employees and this building? How much did it cost?」

There was a possibility that it could be rented, but somehow, I just couldn’t imagine renting a store in this world.

「I bought this building for 10 million Tael, the warehouse for 3 million Tael, and 3 slaves for 7.6 million Tael. They will work as employees. I plan to hire 5 more.」

Were my employees going to be mostly slaves?

Well, considering confidentiality and credibility, slaves were probably more efficient to have a long-standing relationship without any issues.

「I think the warehouse is quite cheap. Is it small? 」

「No, it’s big. I actually think it’s a little expensive because it’s in the center of the city.」

Was she talking about the land fee which she did not include in those numbers?

The building itself was not be very high but it was large in diameter. Perhaps, the land fee was expensive.

「I understand. It looks like it’s going well. Can I put the monsters in the warehouse?」

「It would be helpful if you could do that. Can you wait for a moment before I guide you there?」

「Yeah. 」

Mercia went upstairs, gave some instructions, and then returned.

「Shall we go now? 」

「Yes. 」

The warehouse was about 500m away from the store.

The store was in one of the main streets, but the warehouse was about 400m down the street, to the left and other 100m away.

The building itself was a one-story building, but the size was very different from the store.

The first floor was five times as large as the first floor of the store.

「It’s wide. Where should I leave the monsters? 」

「How many do you have? 」

「I have a large number of monsters…Black Wolf 4023, Garden 1327, Red Gargon 2256, Hami Crab 6257, and so on. I also have a Giant Spider Crab. What should I do?」

The Red Gargon was, as the name suggested, a “Red” Gargon.

It was also one size larger than the regular Gargon.

「Eh… How did you gather that amount… 」

「I got them by blasting the forest as a job to combat the monsters at the frontline.」

Well, I killed them on other times too, not only for the sake of the frontline.

「Oh, I heard that a large-scale counterattack is taking place at Decibator, and if you collect all the monsters that are defeated there, you’ll have a large amount. If that’s true, then it’s not strange that you have that many monsters with you… Well, for the time being, the Garden is the best monster when it comes to taste. I think it’s good. Also, it’s a waste to make dried meat from the Giant Spider Crab.」

「I see. How many should I leave? 」

「Hmm, well… Can you show me a little bit? 」

「Ah, if just throw a monster in the floor from the item box without removing blood, it will make a mess. Is that okay?」

「Yes. This warehouse has a ditch that can be used as a countermeasure, and was it originally made on the assumption that it will handle raw meat.」

If I took a closer look at the surroundings, the ground of the warehouse was dug at regular intervals, with a gentle slope toward it.

She planned on everything beforehand.

「Then I’ll put one here. 」

With that said, first, I put a Garden in good condition on the ground.

The neck was cut, and blood overflowed.

「This is in good condition. Maybe more than half of the others don’t have any legs.」

「Sure, it’s in good condition indeed. Even if it’s from Decibator, it doesn’t feel like rotting at all. At this level, maybe we can process 50 animals before rotting.」

「I see. Then I’ll leave 50 of them. Do you need additional supplies? 」

「Yes, it takes time to make dried meat, so I wonder if I can sell them in time. If it’s not taken care of properly, the poison will appear in 10 days, so I wonder if I can start selling soon. 」

Would it be easy to sell them straightaway?

「Will there be enough people who want to buy it so soon after the store opens? 」

「Yes. Well, the surplus is difficult right now because your store is weaker than the stores that have been around for a long time, but I think it will be possible even if we make a slight deficit at the beginning.」

「Maybe I can give you some funds in case a deficit occurs. However, my funds are not enough at the moment. When should I bring them next time?」

「It depends on the price setting. If we have a lot of materials, we can easily lower the price. It will all depend on what we have and on what we can sell.」

Is that so?

「It would be bad to crush other companies in the same industry in a short period of time. Make it a little cheaper than other stores, and sell it moderately.」

「Okay, so I’ll adjust it so that it runs out of stock in about 10 days after I start selling what we have now.」

Around 5 animals a day, huh.

When I heard about 5 animals in the size of a cow, it felt like a large scale, but I couldn’t compare this to Japan.

「Great. I’m counting on you.」

Well, it looked like it was going well anyway.

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