A Wish To Grab Happiness – Volume 8 – Chapter 184

Chapter 184: The Wicked

…Give eternal rest to the Lord of Vice, Lugis.

Unknowingly, Richard narrowed his eyes upon reading the parchment that spread on the round table. The wrinkles and scratches on his face distorted and deepened his old features. He spoke while leaking a grousing voice appropriate for his age.

「He became someone great, that skinny brat.」

The white beard undulated as if he were impressed. His cheeks crumbled, forming a tinny smile on his face.

He became someone great. Those words were an unmistakable heartfelt praise. Those words were not words that a lowly person spoke unless that said person wanted to make a fool of himself. His voice leaked respectfully somehow, which seemed to be rare for old Richard.

“I am really impressed. That little boy is now spreading his name across the world. He has carved his existence into history. I feel small regrets, but there’s nothing better than hearing great things about him.”

A man sitting face-to-face with Richard moved his lips to respond to his voice. He made a big gesture.

「Oh. Do you know this kid? Your intel is big as ever, Richard!」

The man was a giant.

The chair they were sitting on was big enough for an adult man to sit on. Actually, the chair was rather too wide even for an adult man. Yet, this chair was small for this giant man.

Whether this man dragged his big body, spoke and even the way he behaved, all of them were noisy and big. Richard muttered with the back of his throat, saying that this man did not look like an upper class person at all. He was excessively robust. Well, this man could not fix his appearance despite his status. The result was still the same.

The name of this giant was Roymetz Fomor. The current head of the Fomor Family, a prestigious aristocratic House in the Gharast Kingdom. And the Lord that Richard served.

This giant man had a great talent at territorial management and political disputes. Moreover, he held an unwavering position in the political realm of the Gharast Kingdom, since the prestigious aristocrats often worked with the Cathedral for their personal interests.

Political disputes required a sense of smell that perceived human emotions and a sensitivity that did not disturb the flow of time. If someone lacked one of these traits, even if that someone was good at bargaining or had an outstanding knowledge, that said person would not be able to survive in the world of politics.

Although Roymetz Fomor was a maternal relative of the King, there was no doubt that, he had the necessary qualifications to engage in those politics. However, Richard moved up his shoulders, saying that this giant did not seem to be such a peculiar human being every time he saw his rough behavior.

Richard picked up the wine bottle on the table, took a deep breath and poured the wine into his throat. The wine stroked his tongue. It also had a deep scent. It was a very good wine to drink for the first time in a long time. As soon as he raised the empty bottle, a servant by their side poured in a new wine to drink.

「So what kind of person is this kid, Richard? 」

Roymetz’s question shook Richard’s earlobes. Richard glanced at Roymetz, as he put the scent of the new wine into his nostrils. The wrinkles on his face created deeper, darker lines on his old skin. Richard understood that Roymetz’s gaze was observing his movements.

Richard was stuck in words. What kind of answer should he provide? His brain wondered about that notion without stopping.

Would it be a bad idea to give more information than necessary? Would it be a bad idea to hide some information instead? Richard’s brain kept searching for the right words.

After a short pause, Richard opened his mouth and snorted, wondering if his answer was the one his Lord was looking for.

「He’s a funny guy. He’s so interesting that you won’t get tired of watching him. But sometimes he does way too many unnecessary things.」

Richard wet his lips with wine again after giving that answer.

Richard knew perfectly that his words were unmistakable facts. His former student, Lugis, would have expanded his skills considerably. It was a great feat in itself. Richard wanted to praise him for choosing a path that was formidable.

However, Richard did not intend to lick the ground for Lugis’ sake. Richard stroked his white beard with his fingers, while further deepening the wrinkles on his face.

「That’s why your Excellency called a person like me. 」

Richard spitted those words as if they were the only reason for his presence.

That was a natural guess in a sense. The ostensibly Richard was just an adventurer. Even so, it was unusual for a Lord to invite him to an aristocratic mansion. In fact, the rumors about Richard were not very good.

People regarded him as a large snake that lived by eating other people’s virtue. That rumor came up every time someone spoke about Richard. Still, that was not a bad judgement of his character. Rather, Richard thought it was a legitimate evaluation of himself.

Despite knowing the danger of Richard’s infamous reputation, Roymetz still invited him to his mansion. If his political opponents knew he had invited an adventurer like Richard, he would’ve faced backlash.

That was why Richard knew for sure that the purpose for calling him here was not to drink some fine wine. With a smile on his face, Richard stared straight into Roymetz’s eyes.

Richard never behaved like a vassal. His attitude would be unforgivable towards the Lord. However, their exchange was always the same. Roymetz forgave Richard’s arrogant attitude, and Richard did not hide or diminish his words in front of Roymetz. Their sense of distance was just right.

Roymetz leaned his elbows on the table and opened his mouth.

「…No one, not even myself, can control the people of the Cathedral. There is no gain or loss in their heads. They are going to war, Richard.」

A smoothing voice. A voice that did not make one feel overwhelmed. Rather, the tone of his voice was low and quiet. However, Roymetz’s voice contained some signs of reverberation.

The air became heavier as if alcohol consumed their souls.

Richard spoke with a very light tone.

「That’s good. The era of peace that made me go crazy is over. No, it’s wonderful news. Long live the Cathedral! Shall I scream?」

Richard ridiculed those words while distorting his teeth. But his eyes never smiled. He was just increasing his gaze as if he were looking at something far away.

The heavy air continued for a while. Neither Richard nor Roymetz spoke. No voice echoed.

Only the sound of the servant, who poured wine into both empty bottles with shaking fingers, echoed. Both Richard and Roymetz drank the wine for a while without speaking.

Richard muttered in his heart that there were times when getting drunk was a blessing.

「Richard. 」

Roymetz’s low, stone-solid words touched the heavy air.

「Will you lead my soldiers once again? Will you bring back the head of the hero who committed high treason?」

A moment of silence. A slight tremor shook the air, giving those words a greater seriousness. Richard silently placed his fists on the round table and lowered his head.

「…If that’s what my Lord desires then I’ll gladly fulfill my duty.」

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