Cheat Magic Swordsman – Volume 3 – Chapter 47

Chapter 47: The Bombing and The Blasting

After talking, I went outside.

Instead of a number it displayed the Zunana in kg, probably because the grass was shredded or not picked one by one.

Whoa, 100 kg. It was 10g per 1 piece.

I couldn’t consume it, so I had to sell them as much as I could and think about the rest later on.

By the way, logging on the first day was completed successfully, but this type of work was going to continue for two years…

Even though I came to a different world, I felt that it was a shame for me to spend two whole years by doing just one routine work.

Should I try to think of a way to shorten that time?

In order to accomplish such a thing, I had to analyze the long logging process.

First, there were problems when it came to defeat monsters.

Even if I cut a tree, if a monster escaped before I killed it, the monster could charge into the city.

Due to the limited duration of response, logging was only possible for about five hours a day.

Second, the speed issue when it came to logging.

If I solved the problem with monsters, it would take about one-twentieth square kilometer in five hours, so it would take half a year to recapture the Broken area after doing 20 hours a day.

In this regard, increasing the flight speed could double the speed issue.

I may have to sacrifice the Zunana grass.

Well, I had to do it like this, maybe.

To achieve it all at once, I had to dispose of a large number of trees along with the monsters.

Was there anything that made me achieve that?

…By the way, there was surplus MP.

I cut trees for only five hours or so, and I didn’t even use half of my MP during the cutting time.

So, would it be better to store MP all day long and put it all for the logging in the forest?

Perhaps, I could cut down for 5 hours normally and boost it further. It would be more efficient than doing it purely with magical power alone.

Now, about the method…

Would it be possible to burn it or blow it up?

If it was going to burn, it was going to burn everything and end up becoming dangerous if it spread. Would it be better to blow it up?

There was even the magic of the barrier, so it could work if I used it in combination with the powerful blasting magic.

However, it could be dangerous if I did it without preparing a plan. Should I think about it now?

For the time being, I had to prepare only magical power.

Explosion, which was not Fire Magic, was a pure explosion of magic tools.

Then, I could use the magic of the barrier to trap it and its explosive power.

I had both of them as magic tools, so maybe I could increase the power with just magic.

To trap the explosion power I had to imagine it first, but it was relatively easy.

It was great to feel confidence in my capabilities.

I didn’t know how long I could store the activated magical power, but for the time being, I could distribute it to the explosion and the barrier at a ratio of about 3:1. Of course, the overwhelming power could become unbearable to the barrier, breaking it in the process. But, I just needed the barrier to endure the explosion for only a moment.

The barrier was enough to restrict a part of the blast.

Should I activate the barrier about 30 cm above the ground so that only the lower surface faced the ground? I could try to activate a large amount of magical explosions just near the ground.

I went to bed hoping that the available MP would be saved until tomorrow, and if possible, accumulated too.

The next morning, I noticed that my MP had accumulated. My prayers succeeded.

I had no way to find it out, but I felt that somehow.

I decided to visit the Guild in order to get permission for the time being.

I arrived at the Guild. The mayor was awake.

「I want to destroy the trees with a big magic, is that okay? 」

「A big magic, I see. How much is it? I have never heard of a magic that can destroy fields and fields of trees.」

「Do you think it’s that difficult? How about I burn them? 」

I wondered if there was something wrong with the fact that nobody burned the trees before, so I decided to ask him.

It was easiest if I could burn them without many worries.

「It’s impossible. It becomes easy to burn the trees after three days, but only the trees surrounding human settlements, because the trees standing in the monster’s realm are not easily burnable.」

It was not a problem of wildfires endangering the human settlements, but simply because they did not burn well.

「I don’t know what type of powerful magic can destroy them completely, so I’d like to try various things at the beginning of today’s logging time, is that okay?」

「Of course, if you can destroy the trees, you will get a reward. If it doesn’t work, you can cut them down as you did before, or you can give up and return. I cannot afford to ask for anything more than this because you are already cutting the trees for cheap.」

Okay, I decided to give it a try.

Like yesterday, I went to the Guild before noon.

The mayor gave me an order yesterday and I began to act. Today was similar.

Unlike yesterday, I flew in the sky and went a little deeper in the forest.

I felt that my range today was going to be wider than yesterday.

It must have been about 15 hours since I started to accumulate MP. My usable MP was 530,000.

To be exact, it was almost 540,000, but that was trivial.

For the time being, I went into the forest for about 2 km and examined it.

In a range of about 10m x 10m, I prepared a barrier by using about 12 MPs and an explosion magic using about 48 MPs.

The explosion magic seemed to be like bullets, but it seemed that the magic of the barrier initiator could pass through the barrier.

Otherwise, the wizards could not use the barrier of the magic tool if they couldn’t pass through the barrier itself.

Well, for the time being, I tested shooting. It required a powerful magic of one strong wizard, but I had a high INT and an explosion magic with a barrier that trapped the explosion.

I activated a barrier 30 cm above the surface of the earth, and from above, I fired 4 bullet explosion magic using 12 MPs per shot, and then, I evacuated.

As expected, the explosion went through the barrier and landed on the ground.

The inside of the barrier dyed black and it broke after a moment. A roaring sound generated right when it broke apart.

Then, a few more moments later, the trees collapsed. It seemed to be a success.

After that, the Black Wolf, which I had confirmed with the advanced radar before the experiment, had died along with the trees.

Did the explosion make the trees fall on the monster when the barrier was destroyed?

It was an awesome power, and unexpectedly, it took less MP than I anticipated.

Unlike the explosions I had seen so far, this one was not red. The explosion magic may not be the expansion of air due to heat, but simply the phenomenon of when an explosion occurred.

Anyway, I confirmed that I could use this magic.

All I had to do was increase the scale and blast it.

It could pose a problem if the monsters broke the barrier before it exploded, so maybe I’d have to change the procedure a little.

First, I grabbed the wand sword and intentionally slowed down the magic speed.

Then, I went up to the sky and fired about 10,000 shots at once toward the ground.

It evenly distributed in a square of about 1 km to each sides.

Even though I fired things that resembled bullets, they did not have a shape of a real object.

Thanks to that, I could fly without any worries.

Maybe I should have used this to kill that annoying bird.

I avoided the bullets that flew to the ground in large numbers, developed a barrier about 5 cm above the highest point on the flat ground, and went up immediately to the sky.

Immediately after landing, a deafening roar echoed.

The ground of the forest became black, and when I thought that perhaps it failed this time, something occurred with the trees and the surrounding monsters.

The trees fell and the monsters died.

The forest, which was green before, transformed into a dark background when the grass and the trees were exterminated.

It felt like a picture of hell when I saw such scenario along with corpses of several monsters that were caught in the blast.

It was totally destructive.

Of course, even with the current power, no Zunana grass survived in that blast, but it couldn’t be helped.

Anyway, it was a success overall.

I saw a place where about 10 trees remained intact, probably because of the height difference inside the barrier, but I cut those trees and the area of 1 km square was completed.

When I checked the Guild card, the number was a surprising 42,562.

If the reward per tree was reduced to 1/10, then I should cut 20 times more!

This whole process felt more like exploding and dismantling than logging, but it was okay since the Guild card recorded it fine.

Anyway, the monsters…Many of them had their legs torn off and their abdomen damaged, but there seemed to be some parts that could be used as meat…After saving some parts in the item box, I speeded up and returned to the area close to the city.

I started logging while mowing the lawn with my feet.

The efficiency was subtle, but I could also collect Zunana grass and the magical performance was not wasted.

I decided not use the full magical power, since I wanted to use it for tomorrow’s blast.

After about 4 hours, I could hear a sound of a much smaller explosion than the one I did before in the forest. It meant to stop the logging as a warning.

After logging, I hunted some monsters and returned to the Guild.

「My blasting was successful. 」

I handed over the Guild card to the staff. The mayor was also present.

「I heard a terrible explosion from the depths of the forest. Was it you?  …Did you destroy almost 45,000 trees!?」

「Yes, about 1 square km, with magic. 」

「Amazing…That’s really amazing, you know…How much magic power did you use?」

「Approximately…The power of about 10,000 wizards?」

I wondered if it was more than 10,000 wizards.

「…Okay. I knew that you were not human. There’s no way that we can imitate what you did back there no matter how much we try. Can you go tomorrow?」

「Yes, I plan to do that. 」

Please, don’t say that I’m not human.

For me when I was on Planet Earth, running to Photoren would take me more than 20 hours.

「I knew you were out of the ordinary. Well, it seems that logging will be completed in 30 days before we recapture the Broken’s area.」

「Maybe it will. What are you going to do after logging is complete? 」

「For the time being, the trees that have been cut will be burned, and then the area that has been cut will be controlled. When the control of Broken’s area is completed, the front base will be rebuilt.」

Were they going to rebuild it? Even with outer walls?

I didn’t know how they would do the construction while the monsters were attacking, but I wondered if they could manage it somehow.

For example, push up the front line a little and then rebuild it from behind.

However, the area between the monster area and Broken was narrow. It could be difficult to control it.


Construction was not my specialty, and I was sure that a specialist would do something about it.

It did not have anything to do with me.

For the time being, I should concentrate on destroying the forest with magical power.

「I understand. In short, I should continue to cut them down and blow them up. 」

「That’s right. I’m counting on you. 」

Let’s think about other matters when I finish logging.

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