Cheat Magic Swordsman – Volume 3 – Chapter 48 Part 1

Chapter 48: The Store and The Warehouse (1)

I went to sleep after receiving the reward for killing  the monsters.

The next morning I woke up at the usual time.

I had never awakened because of monsters until now, even if the inn I was staying at was near the center of the city.

Speaking of which, when I checked my status, I noticed that the Explosion Magic was at 5 and the Barrier Magic was at 5 too. Both of those numbers were added to my skills.

My level was 27 before the blast, but now it was 30. My INT was now 280, though I didn’t remember the original value.

So far, my status had risen roughly in an arithmetic progression. I thought it was probably 1.1 times higher.

I felt that it raised significantly every 10 levels, so it could rise a little more.

If so, then the blast range would be increased accordingly.

With that in mind, I ate a Green Wolf set meal for breakfast.

I felt like I had not eaten breakfast since I came here.

Moreover, I wondered if I was consuming extraordinary calories per day.

But, I would rather not starve to death.

I accumulated quite a few monsters, so I thought of going to Photoren tomorrow.

Well, I had no need to worry that much because I had enough initial funds to live for a year, but I would like to increase the scale.

Now I could use tactical magic to annihilate monsters and bring back both materials and food. Besides, I would get coke-related income after a while.

I didn’t know the situation right now because I was not directly involved in the coke process, but that didn’t meant that I would not receive any income at all.

It could take months or even years, but once the capital investment had settled down, it would generate proper income.

Perhaps, I could check the situation and invest a little bit more, and with my current flight skills, I could make a round trip to Herrera in half a day.

While thinking about it, I went over the outer wall of Decibator.

This morning, I saved my MP and hunted monsters normally.

It felt weird to save MP even though I should have near infinite MP.

It would be convenient if I got more tools like magic swords that could use MP outside the frame of 10 speeds per second.

Anyway, if I wanted to go to Photoren tomorrow, I had to secure some time.

Should I tell the mayor that I was going to take a break from tomorrow’s logging?

It would take less than 30 minutes to fly, and if I could keep the magical power for 2 days, I could use most of its destructive power on the forest and make up for the lost 2 days.

Yeah, let’s do that.

While planning, I accelerated a little with Wind Magic and used the magic sword on a blackish Gargon.

Looking at the Guild card, I saw that it was a Garden.

Well, I didn’t know what type of monster it was, but I killed it in just one hand.

For me, it was more of a food and a resource than a monster.

Perhaps, if a Metal Lizard appeared, I could kill it instantly.

Or even kill that annoying bird at one go.

Ah, oh well.

They would hinder my journey to Photoren if they were to appear tomorrow.

If they could come out the days after tomorrow, then I could bomb them together instead of getting directly involved in a fight.

I annihilated other monsters while thinking about such things, and the trees that were left behind were cut down and stored in the item box.

Compared to a battle where I used a full charge of magical power, the momentum was too slow and the enemy was too weak.

The fact that I did not even use the MP for these current attacks showed the lack of tension. Moreover, my visibility was good because the trees were destroyed near the front line, so I didn’t need to be that vigilant of my surroundings.

It felt more of a task than a real battle.

It was no different from picking medicinal herbs.

Like that, I hunted monsters, gathered their remains during the daytime, I blew the forest, and cut down some trees until the evening.

It was a peaceful daily life in Decibator that did not change in particular.

In addition to report the logging (blasting?), I decided to ask about tomorrow.

By the way, I cut 50032 pieces today, and finally got to the 50,000 mark.

「I’d like to go to Photoren tomorrow morning, is that okay?」

「As I said before, the Adventurer’s Guild cannot bind an adventurer. Of course, there’s no problem, but I’d like to hear if you have a plan for your return day.」

「I’m going there tomorrow morning, and return the day after.」

「Do you have enough time to make it a journey of two days even if you go in the morning? I heard that it took about 15 hours to come here.」

Ah, the time when other adventurers escorted me here.

After getting attacked on our way, I didn’t know which one was being escorted.

「That’s because I was being escorted. It won’t take an hour if I am alone.」

「You don’t even need an escort…Certainly in that sense, it’s true that having more people than usual would take more time….」

「When I first came here, I needed people to guide me because I didn’t know the way. But, from now on I will move solo.」

「I understand. Off you go. 」

The mayor didn’t ask me why I wanted to go to Photoren, but perhaps he thought that I had to transport food.

Did he hear it in the Guild over there?

「Yes. Thanks, I’ll go now. 」

It seemed that I had received permission normally.

I decided to go to bed while preparing the Barrier Magic and the Explosion Magic for the days after tomorrow.

After this logging was over, it might be a good idea to charge and keep an insubstantial type of magic on hand.

It would be inefficient to prepare magic in front of powerful monsters.

The next day, I moved to Photoren at a speed slightly lower than the speed of sound in order to save magic, no, to protect the ecosystem, and visit the Maple Catherine Magic Tool Shop.

I didn’t know where the Maple Company itself was yet.

When I entered the shop, I saw a woman whom I was not familiar with.

She stood at a counter-like table. Was she a storekeeper?

「Excuse me. Do you know where the Maple Company is? 」

Maple Catherine’s shopkeeper was supposed to be my employer as the owner of the shop, but I spoke way too formally with her.

Well, I didn’t know how to use formal or informal speech in this different world. Things seemed to operate a little different over here than in Japan.

「Well, I think it’s located about 4 blocks from here by going to the left on the street after you leave this shop. But they are still preparing to open.」

「I see. Thank you very much. 」

Thinking about it, it’s only been a few days since the store started to open.

But I thought that it was pretty fast that the location of the store had been decided already.

Well, I mustn’t say anything until I see the store.

It would be nice if it had reached the stage where I could store the monsters inside.

Okay. Let’s go!

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